Sancuary Cities Are On The Rise Accross America

The citizens that live in those cities are scared for their lives.

Pro-immigration groups are upset with Democratic Gov. Phil Murphy of New Jersey, a sanctuary state, for not pushing harder to get illegal immigrants COVID-19 relief benefits.

Groups representing legal and illegal immigrants, who once supported Murphy’s candidacy and policies, are now criticizing the governor for what they perceive as stinginess with COVID-19 relief cash, according to Politico.

“There’s a political calculation from [Murphy’s] team that they don’t want to talk about immigrants,” Patricia Campos-Medina, president of the group LUPE Action, told Politico. LUPE PAC, the political action committee associated with LUPE Action, endorsed Murphy’s candidacy for governor in 2017.

In 2018, Murphy announced he would create a state agency to protect the rights of legal and illegal immigrants. The effort was ultimately unsuccessful, but Murphy’s attorney general ordered local law enforcement not to cooperate with federal immigration agents. (RELATED: Trump Administration Backs Lawsuit Against New Jersey’s Anti-ICE Rules)

At the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic, Murphy considered making illegal immigrants eligible for a $600 per week unemployment check, according to Protestors demanded relief in July 2020, arguing that illegal immigrants contributed $600 million in taxes to New Jersey annually, reported. Detractors of the bills expressed concern over their cost.

Murphy has continued to legislate as a governor supportive of illegal immigrants. Murphy signed a law in 2019 making illegal immigrants eligible to receive drivers’ licenses. He also signed a bill in September 2020 that allows illegal immigrants to receive professional licenses, including jobs in medicine and social work, the Wall Street Journal reported.

Despite the legislation, activists are not content with Murphy’s performance. “Latinx immigrants and our families have been left behind from nearly every form of aid,” Deyanira Aldana, lead organizer at Make the Road New Jersey, which endorsed Murphy in 2017, told Politico.

Sources: Daily Caller: ‘Sanctuary State’ Governor Faces Backlash From Pro-Illegal Immigration Groups Over COVID-19 Relief Benefits

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Written by Joshua Jackson


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  1. Hahahaha…$$600 a wk?!?!….what a joke…illegals don’t even make $600 a wk…hahahaha….

    It’s costin’ the country $billion a yr jus n welfare 4 all this scum…food stamps, WIC, education, healthcare…they take wayyy more than they contribute…and they send $millions back 2 their own countries…

    Illegals r a drain on the economy!!


  2. Something about ILLEGAL that defies logical thought process in too many people. Do you want to give up more of your money in taxes to support these invaders or will you speak out for it to stop? Maybe you like more crime in your home towns ? Our govt. cares not about the citizens of the USA, only about their own power and wealth.

  3. This is proof that these cities do not care about their citizens Here again how you decide that you are going to break federal immigration laws and that is ok The people that vote these fiascos need to be charged with harboring illegal immigrants These people take oath and then they defy the laws they have sworn to do your duties

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