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Republicans Split on Super Bowl Picks, Dems Won’t Watch Because Kaepernick

While Republicans are nearly split on who they think will win the Super Bowl, Democrats say they won’t watch because of how the NFL treated Colin Kaepernick.

In our most recent poll, we asked a question about who people thought would win Super Bowl LV. Naturally, we decided to break this poll down by political party. The results were surprising for more than one reason, and highlighted just how many snowflakes still exist in the Democratic party.


Our first question was simple (or at least simple for our Republican group!).


Who Do You Think Will Win Super Bowl LV?


Republicans had no problem sharing their opinion on the biggest game of the year. Although a slight majority of Republicans took the Chiefs, many still took the Bucs.


“I’m a Chiefs fan through and through. Been one ever since I can remember. I think it will be a tough game. Brady has been there a lot. But now so have Mahomes and the Chiefs. I think we pull it out by a field goal.” – Brian, Kansas City MO


“I am a Texans fan and I really think Brady is going to pull this one out. He is the best. I would never bet against him.” – Taylor, Odessa TX


The funny thing is, when we asked the same question to Democrats, we were surprised by how many people could not even answer the question! There are only two answers. The Bucs or the Chiefs…


But Democrats invented a third answer we didn’t expect. You have to see this for yourself.


They invented a third answer! We had to choose another color scheme to accommodate how many answers we received that said they would not watch the Super Bowl because they were mad about how the NFL treated Colin Kaepernick. The guy who knelt during the national anthem YEARS AGO! Time to move on. But not for Democrats I suppose.


“I really hope no one watches the Super Bowl. After what they did to Colin Kaepernick, no one should support the NFL” – Deborah, Portland OR


“I hate Brady because he supported Trump. Mahomes is going to win.” – Blake, Boston MA

So there you have it. Who will win the Super Bowl according to the two major American political parties. Leave it to the Democrats to answer a poll with only two answers by creating a 3rd, completely non-sensical answer.


As for us? We want to see a shoot out!

What do you think?

Written by Joshua Jackson


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  1. Are we surprised????
    How many genders are there – they still cannot answer that one even though…
    The SCIENCE determined this decades ago!!!

  2. Colin, WHO? And who should really care? The creep shot himself in the foot by acting like a petulant child who didn’t get his way.

    Life goes on. Get over it and progress.

  3. What a disgrace for a man! What a disgrace for a political party! What a disgrace for a United States Citizen for allowing it all!

  4. Colon Crunchy Nuts…… I mean Can’t Be Patriotic…… I mean Colin Kaepernick….. I mean who gives a shi……… how about NOT watching the SUPER BOWL at all. how about NOT watching because it’s not helping Me pay the bills……… the Stupid Bowl is a distraction from the real truth…….. We are being treated like mentally disable individuals who need to be medicated for satisfaction…….. what more needs to happen before We all start waking up??? how many more lives must be lost before We wake up???

  5. I couldn’t care LESS! . . . the NFL is TOO WOKE for MY tastes. Go WOKE, go BROKE – And the NFL looks BROKEN to me. One Enlightened Patriot. team Trump and His Allies 2020 – MAGA (WE’RE NOT going away!).

  6. I am an Oregon conservative and a Trump American. I refuse to watch any game that involves that whiney, self-pitying jerk Krappernutz. Furthermore, I have burned all items of athletic clothing with the Nike label strictly because they support him. If he hates America as much as he claims, move him to Venezuela. He would be much happier down there where they do things his way and we wouldn’t have to listen to him or, better yet, see him on TV. He’s not nearly as good a player as he thinks he is. And he certainly isn’t worth the money he seems to think he deserves.

  7. Kneel to GOD, stand as a patriot !!! Anything else is (in my opinion) socialism , communism , marxism , leftism , Satanism , nun is worth a hoot. The democraps will suck it all up sayin freedom of expression . All these things of ism’s have one agenda, power over the people. America is and will always be power OF the people, for the people, by the people. The democraps are setting up for a second civil war, hopefully it won’t get to that. But if it does —KATY BAR THE DOOR AND KEEP YER POWDER DRY !!!

  8. You missed it big time in this poll. Millions turned on the NFL when they turned on the USA and chose communism and BLM. I will never watch a super bowl again. To me, these pro players have sold their souls for money. Any one who was a real patriot would quit and not be a part of this unpatriotic, traitorous bunch. I heard over 100,000,000 of their audience left them. Where have you guys been?

  9. Democrats were never the most rational people. But at least back then, they were still PEOPLE. Today? Their ‘opinions’, across the board, simply do not resemble those of our species.

  10. It is just a ballgame between two championship teams that is to be enjoyed in a festive relaxing manner but leave it to the New Socialist Democrat Party to turn it into a negative racism event. If Kaepernick would put as much effort into training as he does in racist excuses he could be a winner. Kaepernick doesn’t realize the fundamentals of the game or he would know that you don’t become a championship quality player or get to the Super Bowl by being on the ground or bending your knee. Executive orders and vice-President bailouts can’t get you there. It takes dedication, commitment and teamwork to be a member of a championship team. The team forgets their differences and focuses on their common objective of winning.

  11. The HORRENDOUS STUPIDITY the DEMONRATS show is just another demonstration of their inability to coalesce on anything.
    The ONLY thing they have done is show that they will stop at nothing, breaking all laws, subverting all people, and commit treason, to gain control over the people of the US.
    Now that china is in control, how will the US repair the voting system?
    If nothing is done, the DEMONRATS will use their tactics and make the US another Cuba, Venezuela, china, russia…


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