Protestors Make A Fool Out Of Top Dem

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Vice President Kamala Harris touched down in El Paso, Texas, to a wave of pro-Trump and pro-immigration protesters lining the streets ahead of her tour of the United States-Mexico border.

The protesters held signs with slogans like, “Kamala, do you hear their screams?” in reference to the child migrants being held in Health and Human Services detention facilities, to “Que Mala,” a clever play on the Vice President’s name.

“Harris, who President Joe Biden tasked with spearheading his administration’s response to undocumented immigration and the influx of migrants at the border, is scheduled to visit the El Paso Central Processing Center, a U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) facility, on Friday,” Newsweek reported. “Protesters awaiting Harris’ arrival held signs showing support for former President Donald Trump, with some falsely asserting that ‘Trump won’ the 2020 election, video from the demonstration posted online showed. Several held signs reading ‘Que Mala Harris,’ a Spanish play on the vice president’s name. ‘Que mala’ translates in English to ‘how mean,’”

“One demonstrator held a sign that asked, ‘Kamala do you hear their screams?’” the outet reported.

In a clip posted to social media, one protester could be heard screaming, “You came a little too late.”

“We have had this crisis for years. We need solutions. We don’t need you parading in the Border Patrol station, or acting like you care,” the protester said. “Americans matter. America matters. God bless you America.”

A border official, who spoke to Fox News on condition of anonymity, blasted Harris’ sudden interest in border control.

“If Vice President Harris truly wanted to assess the situation at the border, she’d head to McAllen and sites along the Rio Grande Valley,” that official said. “It will be worth seeing if this trip extends beyond a rubber stamp of ‘I visited the border.’”

Harris toured a border detention facility and met with migrant children before addressing the press, where she blamed the Trump administration for the ongoing crisis at the southern border and insisted that the Biden administration had made “extreme progress” on the subject by visiting with the Northern Triangle countries — despite widespread criticism of Harris’ Central American trip.

“In five months, we’ve made progress. There’s much more work to be done, but we’ve made progress,” Harris told reporters.

Harris’ team also insisted that her trip was not motivated by news that former president Donald Trump is visiting the border next week with Texas Governor Greg Abbott, in order to tour border facilities and hear from Abbott about a plan to build “border barriers” inside the Texas-Mexico border, allowing Texas to help assist United States Customs and Border Protection with illegal alien interdiction.

“This administration does not take their cues from Republican criticism, nor from the former President of the United States of America. We have said, over a number of different occasions—and the vice president has said, over the course—over the last three months, that she would go to the border. She has been before. She would go again. She would go when it was appropriate, when it made sense,” Harris’ spokesperson, Symone Sanders said.

Sources: DailyWire: ‘Kamala Do You Hear Their Screams?’: Harris Besieged By Protests During Border Visit

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Written by Joshua Jackson


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  1. Biden and Harris put the blamed the Trump administration for the ongoing crisis at the southern border and insisted that the Biden administration had did nothing at the border people the democrats are the most use less P.O.S in America history.

  2. The article said that Trump supporters falsely said that Trump really won the 2020 election. That is a damn lie. The 2020 election was hijacked by the criminal Democrats..

  3. she blamed the Trump administration for the ongoing crisis at the southern border and insisted that the Biden administration had made “extreme progress” on the subject by visiting with the Northern Triangle countries — despite widespread criticism of Harris’ Central American trip.
    Typical dimocrate, blame the other guy! That’s what they do best.

  4. In the story you describe the people greeting Haris and the signs they were holding and I’m pretty shure that nobody had a sign saying they were “falsely claiming that Trump won the 2020 election”.

  5. What is more worthless than a pile of dung? harris!
    What is more useless than a pile of dung? harris!
    What is more corrupt than harris? pelosi, nadler, schumer, schittff, lee, waters, biden and his whole family!

  6. Que Mala Kamala! I agree. The woman is delusional. Obviously living in a world of her own, a total fantasy. To say that her administration has made progress is total fantasy. To continue to blame Trump for everything wrong is fantasy. This presidency will go down in history as a total failure. Unless they manage to do what they are trying to do which is to lie and cancel our entire history and re write it according to their insane fantasy. They can try but they will not succeed. Goodness will always prevail. over evil. 🙂

  7. 3 months, then Kamalla goes to the wrong place, and she thinks she did a great job on the border! What a BUFFONE ! I could have done more with a telephone call to the operator in El Paso! Waste of time and jet fuel to make the trip with the Secretary who is also a BAFFONE!

  8. Harris said that the Biden administration had made progress on solving the border crisis? She is at least as idiotic as her boss. Both seem to be living in a dream world. When President Trump was in office the border patrol was stopping and turning back tens of thousands trying to enter our country illegally. Immediately after Biden was sworn in that number increased to hundreds of thousands and many of these illegals are no longer being stopped due to the feckless leadership or I should say lack of leadership by Biden and Harris. Biden should restart building the wall along the southern border, hire thousands more border patrol agents, and order all illegals stopped and turned back at the border. That policy was working for the Trump administration and it will work again.

  9. You baffoons wrongly added wrongly to the signs and statements by the protesters that President Trump won the election. If you wrongly believe otherwise then I suggest you insist on a full forensic audit of all ballots to prove your point instead of hiring every lawyer in the country who is crooked rnough to try and stop any audits that would prove you right. What’s up with that? Who is obviously full of shit here?

  10. We used to hang traitors. Or put them in front of a firing squad, what I see is treason on a massive scale mainly pushed by democrats. President Donald Trump is my president and he still president in my mind for I have one.

  11. Yep, she’s made progress alright, She actually found the southern United States border! Too bad she didn’t take her little dog and pony show to the actual border!what a waste of taxpayer’s dollars! And NO progress to show for it!

  12. Camel-toe, dose quite nicely all on her own of making a fool out of herself! Where the hell did she come up with that cackling hideous laugh she tries to deflect tough questions with?

  13. Daily, it becomes more apparent, we can no longer deal with the liberal dem bloodsucking parasitical ticks.
    Talk is not the answer, voting is not the answer we will have to dispose of the liberal bloodsuckers before we can go back to running a real country.

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