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Republicans Want Employees To Get Back To Work

But the Democrats want them to stay unemployed for some crazy reason.

DeSantis took away the requirement that people on benefits look for work early in the pandemic when unemployment was on the rise and few employers were hiring.

But DeSantis has lifted pandemic-era restrictions on businesses, and the unemployment rate is lower than the national average.

“Normally, when you’re getting unemployment, the whole idea is that’s temporary, and you need to be looking for work to be able to get off unemployment,” DeSantis told reporters Wednesday. “It was a disaster, so we suspended those job search requirements. I think it’s pretty clear now, we have an abundance of job openings.”

DeSantis added the previous executive order allowing an exception for the work-search requirement would likely end on May 29.

“We absolutely can put more people to work. The demand is there. Business what to hire more people, and I think we can go in that direction very soon,” DeSantis said.

DeSantis said a few weeks ago he does not favor raising Florida’s unemployment benefits, adding he is instead focused on getting people back to work.

The Florida governor also recently signed legislation banning vaccine passports in Florida, signaling he is opening up the state as coronavirus restrictions ease throughout most of the country.

Sources: Breitbart: Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis to Unemployed: Start Looking for a Job

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Written by Joshua Jackson


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