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Supreme Court Deals Blow to Illegal Immigrants

Finally, the Supreme Court knocks some sense into a country overrun by Illegal Immigrants.

The U.S. Supreme Court dismissed a challenge to President Donald Trump’s plan to not include illegal immigrants living in the U.S. in the count to determine congressional districts, Reuters reported Friday.

The court ruled 6-3 against a lawsuit attempting to block Trump’s plan to exclude illegal immigrants from the count, Reuters reported. The ruling said “judicial resolution of this dispute is premature” because the Trump administration’s plans are unclear.

“At present, this case is riddled with contingencies and speculation that impede judicial review,” the ruling said, according to Reuters. The court was not considering the merit of Trump’s plan to keep illegal immigrants from counting towards the total.

“The President, to be sure, has made clear his desire to exclude aliens without lawful status from the apportionment base,” the Supreme Court ruled. “But the President qualified his directive by providing that the Secretary should gather information “’to the extent practicable’ and that aliens should be excluded ‘to the extent feasible.’”

Challengers claimed the Trump administration’s plan would weaken the political representation of several Democratic states with a large number of undocumented immigrant residents, Reuters reported.

“If the administration actually tries to implement this policy, we’ll sue. Again. And we’ll win,” a lawyer for the American Civil Liberties Union Dale Ho said, Reuters reported.

The Trump administration has not said how it will calculate the number of illegal immigrants it will exclude or which subsets of immigrants will be excluded, Reuters reported.

“We simply do not know whether and to what extent the President might direct the Secretary to ‘reform the census’ to implement his general policy with respect to apportionment,” the Supreme Court ruled.

The Supreme Court ruled that allegations that the administration’s memorandum to exclude illegal immigrants from the census creates a “substantial risk” of “reduced representation and federal resources” is based on “significant” guesswork.

“Everyone agrees by now that the Government cannot feasibly implement the memorandum by excluding the estimated 10.5 million aliens without lawful status,” the court ruled.

“The plain meaning of the governing statutes, decades of historical practice, and uniform interpretations from all three branches of Government demonstrate that aliens without lawful status cannot be excluded from the decennial census solely on account of that status,” Justice Stephen Breyer said in the dissent. “The Government’s effort to remove them from the apportionment base is unlawful, and I believe this Court should say so.”

Justices Breyer, Sonia Sotomayor and Elena Kagan dissented, according to the ruling. They claimed the question is ripe for consideration and that the government’s arguments are insufficient because the memorandum presents a “substantial risk” that harm will occur, according to Breyer’s dissent.

The court determined the case to not be ripe for consideration therefore they were unable to review the merits of the claims presented.

The Daily Caller

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Written by Joshua Jackson


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  1. These illegal border jumpers must NEVER BE ALLOWED in the United States! For the corrupt Democrats to even consider this plan, FOR THEIR OWN EVIL SCHEME TO HAVE THEM COUNT A VOTERS IN FUTURE ELECTIONS, IS TREASONOUS! To sell out their own legal citizens living in the U.S. to this evil scheme, is blasphemous! To bring illegal immigrant strangers, with health issues, criminal records, to say the least, only tells the already legal U.S. citizens that they are of little worth. We only want your tax dollars to fund all our sinister plans for these illegal immigrants. To hell with you & your family’s need as an American citizen. What is the evil Democrats agenda! The Way I See It…to bring as many as 200 million illegal immigrants into the U.S. that is already overrun with illegal immigrants. That is where their control & power is! Allow these illegal immigrants to just walk into the U.S. & take over the life & jobs of legal American citizens is punishable by law. These corrupt Democrats should just “go home, pack their bags, start the car, and get the hell out of America”. The are only destroying our democracy, right to free speech, right to free peaceful demonstration, freedom of religious worship, right to bear arms to protect the country against the evil & destructive forces in the U.S. “They all must get out of dodge”

  2. Illegals are NOT Citizens in Any way shape or form, they do not belong on our country’s Citizens count. they all need to be counted and deported.

  3. Finally??? Wake the Tuck up. They’re just as treasonous as the scum Demokkkrats. Throwing out paxtons lawsuit was an ASSAULT on the constitution and EVERY LEGAL VOTE. There’s no HONOR left ANYWHERE. Wait till the Scumobags pack the Court rendering their ruling useless, worthless. Im so PISSED!!! The criminals are getting away wirh EVERYTHING ELSE.

  4. Well if the nut job gets in office all this change! He and his family have all ready committed treason! They say o Joe didn’t know anything about it if you believe that you are dummer than i am your son can’t ride on a plane ✈️ with you all over the world he could not get in the door without help from dear old dad what’s dad say son just send me my cut you go from being a do nothing Senator to a multi millionaire!! What is wrong with this story?

  5. Paying taxes is the most important fact of citizenry.
    All those ILLEGAL ALIENS have their own bankers, car dealers, and a lot of them start little businesses. Great! Some of them pay all the taxes needed. Thank you.
    But so many painters, dry-wallers, are hired by the day, by SLAVERS from the same countries. Those bosses are able to UNDERCUT most American business owners because they pay their workers less than the going rate, sometimes less than the minimum wage, and do not pay taxes but for themselves and their families, who also work in the business.
    Same as in 1862, where the biggest slave owners in Charleston, SC, for example, were TWO BLACK MEN.
    The problem stands with the DEMONRATS who are in the government position, that allows them to be corrupted by the slavers, and keep them in business. THROW AWAY THE KEYS OF THE CELLS where the DEMONRATS are thrown in!!!

  6. What is it with the Democrats? Why don’t they understand the meany of ILLEGAL?! Not only with immigrants, but with those who break the law? I think we need to re-teach our anti-government officials the real meaning of illegal and put their butts in jail.

  7. Our votes not counting. But they want illegal immigrants to count. It would be funny if it wasn’t what they want. Illegal been drain on our country. These people knew they breaking the law. Any citizen that had kids etc with them knew what could happen. Dont feel sorry for them. Time to put Americans First. They don’t want to assimilate. Only going to get worse. Corrupt politicians think our country theirs to give away. God bless America.

  8. We haven’t seen anything yet. Now that the electoral college has declared Biden the winner, once he’s in charge, our country won’t be the land of the free anymore. He will open the border and let the illegals flood in and give them our social security which they haven’t worked for, and free college, something I and my children had to work for also. Biden will take guns and then bit by bit our USA won’t be the land of the free but a socialistic country. I feel for the legal immigrants from Communist countries who came here seeking freedom. Now they will lose it again. The Democrats don’t care about the people of our country. They never have. They only want the power to make our country into what THEY want. I’ve never been so disgusted at such a crooked and evil election as this one has been. Biden truly DID steal the election. Now we’re stuck with him and his crooked cronies. God save America!!

  9. Thank you for saying it! It is the TRUTH! Listen up America before it’s to late. Our country and way of life is being ripped away from us.

  10. So true,the Democrats should be locked up for even thinking about blocking this attempt at keeping America great.

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