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Schumer Pushes Legislation To Change Elections Forever

This must be stopped at all costs.

Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer (D-NY) is wasting no time. After previously indicating he would bring the “For the People Act” up for a vote sometime before the August recess, he indicated in a letter to Democrats on Friday that the vote will take place in June. As Schumer told reporters, specifically the week of June 21. “Friday marks the first time he’s tied it to a hard timeline,” Jordain Carney reported for The Hill.

This bill is an unconstitutional disaster, as perhaps most memorably emphasized by Sen. Mike Lee (R-UT). “Everything about this bill is rotten to the core. This is a bill as if written in hell by the devil himself,” he had said in March on “Fox & Friends.”

A major concern is it will upend our system of federalism by forcing states to surrender their authority over elections to Congress, and cement Democratic control for generations.

Worse, the bill is crafted to make it exceedingly difficult for states to bring suits, in part because it forces them to do so at the D.C. Circuit Court.

Carney acknowledged it is very much a partisan bill:

The Senate Rules Committee earlier this month deadlocked on the bill in an hours-long, heated markup, with Republicans unanimously voting against the legislation.
The bill, which passed the House without any GOP support, requires states to offer mail-in ballots and a minimum of 15 days of early voting, while calling for online and same-day voter registration. The measure also calls for the creation of independent commissions to draw congressional districts in an effort to put an end to partisan gerrymandering.
The late June vote is guaranteed to set up a fight on the Senate floor with Republicans over both the bill and the legislative filibuster, which requires 60 votes to advance most measures. No GOP senators have voiced support for the bill, and Sen. Joe Manchin (D-W.Va.), who opposes eliminating the filibuster, has also been critical of it.

Concerned groups speaking out against the legislation include Heritage Foundation and Election Transparency Initiative, which is a joint project of Susan B. Anthony List and American Principles Project and is chaired by Ken Cuccinelli. There’s also Honest Elections Project, a partner organization. Townhall spoke with HEP’s executive director, Jason Snead last month, who outlined many of the concerns mentioned above.

This isn’t the only piece of legislation under the radar. According to Carney in a separate piece for The Hill, Schumer also warned on Friday that he reserved the right to bring a bill back to the floor again to create a January 6 commission. As Spencer reported, the bill failed in the Senate by a vote of 54-35, after Republicans successfully filibustered it. Schumer’s announcement came not long after the bill failed to advance.

Sources: TownHall: Chuck Schumer Announces Timeline for Key Legislation to Upend Elections

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Written by Joshua Jackson


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  1. That Sb-1 and Hb-1 have got to GO AWAY ! that I Believe will be the straw that causes Revolt to begin !
    The For the Politicians Act is nothing but trouble…. States are supposed to be able to control Elections in their states. and Voter ID should be mandatory, If you do NOT have a drivers license you should NOT be driving to the Polls…. and if that Drivers License DOES NOT have The REAL ID seal ( Proving Citizenship ) on it You cannot vote, Period. ! I am required by state law to ask for your ID or you cannot sign my register, and must see my elections Judge for a provisional ballot , you must then present your ID within seven days, to the county clerk or your ballot does NOT count anyway, the county clerk is 30 miles away at the county seat ( A lot of Extra mileage and a lot of Extra Hassle for you ) as an elections clerk who has to learn these NEW rules every year, I DO NOT SUPPORT mail ins for any but the LEGAL circumstances (Age or Infirmity) and if someone drives you to the polls I have NO problem bringing the tabulator to the car, Even though I too qualify for the age Exemption AND infirmity, Being a Survivor, Old, And legally disabled….

  2. It’s funny how democraps say it’s for “the people act ” but in reality it’s for the democraps only , sneaky Jesuits theyare . here in America we ID for everything but the democraps don’t want any IDing for any political voting. How hypocrites operate? Watch a democrap. THEY KNOW if voting is made honest and verifyable they will lose every time. It sucks when the democraps look at America for their own gains and profits off the American public while in politics , just shows how much evil , treachery , dishonesty is on the democraps agendas.

  3. Of course democraps hate Jewish religious beliefs and communities . the democraps want chaos not peace, war for their pocket books they can’t make money off of peace. How false their ideas are, because when there is peace in the world there is trade and trade is dollars moving everywhere to everybody , everyone prospers . but the democraps only want their party to have the control of the USA and their allies in foreign countries. The ccp the radical Islamist terrorist funding countries the socialist countries of south America are democraps allies. You get the picture.

  4. aoc=always of communism . when TRUMP was in office aoc was all about the tragedy of locking up families with sickness that could harm America. Now!!! She doesn’t say a thing about secret human trafficking which is illegal but it is the illegals that are being trafficked around the country in the dead of nite. Why? Democraps that’s why.

  5. blm= bloods like money, antifa = anti -for America . democraps pay these bad folks to create chaos in America . not up front so you can see out right but in ways that are commencerit to the democraps.

  6. And Carlson is correct!!! They’re criminals running our country . and I say it’s time for a serious flushing of waste fraud and abuse in America.

  7. As they always say when you break the law “Watch Your Back” and even with security a sniper can take them out. They are being so stupid and ignorant trying to take over the USA
    The veterans will handle this problem with no trouble at all.

  8. The Democrats have had this “take away the rights of the States” since before the elections of 2016. At that time I looked at HR1 and it was a 7 line thought which was immediately taken down as soon as Mr. Trump had the Win.
    If you do not have a copy of the Constitution of the United States on your computer, I would suggest that you go to the Fed Gov Archives and down load it. I also took a class at Hillsdale College (on-line) called Constitution 101. Then I also downloaded the Federalist Papers.
    Best historical information that is on my Computer.

  9. You really have to work hard at being as fucked up as Schumer. This guy is King of the Lowlifes.

  10. ONE PARTY only!
    The demoniac schumer, TRAITOR to his semitic race and TRAITOR to the USA.
    Nothing else can be said about all the Jews in the congress and Senate who vote for the DEMONS.
    They are all TRAITORS.

  11. For the people act, just another Democrat biased program to try to entice people to vote for them. Voting in this country is a individual responsibility and proper, legal Id is a necessity to keep illegals from voting, period. If you are NOT a legal citizen of this country, you have no business trying to vote in any of our elections. Why is that so hard to understand? This last presidential election was a sham and every Democrat knows it. There is no way in Gods green acre that Biden honestly won the election. I am amazed at who and how many of our representatives are responsible for that sham. Everyone involved should be prosecuted and JAILED if found guilty. Of course that will never happen because our leaders harbor the guilty and protect them, maybe because they are ALL guilty. Washington D.C. is a haven for political corruption and needs some serious cleaning!

    • He who is against what you say is a TRAITOR. And all who are complicit in the erection of biden to the post he occupies today, are also TRAITORS. And all those who are following, aiding and abaiting the orders that usurper edicts are also TRAITORS.
      Julius And Ethel died for much less than what those TRAITORS today are doing.
      The TOTAL destruction of the Founding Fathers accomplishments in creating the best country on earth, the most FREE country on earth, with a Constitution every country on earth envies, is what the TRAITORS who put biden where he is, are doing.
      VOTE THEM OUT, all the RINOs with the DEMONS too!

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