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Republican Star Humbles Hollywood Elite

He shows us just how out of touch the rich and famous are.

Comedian Larry the Cable Guy, whose real name is Daniel Whitney, blasted Hollywood celebrities this week over a viral video featuring more than a dozen celebrities signing John Lennon’s hit song “Imagine.”

Whitney highlighted the hypocritical nature of the video because Hollywood celebrities have largely ignored the homelessness epidemic in Los Angeles.

“Here’s a message from people with a lot of possessions that can take a year off of work and not flinch telling everyone outa work to imagine a world with no possessions while people are living in the street a half mile away from ’em,” Whitney said.

Responding to a fan who said the video really “pisses me off,” Whitney called the celebrities “clueless.”

On Friday, Whitney clarified that he does not harbor ill-will toward Hollywood celebrities, but said the video was made in “bad taste — and said the founder of communism would approve of it.

“I have no animosity toward these folks. The song was in bad taste. Marx would be proud of that song,” Whitney said. “And I’m not imagining no heaven. Jesus gives hope. Government can’t give people a heart change or hope.”

Although John Lennon was not a communist, nor is “Imagine” a song directly about communism, Lennon said the song “is virtually the Communist Manifesto.”

Sources: The Blaze: Larry the Cable Guy destroys Hollywood celebrities over viral video of them singing ‘Imagine’

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Written by Joshua Jackson


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  1. Down to earth!
    Larry is that all right. Unlike those SNOBS, those professional LIARS who make a living lying to the people. We give them way too much money for the crap they pull on us. But, the liars in Congress are also pro at lying.
    Unlike President Trump who fulfilled every promise he made, plus. Thank you Larry for standing on your platform and defending us the “deplorables, the little people, the nobodys”.

  2. It must be all that money they make for doing nothing . It rots their brains . How else do they come up with all their retarded ideas . You don’t see the regular people coming up with them stupid ideas like the rich do . That money must keep them up all nite worrying about what’s going to happen to all that money that just sits there doing nothing . You can only count it so many times befor that gets old . And rather use it for the good of the people that helped them get rich , they horde it and dream of rolling around in it . Or is that just me thinking that’s what I’d do with it ??? Any ways … they could help alot of people living in the streets and write it off for tax purposes. That way they look better in the eyes of God and the people they help . They got more money then they know what to do with .

  3. Easy for them to say. They don’t have to worry about their next meal or where they will sleep or how they can take care of their children. TOTALLY OUT OF TOUCH., How about sharing some of your riches with those who are in need. How about helping out struggling businesses that have been decimated by Black Lives Matter (Antifa)? Of course you wouldn’t lower yourself to do that. Make a liar out of me, Please.

  4. Larry is absolutely right. Half of those Hollywood elite are there because of their parents and the other half that came from nothing forgot where they came from. The wealth and lifestyle goes to their heads and they just assume it’s because they are smarter and/or more talented than the rest of us, but the truth is that they were just luckier. Whatever their excuse is, you don’t see any of them passing out anything other than lip service to those less fortunate.

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