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Sheriff Sends Deadly Message to Antifa

His message was strong and directed at those who want to turn America into a lawless hellscape.

The sheriffs indicated that the “defund the police” movement is central to Democrat plans for police reform. They warned that if Democrat candidates Jon Ossoff and Rev. Raphael Warnock win their runoff races, Republicans will lose their Senate majority and police will thereby lose their last line of defense for funding.

Gwinnett County Sheriff Butch Conway, speaking at a press conference Tuesday at Liberty Plaza, said, “All we’ve heard for months from the Democrat Party is ‘defund the police.’”

“Now I understand Joe Biden’s talking the other way now, not wanting to talk about defunding the police until after this election, but that doesn’t change anything,” Conway continued. “The program by the Democrat Party has been to defund the police, to change the basic concept of police work.”

Biden told a group of civil rights leaders last week that he thought they should not “get too far ahead” of themselves with police reform messaging before the Georgia runoffs, according to audio obtained by the Intercept.

Biden said to the group:

I also don’t think we should get too far ahead of ourselves on dealing with police reform in that, because they’ve already labeled us as being ‘defund the police.’ Anything we put forward in terms of the organizational structure to change policing, which I promise you, will occur. Promise you. Just think to yourself and give me advice whether we should do that before January 5.

Republican organizations working to elect incumbent Sens. David Perdue (R-GA) and Kelly Loeffler (R-GA) sounded alarms over Biden’s comments.

“They’re desperate to hide their ‘defund the police’ agenda, but Georgians know the truth that Warnock, Ossoff, and their backers in DC are too radical,” National Republican Senatorial Committee spokesman Jesse Hunt said in a statement.

“Biden, Ossoff, and Warnock share the same misguided vision for our country, and defunding the police is at the very top of their list,” Georgia GOP spokeswoman Abigail Sigler said in a statement. “Georgians who stand with the rule of law must support Senators David Perdue and Kelly Loeffler. The safety of our communities depends on it.”

Some Democrats throughout this year have embraced the idea of defunding the police, while others have avoided it. Earlier this month, for instance, former President Barack Obama distanced himself from the “defund the police” slogan, while “Squad” member Rep. Ilhan Omar (D-MN) pushed back that it is “not a slogan but a policy demand.”

Ossoff’s and Warnock’s campaign policies do not outright call to defund the police; however, Ossoff has said that police funding should be “on the line” and Warnock has said “we need to reimagine policing.” Both candidates have called for “demilitarizing” police departments and increasing officer accountability.

Conway, who has worked in policing for more than 40 years and plans to retire this year, said, “I’ve led a couple of agencies for a long time, and I’ve never had the money that I felt like I needed for training, hiring, and retention of police officers. So talking about defunding police is just insanity.”

Conway continued, “It’s only common sense that you can’t make a better product … by cutting down on labor cost, training, and material. We have to have more money for police if we want better police. It’s crazy talk to say you want to defund police. The country will be less safe.”

Walton County Sheriff Joe Chapman and Cherokee County Sheriff Frank Reynolds also denounced Democrat police reform plans during the press conference. Their full remarks can be heard here.


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Written by Joshua Jackson


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  1. The Democrat politicians have been defunding Law Enforcement, BP, ICE for years. Started with Clinton’s. Defunding Law Enforcement in public schools, gun free zones.
    Time to fight back. We need our criminals mae responsible, especially the riot people.
    God Bless America
    Trump 2020

    • The criminals and democrats are already responsible for the crime and ANTIFA/BLM thugs. We need to hold them accountable! Defund the politicians and continue to fund the police, ICE/BP.

      • Correct.
        Notice during all the pandemic shutdowns in states & cities either directed by Governors
        or Mayors or state legislatures that have effected the livelihood of many average American people, NOT ONE of these Governors , Mayors or state legislators have lost ANY PAY, & can continue to support their families with NO REGARD for others.

    • I agree. Americans, stand up, unite and fight to sustain your liberties! Never defund our police. We have laws, abide by them!

  2. Democrats will say or not say anything they think will win them the election then do whatever they want when they are in!! Lies lies and lies!! Sickening! Not good for our country!!

  3. Here’s a novel idea! How about we “demilitarize” the thugs & crooks, then maybe talk about the police? These “people are nothing but political morons.

    • Let’s see, defund the police, take away your guns and you’re left defenseless, that makes a lot of sense…maybe for an idiot Democrat it does.
      I live in a small town where we have NO police. What should I do, throw a hockey puck at someone trying to break into my house? Bet only the robbers and criminals will have guns.
      But why should these moronic democrats care about funding police. Most of them have protection and they have guns.

  4. You would think these obvious tactics had no chance of succeeding, then remind yourself that allegedly half the population voted for the moron. Then think about how many voted for Obummer (twice)!

  5. every time I see the idiots who want to disarm America I think of how things would be different if us American Indians as we are called had guns the outcome of the illegal immigration would have been different so to let the democant communist take them is the height of stupidity no gun control just criminal control

  6. Defund the police ! How ignorant.
    Defund the corrupt democratic government they are lying criminals, they need to be behind bars ASAP, while we still have police protection. And by the way no police thugs and crime will still be there and growing, America prepare to protect your family at all cost.

  7. The Democrats Do not want law and order .They are the party of destroying ,stealing and what they do best is lying

  8. If they really do go through with this stupid defund the police nonsense I hope they are the first hit by criminals but then they are criminals themselves. We need our police.

  9. So all you geniuses out there who seem to be against democrats, HTF ARE THEY BEING ELECTED TO THE MOST POWERFUL POLITICAL POSITIONS ?
    This vexes me!!!! WHY IS THIS ELECTION IN GEORGIA SO TIGHT? Such a very meaningful election and here we are crying about “these FREEKING democrats and the crap they are serving up to the American people!!!!

  10. It’s insanity to defund the police throughout the country. If anything let those states that want to defund police pay for all the damage done by lawless individuals at the state’s expense. Those of us that prefer police protection should request they go through training on how to address these difficult situations they encounter being mindful of every action being taken & keeping in mind every human being is of value. Also all Americans must keep in mind that officers are valuable human beings too. It’s time to act like adults not just look like adults. Time to take responsibility for our own actions and not contribute to this folly.

  11. If they defund and start doing away with law enforcement then the people, who have more guns than the politicians and left wingers, will become a force to be recon d with and that is not what they want. Everyone does realize that the only reason Japan didn’t attack mainland America was because they realized that the citizens were heavily armed. We haven’t played cowboys and politicians or left wing groups yet

  12. they dont want the police around because there all a bunch of crock’s they want to be able to get rid of the good americans whithout getting into trouble if they get into office.that’s what the communist do.i am so sick of listening to them i change the station when the democrats come on.

  13. BACK THE BLUE! LOCK & load, stand your ground, defend your homes! They want your guns so China can walk in and take over. Commie Obiden, Clinton and others have sold us to China. It’s going to get worse PRAY FOR AMERICA, GOD BLESS AMERICA.

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