President Trump Day’ is being proposed in congress.

It makes the Democrats so angry!

“State Reps. Reggie Stoltzfus of Paris Twp. and Jon Cross of Kenton are planning to introduce a bill in the Ohio House of Representatives making this designation,” the Ohio Capital Journal reported Friday.

The date is the former president’s birthday and is also observed as Flag Day.

“Former President Donald J. Trump was our 45th President of the United States and against great odds, accomplished many things that have led our nation to unparalleled prosperity,” the representatives wrote to fellow lawmakers in a cosponsor request obtained by the Journal:

The two said the bill would show the more than 3 million Ohioans who voted for Trump last November “that we as a legislature recognize the accomplishments of his administration, and that the Ohio House believes it is imperative we set aside a day to celebrate one of the greatest presidents in American history.”
“(Trump) personified the emotions of millions of Ohioans who for too long have felt marginalized by our government and the American political system,” the request concludes. “While the media tarnishes his achievements and his legacy, the legislation will help ensure that for one day each year the voices of millions of people from all corners of our state will be commemorated.”

However, one Democrat said he felt the date would be “disrespectful,” according to the Columbus Dispatch.

“I don’t like the idea of changing an existing federal holiday that honors the flag,” Rep. Jeff Crossman (D-Parma) told the outlet.

Meanwhile, the Washington Post recently published an op-ed arguing that Trump must not be allowed to have a presidential library.

“The paper, whose motto is ‘Democracy dies in darkness,’ presented an argument Thursday by ‘art and architecture critic’ Philip Kennicott about why the history of the Trump administration should, in fact, be shrouded in darkness,” Breitbart News reported.

In his piece, Kennicott said, “Trump must never have an official presidential library, and Congress should move quickly to make sure he never will.”

Sources: Breitbart: Two Ohio Republicans Want to Make June 14 ‘President Donald J. Trump Day’

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Written by Joshua Jackson


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  1. These idiots never quit. If he comes back and wins with both parts of congress he will be an even greater president Democrats are already destroying themselves , well no one thought they were intelligent .a definition of someone crazy is doing the same thing over and over ( socialism) and thinking the results will be different. After over 100 years of trying you would think if they were intelligent they would change ideas, but a Democrat keep doing it until like always it fails again( look at all progressive run states) they are bankrupt but still keep chugging along trying to prove the impossible.
    We are the richest and most powerful nation on earth our constitution allows us to repair our nation as we go along . No other nation has this capability, yet a socialist says we should change and do what has already failed and destroyed other countries, and why do they this because we are morally bankrupt tell that to the millions of people trying to get into this country. Wake up people use the constitution to correct our ills and stay rich and powerful so we can help other countries we give more charity to the world then everybody else combined. Oh an those other socialist countries are abusing there people and going bankrupt as always

  2. This Rep. Jeff Crossman (D-Parma) needs someone to kick his butt out the door.. How dare any of those evil crooked Satanic minded Progressives make comments putting down President Trump. By rights he should be sitting in the Oval Office right now.. Evil runs rampant in Washington.. We have witnessed the most horrific evil take over our government in all the history of America..
    I’m beginning to think America may be the Mystery Babylon that the Bible tell about.. Oh Lord, I hope the Rapture of Gods Church happens before then.. Something big is going to happen.. This man was not suppose to be sitting in the Oval Office signing any papers that these Progressive minded idiots puts in front of him.. He is a puppet…. Our Prayers to the Creator of Heaven and earth is our only hope.. He can change anything, or do anything.. So watch and pray my Christian friends…

  3. President Donald Trump is among the most aggressive , loving , caring President for America, American people, & yes foreigners as long as they are legal. He has made great & major accomplishments while Americas # 1 President.The democrats have blackballed him out of envy & spite & explosure for their crimes committed against America. Obama was literally destroying A
    merica in every possible people that are rioting for little money being paid to you from the left are helping to further destroy America for a little money. your not just brining the usa down but also yourself.when we lose all you you also lose all. they don’t need you, only what you can do for them. work to save your freedom & America land of the many other countries are free like America?

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