Sean Hannity Sells His NY Mansion, Following Through on Promise to Leave the State for Good

lev radin /
lev radin /

If you haven’t heard, there’s a great migration going on in the US. And no, I’m not talking about immigrants coming here by the thousands – although that’s definitely happening too.

Instead, people who have lived their whole lives in coastal regions of the United States, such as California and New York, are suddenly packing up and leaving.

For what?

The greener pastures of red states such as Florida and Texas.

Talk show host and Fox News personality Sean Hannity is just one of the literal millions who have recently done this.

As the Wall Street Journal reported, Hannity officially put his $13.5 million Centre Island mansion on the market on May 2.

Now, for Hannity, this has been a long time coming. For he and the millions of other former New York and California residents, he has grown weary of the constant barrage of liberal policies that seem to do nothing except benefit rich politicians and criminals.

He began to make his move out of New York in January after officially moving his studio from New York to his $5.3 million West Palm Beach estate, which he’s had since 2021.

Upon doing so, he said on his iHeart Radio show, “We are now beginning our first broadcast from my new home, and that is in the free state of Florida. I am out. I am done. I’m finished” with New York.

Shortly after this, he remarked that this was the first time “in my adult life, I actually have representatives in the state that I’m living in that share my values.”

For someone like me, who was blessed to have been born and raised in a thriving red state, I can’t imagine not having that. I mean, to not have anyone speaking for you in Congress? It’s unbelievable.

Unfortunately, Hannity is just one of millions who have experienced that.

According to US Census Bureau data, states like New York and California have consistently seen their populations drop in recent years, enough so that California even lost representation. Meanwhile, during those same periods, populations in Florida and Texas have exploded.

It’s not hard to the connection. Or why…

I mean, who wants higher taxes, laws that pity criminals, higher cost of living, transgenderism in schools, and a bevy of violent protests on display at all times? Not many, and certainly not normal American citizens.

It’s no wonder that so many have now uprooted all they have known and loved for the safety, prosperity, and stability that free red states have to offer. Unlike the liberal policies of their past, most have found that conservative policies do actually work. And they make lives better for everyone and their families.

No wonder Biden is doing so horribly in current polls. The only real wonder is why it took so long for this great migration to happen…