Psaki Throws Crime Wave Blame At You!

She cannot seriously blame republicans for the crime wave…

When asked what the White House is doing to push along the nomination of David Chipman to lead the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Exposives during Wednesday’s press briefing, Jen Psaki defended President Biden’s nominee and attacked Republicans.

“We knew this wouldn’t be easy,” Psaki said of Chipman’s all-but-stalled nomination process. “ATF hasn’t had a confirmed director in six years and only one confirmed director since the position became senate-confirmable. We’ve been eyes wide open into the challenge from the beginning,” she added.

“We are disappointed by the fact that many Republicans are moving in lockstep to try to hold up his nomination and handcuff the chief federal law enforcement agency charged with fighting gun crimes. It speaks volumes to their complete refusal to tackle the spike in crime we’ve seen over the last 18 months,” Psaki claimed, echoing her previously WaPo-debunked implication that Republicans were the ones seeking to defund the police and endanger American communities.

As Katie pointed out, Psaki’s attempt to blame Republicans for Biden’s deeply-flawed nominee doesn’t pass muster:

An additional inconvenient truth for Psaki is that, as even some of his own former colleagues explain, Chipman is not the kind of person ATF needs leading the bureau if the goal is to cut down on the violent crime Psaki mentioned.

“Any ATF agent who has worked cases and actually handcuffed the worst of the worst violent suspects, as my record of convictions shows I did over my career before I retired, knows this,” wrote an anonymous former ATF agent responding to Senate Judiciary Committee Chairman Dick Durbin (D-IL):

Our nation’s inner cities and those most vulnerable within them don’t need ‘gun safety measures.’ Rather, they need ATF’s leadership, powerful federal firearms statutes targeting violent offenders, and strong federal sentencing to keep these offenders off the streets once we, or our state and local partners, arrest them (the opposite of the ‘revolving door’ we encounter in so many of our great cities). ATF needs a confirmed director. We simply don’t need one who, for reasons I do not understand, has chosen to embrace every wrong-headed idea.

Psaki continued to offer the White House’s defense of Chipman saying “this is someone who has 25 years in distinguished service to our country as an ATF agent” with “the exact set of skills and experience we need to revitalize the bureau’s work to crack down on gun trafficking and keep guns out of the hands of criminals. So certainly, yes, we stand by his strong qualifications and nomination.”

Psaki’s rosy view of Chipman’s career ignores information that has come to light during months of opposition that started even before President Biden announced he’d be nominating Chipman to lead the ATF in April. Contrary to what Psaki says about Chipman’s resume, his work as an anti-gun lobbyist and role in the botched Waco, Texas raid of the Branch Davidians by FBI and ATF agents poses a significant hurdle to his confirmation.

“It is disturbing that the Biden administration would nominate David Chipman to lead the ATF who not only made a career of advocating for the restriction of Americans’ liberties, but also was present and took part in the ATF’s failed operation at Waco in 1993,” explained an April memo from the conservative House Freedom Caucus.

Chipman’s prior testimony before the Senate Judiciary Committee only raised more concerns when he called for the AR-15 to be banned and offered an “insanely broad” definition of the term “assault weapon.”

When the Judiciary Committee subsequently voted on advancing Chipman’s nomination for a confirmation vote before the full Senate, they tied 11-11 meaning Biden’s nominee did not receive a favorable recommendation and Majority Leader Chuck Schumer (D-NY) will need to rescue the nominee if he’s to receive a final vote.

Chipman’s in-limbo status means there’s been time for more concerning information to come to light, including “allegations that Chipman made racist comments [and] stunted the careers of black ATF agents,” but as Matt covered, there will be no more hearings to ask Chipman to explain his increasingly sullied background.

Sources: TownHall Psaki Again Blames Republicans for Crime Wave While Defending ATF Nominee Chipman

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Written by Joshua Jackson


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  1. This Is Hillarious since the crime is consolidated in Democrat controlled areas…. it MUST be the Republicans Fault: ” They didn’t vote us out of office “, “they let us steal the election”, “they are letting us impose communism”, sheesh what a halfwit pissak is, almost as bad as her leader….

  2. the dems have armed the criminals and made the police the terrorist so remember who you voted for this is what we all got from stupid people voting for the criminal dems

  3. I heard your democratic propaganda on ccn you are the commie democratic hypocrites that said defund police not the republicans we can prove it was you commies You dumb left people like Aoc should be bull wipped

  4. Anyone thinking any of the national Democrats make sense is living in a fantasy world. All one has to do to confirm this is look at the herd of idiots in Congress with a (D) after their name. They back policies so egregious even a sixth grader could do better. All one has to do to prove this is visit a gasoline station, supermarket, or clothing store to understand how the Democrats are devastating our economy and wrecking our personal finances in their chase of some pipe dream. Unless the voters in our country wake up and get these socialists/communists out of office – and soon – we will be taxed into penury to pay for their schemes.

