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Portland City Official Calls 911 For Dumbest Reason

To make matters worse, this city official wants to defund the police.

In an example of the mind-blowing hypocrisy that defines today’s Democratic Party, the Portland, Ore., city official who called for defunding police, stating that many 911 calls are unnecessary and that police are often not needed to respond, called 911.

Portland City Commissioner Jo Ann Hardesty called 911 when a Lyft driver canceled her ride after the radical Democrat complained about a cracked window — the driver was reportedly complying with COVID protocols from the rideshare company.

The ride took place on Nov. 1, with Hardesty being picked up at the ilani Casino and when the city commissioner began pitching a fit over the cracked window, the driver pulled into a Chevron station to end the ride.

But Hardesty refused to get out of the car, calling 911 instead, KOIN reported.

In what could only occur in a Democrat-run city like Portland, in addition to being a passionate advocate of defunding police, Hardesty heated up the city’s 911 system.

More on Hardesty’s contentious ride from KOIN:

Hardesty told the 911 dispatcher he dropped her off “in the dark at a filling station. And I’m not getting out. Not happening. All because I asked him to put the window up.”

The dispatcher told her “technically it’s his property and there’s no crimes involved.” Hardesty said Frost canceled her ride “and I’m just going to sit here until he gets me another ride.”

“Only you can order another ride,” the dispatcher said. “I can have an officer come out but they’re not going to be able to make him stay there.”

“He can’t go anywhere because I’m not moving until another car comes,” Hardesty replied.

According to the driver, Richmond Frost, the driver side window and the passenger side window in the back were open just wide enough to fit a pencil — he said no one had ever complained before.

As might be expected, the black Democrat played the race card while laying down a nonsensical argument that she called 911 because she was fearful for her safety over Frost calling 911.

Hardesty told the Portland Tribune that as a black woman, she had no choice.

“I knew that having him call the police would put me in danger,” Hardesty said. “And so that’s why I proactively called 911.”

Not only did she fall back on her race, but she also played the poor helpless woman card, saying in a later statement that it was “totally inappropriate to expect a woman to get out of a vehicle in the dead of night.”

Hell, Hardesty even managed to throw President Donald Trump into the mix.

“I am very aware of how unsafe it is for a single woman to be traveling anywhere, especially in this very racially tense time,” she told the Tribune. “I’m very thoughtful about how I travel, where I go, what time, because I’m always aware that my safety is in jeopardy. And even more so since this Trump era has been around.”

Here’s a quick sampling of responses to the story from Twitter:

Sources: BPR: Portland city commissioner, pushing to defund police, calls 911 over Lyft ride

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Written by Joshua Jackson


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  1. Ain’t it against the law for false accusation I mean I thought if you call 911 and it wasn’t a a threat to your body harm or an accident that they can arrest you for that for false claim

  2. I wouldn’t pick her up even if I didn’t have a cracked window. The skank is a crack-head leftist with a room temperature IQ. Portland Commissioner Jo Ann Hardest is what passes for “leadership” in Portland, Oregon. NOT impressed.

  3. From what I’ve seen, heard, and observed the blacks are the most racist people in America. They have been given every opportunity that you can think of to better themselves, but their continual needless demands and rhetoric are making them less relevant. You don’t demand respect, you earn it.

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