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Republican Electors Make History

Something historic happened with America’s electors on Monday. It will be remembered for decades to come.

It’s pretty easy to knock Republicans.  So often, they’re the types who go along to get along.  They don’t make waves.  They concede.  They willingly negotiate.  They back down.  If they’re really bad, they become NeverTrumps.

And sometimes they surprise us.

On Monday, seven states, in addition to having their apparently victorious Democrat electors cast their votes for president, also authorized Republican electors to cast their votes to make a record.  It was wonderful.

I’m sure other, better writers than I will write about what happened on Monday, but here’s my say.  Monday was the day when the states designated their electors to cast the states’ votes for president.  By day’s end, creepy, confused Joe Biden had 306 electoral votes.

Democrats are ecstatic, believing they now have a signed, sealed, and delivered White House.  They don’t.

The Supreme Court currently appears to be a craven institution.  Many think the Court is sending a message saying that if Democrat Senate candidates win in Georgia, giving both the White House and Congress to the Democrats, it will rubber-stamp everything the Democrats do.  In this way, the justices hope to prevent court-packing that will diminish their prestige and cachet.  Still, we might yet be surprised.

Additionally, more evidence keeps emerging about massive fraud.  The audit of the Antrim Dominion machines shows that they were programmed for fraud and almost certainly used as programmed.  There are also affidavits signed under penalty of perjury from eyewitnesses and expert witnesses across America about fraud and the indicia of fraud.  There’s the infamous video from Georgia (and there may be more videos emerging, although that’s hopeful guessing on my part).  And there’s the redoubtable Sidney Powell, who says she has documentary evidence that votes were sent overseas and manipulated there.  This, she says, could trigger Trump’s 2018 executive order imposing sanctions if there was foreign interference in an election.  At the time, that E.O. appeared to be a response to the Russia collusion hoax, but Trump may have been looking ahead, not backward.

The director of National Intelligence, John Ratcliffe, will be issuing his report on December 18.  If there really is provable massive fraud or foreign interference, the election cannot stand.

To prepare for these possibilities — either judicial courage or such overwhelming fraud that the election cannot stand — seven states did something unusual and courageous.  Pennsylvania, Georgia, Michigan, Wisconsin, Arizona, Nevada, and New Mexico all selected two slates of electors: one slate accepts a Democrat victory, but the other slate anticipates a turnaround, whether judicial or because of such overwhelming proof of fraud or foreign interference that Biden’s “victory” must fail.

In Michigan, there was even some extra drama.  The State Police attempted to block the Republican electors from entering the capitol, but those efforts were foiled.

According to Reuters, if states select different slates of electors, the House and the Senate can simply ignore one of those slates.  However, if the House and the Senate select different slates from those states, it’s entirely unclear what happens next, especially since the Electoral Count Act (which cannot trump the Constitution) is muddled:

Academics have sketched out several scenarios. Under one, Pence as president of the Senate could throw out both sets of a state’s electors. Another contemplates that the House of Representatives would end up choosing between Biden and Trump. [This scenario would give one vote to each state and since the Republicans have more states with Republican majorities, President Trump would likely be the winner]. There is even a scenario in which the Speaker of the House, currently Democrat Nancy Pelosi, could become acting president.

Sir Austen Chamberlain, speaking in Birmingham, gave voice to an apparently nonexistent old Chinese curse.  Chinese or not, it seems pertinent to the election we’re facing: “May you live in interesting times.”  Let us hope the entire weight of the curse falls on the cheaters, not the cheated.

American Thinker

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Written by Joshua Jackson


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  1. One of the very few good things to come out of all this is, we now know where EERYONE stands. And they cant do any “takebacks”!

  2. biden is NOT president YET.
    The DEMONRATS are corrupting every system this country has implemented for hundreds of years.
    soros has made his money by corrupting the system in England and devaluating the pound for the first time in hundreds of years. soros did the same using the Capitalist system, but promoting the socialist absolutely corrupt system of Tyranny.
    Great lawyers still have to do their work in front of SCOTUS.
    Not all Justices will affirm biden the TRAITOR, peon of Beijing and xi

    • Blame everything on Soros and the democrats it’s the easy way out. Never mind the republicans who are in charge right now they are blameless saints. Trump corrupted our institutions and subverting our laws he is currently corrupting the republican party and they are spineless twerps who choose to remain silent as Trump tries to overturn the American peoples will. Biden is the elected president and will be officially inaugurated Jan. 20 and that settles it.

  3. I am so pleased that American freedom is foremost on the minds of our administrators. Following year’s of unofficial and haphazard methodology. our voting system is getting a good reset. Thank you Mr. President.


  5. “In Michigan, there was even some extra drama. The State Police attempted to block the Republican electors from entering the capitol, but those efforts were foiled.”

    NO, the State Police did not attempt to block Republican electors from entering the capitol, they blocked a group of (presumably) Michigan residents from entering the closed capitol building.

    No matter what they chanted, and ranted and raved about, they were just private people trying to subvert the will of the people of Michigan.

    And the GA video………. Seriously, that has been debunked almost as many times as Trump has lost in court. When the entire thing is played, it is evident that there is no there there.