  5. It’s to the point where you cannot believe a single word that comes out of this womans mouth,every single time she opens it It’s a a total fabrication of bullshit

  6. anyone that would believe a democrat is sick in the head when their mouth is open you know their are lying

  7. I equate Jen Psaki to dog droppings on the lawn. And I equate the reporters and others covering her to the ants, flies, and maggots feasting on the dog droppings…

  8. Will somebody please inform the Biden dummies that an anti-legal guns policy ≠ fighting the spike in crime.
    It’s the ILLEGAL guns which are involved in crimes.

  9. I equate J^e*n P^s*a^k*i to dog droppings on the lawn. I also equate the reporters and others covering her to the ants, flies, and maggots eating the dog droppings. What a scumbag!

  10. As usual, Jen (the wicked witch) Psaki, pushes the typical Democratic Biden theme that it’s always the Republicans that are holding up the approval of Mr Chipman, when in fact she chooses to highlight only the wonderful aspects of Mr Chipman’s career as an agent, rather than be transparent and point out other details such as his role in the disaster of Waco and his staunch anti-gun philosophy. When asked by one Senator during the hearings, he couldn’t or wouldn’t even define the term “assault weapon.” Ms Psaki rarely if ever wants to tell the complete story, but only wants to push her perceived version of what the President believes. Quite frankly, Ms Psaki has circled back on so many stories, that one would wonder whether she could even be considered to work on a high school newspaper.

  11. No Psucki
    This is all on you and the demon crats. Biden Cori Bush AOC all that want to defund the police. It’s belongs to you and every demon crat Governor and Mayor that let Antifa and BLM run roughshod over this whole country to instill fear into people to intimidate and Coerce Decent people to kneel and now before your rule of tyranny. The village idiot in command and his a s s hats have done all of this on their own. They have that blood on their hands. Now Americans are seeing the no your true colors and it’s not racist colors it’s the TedWhitesndBlue that made this country what it is. It’s the heart and backbone of every red blooded American who’s said enough. Count your days Psucki you and your parties are numbered. We as Americans will take back our streets and country one way or another and by force if necessary. To us Antifa and BLM are all fair game now we won’t be silenced we won’t live in fear. We the People are this country not you. Read your Bible Psucki in it God says Be Not Afraid . He says it 365 times in the Bible. 365 one for every day of the year and that’s what we are not going to do anymore is be AFRAID of you of covid of anything . We as a nation had covid under control till your party and the village idiot opened the flood gates at the border and let all the disease carrying immigrants in then shipped them all over to start the second wave. No you fake red head liar, the blood and this wave of disease is on your parties hands.

  12. This is just one more example of the Democrat Party, whole stole the election by the way, trying to further their agenda by nominating a tainted anti-gun zealot to serve as the head of the ATF. He evidently proved his worth and abilities by taking part in the Branch Dravidian smackdown by the ATF and the notorious FBI, where their actions resulted in the UNNECESSARY DEATHS OF 80 PEOPLE, MOST OF THEM KIDS THAT WERE BURNED TO DEATH. This and Ruby Ridge could have been handled in so many other ways without bloodshed. I and most others are fed up with these SWAT TEAM violent no-knock entries and the people behind them must all go, including this bag of Doo Doo. The Democrat Party always represents the criminal element, so it is no surprise. The crime has skyrocketed since these Democrat Party crime Organization stole this last election and filled all the posts with pathological liars like Pisocky and Biden the BUFFOON!

  13. Everyone knows that anytime the anti-American democrats open their mouths it is LIES and also use the medias for propaganda LIES, Americans hate them! We The people are the majority over the minority of anti-American democrats, rhinos and medias , so in a massive way Americans do not stop to let them know We The People have the power over them and We must stop their anti-American agendas NOW! Let them know We are their boss!

  14. PISS ANT PISSAKI shoots off her nasty vile mouth once again. This dyed redheaded bitch needs to disappear. She has shown that only thing she can do well is to LIE about every thing!!! Get rid of this dumb twat!!!

  15. If we had the crime and inflation when Trump was in office the left would be screaming bloody murder but because it is their favorite moron in office, they conveniently ignore what is going on and try to blame Trump anyway. Just goes to show, Democrats are morons.

  16. We need to expose the lying demonrats and their media friends, especially their god soros. They bow to china. We have a puppet president that is illegally in office. They are only hiding in plain sight because we let them.

  17. We must expose the lying demonrats and their friends in the media. We need to expose their friend soros and the puppet president that is illegally in office. We cannot let them hide in plain sight.

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