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Poll Results – Should Critical Race Theory Be Taught in Schools?

Leftists do not own us, and they do not control us.

Critical Race Theory is an idea that sets America back about 200 years. We believe it is a horrible idea for three simple reasons; each more un-American than the last.

1. Critical Race Theory is itself racist

That’s right. The theory itself is racist. It fills our kids heads with hate for each other based on race. It tells you the only reason you are succeeding or failing is because you are white or black. Which leads us to point number 2.

2. Critical Race Theory destroys American accountability

Are you failing in life? It has nothing to do with your life choices. It is simply because other races are being mean to you. That is opposite of the American, pick yourself up way of life.

3. CRT is a communist ideal

There is literally nothing more anti-American than communism. We should not be teaching our children anything that is central to the communist way of life.

The big question now… did our readers agree with us? What did the poll say?

Thankfully, our readers came through as they always do! They voted overwhelming that CRT should not be taught in our schools. Results are below.

Please stay informed! It is your duty as an American.



What do you think?

Written by Joshua Jackson


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  1. EVERYONE is racist. OR you are not normal. EVERYONE PREFERS their own race. Different races have different music that appeals to them. I do NOT like their music and THEY do NOT like our music.

  2. Well I think Biden and Kamala both know that they cheated in the election, so there acting like bad tenants and now there thrashing the USA. The border, making as many people get the jab including as many minors, wanting to wage war on the American people because we know what a fraud they are. Come on, it we need to wake up, this has been going on way to long. The slow dismantling of America from the inside, out. Make America great!

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