    Trump lost, fair and square, deal with it and move on.

    • It’s a shame that this great country came to this; hard to tell whether you are blinded from the truth or deliberately ignoring it. Do you REALLY believe that a president has the right to WAVE the constitution by executive order???? Wave the 2nd amendment (by the way, that’s what Hitler did as soon as he got to power = confiscated all weapons from the citizens – before raids, concentration camps, and murders), and all the other things he wants to do in the first 100 days… Of course, Trump was really bad for this country: He brought highest employment in over 50 years (YES, I’m old enough to remember!) – BAD for the country; lowest unemployment EVER for blacks, Hispanics, women, and other minorities – BAD for the country; getting NATO countries to pay their fair share – BAD for the country; bringing American companies back from china – BAD for the country; etc., etc. Just what was he thinking doing all this, and than even DONATING HIS ENTIRE SALARY!!! That’s UN-American, how dare he???

    • No you lost! As biden’s presidency takes away your rights gradually while you sit on your arse as they support you and yours then waiting in line to get your rations. Yeah we all will have to do that. Thanks to people like you.

    • Lol Joe… Wake up and smell the Fraud… that it is not Fraud is what the video debunks… Why would they roll a suspicious covered table in ? then clear the building ? and then pull ballots out that are hidden under the covered table ? with a floor length cloth covering it.?… They wouldn’t if they were not committing Fraud… and why then would the same lady palm a thumb drive, ? look around to see if anyone was looking, ? and then stick the thumb drive in a dudes pocket ? …. They wouldn’t if they were not committing Fraud…It’s clear to see in the video… and anyone that says it’s not Fraud…IS LYING… or complicit in the Fraud!!!

    • You must be getting your facts from CNN Joe.

      Here are some real facts for you that CNN hasn’t published for you showing just how great the democrat party is. Did you know that the richest city in the world per capita in 1950 was Detroit but under dem control since 1962 they have crushed it into a slum today look at it. What a fantastic success story? Now I expect Ms. Johnson to threaten me with her thugs. The people of Michigan should be beaming with pride for their ignorance shown once again. Well butt breath enjoy the road to Marxism because you’re on it and you’re riding in the back of the bus with no chance to improve. God bless Red America.

  6. I just hope that whoever comes out on top will do a good, AND justified job as President. We’ve seen a LOT of fraud and that bothers me a lot. If they are going to cheat during elections, then they will cheat and hurt in many ways the American people. The one thing that really bothers me is that so far Biden is bringing in people that Obama wants, who is going to be President if Biden wins, Biden or Obama?

  7. Let’s face the facts. The FBI, DOJ and Barr are corrupt! The dems outsmart the GOP always and they didn’t want President Trump in office to show the American people what the government is all about.
    Biden is not my president now or ever!

  8. Leaky Depends joe is a senile bought and paid for CHINA boy fool. Harris or someone else will accidentally shove his butt down stairs and bury him in his basement. Swamp monsters screw Americans as usual. OR ??? Wait and SEE now that We the People Know What you did and Know who you are…

  9. I was very interested in reading this piece about electoral votes but was unable to because of the pop-up ads. It’s so frustrating to me that I have no control over anything any longer.

  10. I always heard there was a deep state that was really running the show. I now know for a fact it’s there but it’s the swamp full of crooks, piers, and cheats.

  11. Anyone seriously interested in hearing the facts on the rampant election fraud who are in denial that wasn’t any should spend a little time and listen to the Senate hearing. Today there was three sworn witnesses who presented documented data that confirmed what has been alleged. Overwhelming evidence that proves the fraud was undeniable. Even Krebs who was a witness while again claiming ^the election was the most secure election in American history ” refused to challenge the facts of fraud from Wisconsin. Nevada. and Philadelphia when presented!!! It was there in plain sight for all to see if the corrupt justice courts chose to open there eyes and stop living with their head up their butt!!!

  12. We need to be finding senators who will join Mo Brooks and challenge the results of Dec 14th when they meet on Jan. 6th. Mitch, the RINO, has told them all to stand down. We need to find some senators with courage to stand up for We the People or this nation is gone.

  13. I have little hope that anything can or will be done by the republicans to overturn this obviously fraudulent election. we have demon rat judges appointed by Soros and the great black dope. they won’t do anything, because they are loyal to the demon rat party, and dont want their gravy train to end. the Trump appointed judges have proved their disloyalty also. I am sick that Trump appointed who he thought were conservatives, only to find out that they like being on the take more than they love the constitution. ACB, Roberts, et al are sickening, and I hope they get all they deserve. this country is lost. biden had a meeting with black movers and shakers, and promised to redistribute the wealth to the black population. I heard the tape. he admonished them for being impatient, as they want theirs RIGHT NOW. he said by 2040, the whites will be in the minority, and the blacks and hispanics will rule the country. so glad I will not live long enough to see that. can you imagine the mess that will be the USA? Trump has the info he needs to enact the Resurrection law, I don’t understand why he hasn’t. I read on another site today, that people in the Whitehouse have been told to leave Washington because something was going to happen there. may be just talk. who knows?

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