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Psaki’s Ridiculous Excuse

The left always comes up with the best excuses, it seems.

As we previously reported, Joe Biden met with U.K. Prime Minister Boris Johnson yesterday at the White House to talk about trade and other issues.

Johnson decided to take some questions from British reporters. But, as he was wrapping up, Biden staffers interrupted him mid-sentence. They started screaming at all the reporters to get out and pushed them all out of the room.

Now, they have been doing this a lot, but this was so rude and so vehement, it finally even infuriated the White House reporters themselves, who have been constantly run over by the Biden Administration. The White House press pool finally registered a formal complaint with White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki. She, of course, blew it off like it was nothing and claimed that Biden takes questions several times a week when the truth is that his people are always trying to keep him from taking them and he hasn’t, in fact, taken any questions in days.

So today, during her press briefing, reporters pressed Psaki on the issue, saying they were cut off when they tried to ask Biden questions. It’s a common and continuing occurrence. Her response? It was Boris Johnson’s fault — he never should have answered anyone’s questions.

“He called on individuals from his press corps without alerting us to that intention in advance,” Psaki huffed. She tried to make it into a joke saying the relationship with Great Britain was “so strong and abiding” essentially they could let his action slide.

Seriously? This is your excuse? So now Johnson has to check with you before he takes questions from reporters?

How does this make it better? It just means you wanted him to go along with you not answering any questions at all and if you could have, you’d have shut him down, too. Talk about fascistic. It still doesn’t obviate the fact you’re trying to avoid having Biden answer questions.

So the first question the White House reporters need to ask Biden if they have any integrity at all is “Who is dictating to you not to answer questions and why are you going along with it?” Then prepare for the angry response, because you know that will be coming next. They also need to keep repeating this question to Psaki: “Who is dictating to the president not to answer questions?”

It’s an incredible state of affairs when the alleged leader of the free world isn’t allowed [by someone] to answer questions from reporters.

Sources: RedState: Psaki Gives Outrageous Excuse for Biden Staff Screaming at Reporters

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Written by Joshua Jackson


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  1. YES, they ALL need to be replaced! They are all liars- can’t find them—not doing anything good at
    all for the U.S.A. Just remember one thing—-God is on our side- keep praying and HE will turn it
    around—it will take some doing!! But we can hang in there!
    I have never seen the world in such a mess- I am 87 yrs old, wars-epidemics, but nothing like the
    U.S.A. is in now—– I am sure Lord is working overtime! I could write a book, but all of you know
    all the problems-illness-children in school COVD?? and on and on! PRAY!!!

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