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Squad Member Hints At Presidential Run

A member of the “Squad” is contemplating a run. Help us all if she wins.

Tucker Carlson on Friday warned about the potential for Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY) to become president in 2024. According to Carlson, the economic conditions politicians have created due to the Wuhan coronavirus pandemic has put AOC in a position to be the next leader of the free world.

“There are already an awful lot of socialists around these days. Have you noticed that? Why is that? It’s because the people in charge of our economy are discrediting our system,” the Fox News host explained. “They are giving capitalism a bad name because what they are participating in is not a market economy, a free open market economy. It’s a closed game, run for their own benefit, and their benefit alone. Long term, this is a disaster for all of us, and not even so far in the future. In four years, ‘Sandy Cortez’ will be eligible to run for president.”

“You may laugh at ‘Sandy Cortez’ – and you should – she’s a vacuous idiot, another rich girl narcissist with a Twitter account but that doesn’t mean she couldn’t win,” he warned. “If we keep up with this nonsense, this economic craziness, she could win.”

Earlier in his monologue, Tucker suggested big corporations, like Amazon, Walmart, Netflix, Apple and Goldman Sachs, pay a one-time “COVID fee” because they benefited from – and encouraged – lockdown orders. He stated these companies should pay the fee from their “record profits.”

“Why are you paying for it?” he asked rhetorically. “Jeff Bezos is now the richest man in the history of the world. Maybe he can share the load in a meaningful way. He’s not sharing it with his employees.”

The Fox News host also reminded viewers that the rich are making more money and average working-class Americans are paying the price.

“The rich are getting richer and everyone else is getting poorer. That’s not a talking point, it’s true and measurable. Why is it a problem?” he asked. “Because if it continues, we’re going to wind up with an even more volatile society, in which everybody hates each other and is consumed by envy. And, along the way, capitalism itself will be discredited and you don’t want that. It’s already happening.”


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Written by Joshua Jackson


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  1. The entire squad is guilty of treason send them to country were there treason will have them eradicated aoc will never get my vote as she is a treasonous traitor

      • Only the people in her district can vote for their representative, so it’s not like even the whole city of New York voted for her. Her district has about 7 Democrats to every 1 Republican and most are like her, mostly immigrants, not well educated. She spouts off about being poor growing up, but her dad moved them out of that area into one of the wealthier neighborhoods and she went to good schools, etc. Her problem isn’t so much her education as much it is her lack of common sense. She’s a plain old idiot. Lord help us if she is ever elected to the presidency or vp.

  2. I was gonna say what a fu**in joke, but then I thought, look who might be goin to the oval office this time! Sad times, indeed!!!

  3. The only thing AOC should run for is LATRINE ORDERLY in the House of Representatives.
    That’s the only place GOOD for her and her STOGGE SQUAD SISTER’S. The only person that
    will running for PRESIDENT in 2024 is our GREATEST POTUS Donald J. Trump and he be running by himself with NO one to contend with.

  4. No, they are terrorists. They have no right to live. I do not want to let them regroup and try again. There is only one way to keep a venomous snake from biting and infecting! If no justice will come from our courts, then it is time to exercise our right and duty as written by our forefathers. We are free, I defended this country, I defended freedom, I lost and bled not to be a slave. I will not allow this darkness to devour our freedoms. We the people…. it’s our right and duty to protect our freedoms when those entrusted with confidence fail to uphold the integrity of positions in governing on the people’s behalf. When what is right is replaced by greed and power, it is only possible to see resolve by the might of patriots and heroes. The American people have been severely wronged! What has to be done will not be seen in a favorable way to some. All freedoms come with a price! Nothing is free! I will bleed for you again America! I love you America! May God be with us who have heart!

  5. Yeah I remember the squad run for president the sad part about that is that you have a bunch of social Democrats that would vote for The village idiot it’d be a good idea to what they say when they talk about thinning the herd is definitely needs to be done with the Democrats

  6. Won’t be old enough! Age is 35 to run for president! She 29 now! But if stupid people survive Biden terms. I won’t be surprised they vote for her! Poor people getting poorer Everytime we elect a democrat!

    • Actually, she’s 31 years old, born October 13, 1989, so she would be old enough by 2024, and the Democraps have already run over the Constitution when they allowed Barry Soetoro to run for and “win” the presidency. He was never eligible, because the potus must be a “natural born citizen” (so does the vp). Unfortunately, there are too few people who know what a natural born citizen is, these days. When I was in high school in the 1950’s, we were taught what a NBC was in Civics and American History and it’s a very simple concept that everyone should be able to understand. Birth on U.S. soil + citizen father + citizen mother = natural born citizen. BHO would not have been eligible, even had he been born in the White House, simply because his Kenyan, British subject father was not a citizen. Likewise, Kamala is also not a natural born citizen and not eligible for the vice presidency (the 12th Amendment made being a NBC a requirement for that office, too). She was born in the U.S. (Oakland, CA) but her parents had not been here long enough to have become naturalized citizens, mother from India and father from Jamaica, so her only claim to citizenship is the 14th Amendment, which does not and cannot make anyone a natural born citizen. She would just be a female version of BHO. Frauds, both of them.

    • They would find a way to circumvent that problem, if they don’t get this voted system straightened out by 2024 we are ALL screwed, there is NO way that moron got 80 million LEGAL votes, then again if daffy-duck gives 20 million illegals citizenship………..well you get the picture.

  7. Not inly will she not be old enough, she still won’t be mentally capable or mature enough to hold the office.

  8. How did we get so many haters of America in our government? What is wrong with the people that voted them in. Oh…they all hate America too. Why do they want to be here if it is so bad? I would help to pay for their fare back to a place where they can hate America all they want.

  9. Hell, one socialist piece of garbage looks like any other…I’m already prepped for the Second American Revolution this January anyways.

  10. She will ‘win’….all the wackos have to do is use the Dominion voting system. Hmmm…doesn’t the word, ‘Dominion’, come from the word DOMINATE ?!?!

  11. Nice idea, and I mean that. Trouble is, we’d be fielding the bet that the voting public would see through her demented BS and send her packing. Our voting public isn’t always that smart in its choices, and we end up with these kinds of kooks! I wouldn’t want to field that bet, myself; besides, if our system of election supervision and administration doesn’t undergo some serious scrutiny and change by 2024, we’re going to see and smell the same rancid sewage we just saw on Nov. 3.

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