Should America Have Open Borders – Poll Results

It seems like America has lost its mind lately. The media is falling over itself to heap praise on Democrats and Joe Biden.

We decided to ask Americans a simple, common sense question to see if they really have lost their minds.

Thankfully, we were reassured that America has not been completely taken over by the radical left. The results in this poll were a resounding rejection of the “open borders” idea.

Imagine how damaging that would be for our country, to completely open our borders during a global pandemic. We would not attract the most talented, healthy immigrants. Instead, we would attract immigrants who potentially have COVID and no real job skills to help rebuild the American economy.

President Trump knew this and that is why he closed the border the first chance he got. Instead, he started programs to attract the best and brightest from other countries to help catapult America back to the lead in STEM fields.

Sadly, while he is no longer the President, his supporters still showed they have the common sense to keep our borders CLOSED!

Here are the poll results that restored our faith in America. A huge percentage of respondents answered with their families and countries in mind.

Hopefully proud Americans like this will help us get through these next 4 years with pride, and most importantly, common sense!

What do you think?

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Written by Joshua Jackson


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  1. Can you imagine?
    You pay social security in for years of working, just to see the Government give it away to someone that is not even working and possibly never will.
    Of course, politicians never give it a second thought.
    Our Hispanic population that came legally and work here are really being hurt because a large populous will take their jobs away.
    BTW …I hate big government.

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