Republicans Band Together to Stop Google Censorship

Google attempted to censor a popular Conservative website. Their users came to the rescue.

Google has censored the popular Conservative news website United We Stand for having views that it deemed “too conservative”.

What view was “too conservative” for them? That America should defend her borders? That America should support our officers? If that makes us “too conservative” then the website will wear that badge proudly.

Google did not anticipate the desire of the Conservative community to protect the 1st Amendment. United We Stand’s users banded together to save the website.

How did they do it AND how can you help?

Step 1 – Go into your spam folder and find ALL emails from United We Stand

Step 2 – Open the email and mark not spam.

Step 3 – Click on a story in the email.

Step 4 – Reply to the email. Our writers will respond to you! We love hearing from you. YOU are the reason we do this.

Step 5 – Move our email from the promotions tab to the inbox tab.

Step 6 – Add United We Stand to your contacts so Google knows you are a real human being.

These steps are working and forcing Google to recognize our 1st Amendment Freedoms.

Thank you to all our users who have already done this!

What do you think?

Written by Joshua Jackson


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