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Ted Cruz Sets This Dem Straight

We applaud him.

During a working session on Capitol Hill Wednesday, Senator Ted Cruz (R-TX) berated Senate Judiciary Committee Chairman Dick Durbin for refusing to hold a single hearing about the catastrophe continuing to unfold at the U.S. southern border with Mexico.

During a speech on the Senate floor late last week, Cruz detailed the impact unfettered illegal immigration is having on Texas communities.

“When I was in Del Rio, the 700 people under the bridge had become 10,503. That’s what the total was the day I was there. 10,503 packed in deplorable conditions. They’d already crossed into the United States. They were packed under that bridge because the Border Patrol lacks the capacity to process anything close to that number. Within a couple more days, the 10,503 had become 15,000 people. That’s unprecedented. To put that in perspective, the city of Del Rio has a population of 35,000 people – nearly half the population of Del Rio was under that bridge,” Cruz said.

“We’ve seen bread and water, and toilet paper and basic necessities flying off store shelves in Del Rio, which wasn’t expecting to have to handle such a massive influx of illegal immigrants. The people of Del Rio are concerned, they’re dismayed,” he continued. “They don’t understand why the federal government refuses to enforce the law. Law enforcement is concerned and dismayed, and doesn’t understand why Joe Biden and Kamala Harris won’t enforce the law.”

Meanwhile, thousands of illegal Haitians have been released into American communities around the U.S. and tens-of-thousands more illegal immigrants are on their way.

Sources: TownHall: Ted Cruz Points Out What’s Been Missing From the Senate Judiciary Committee

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Written by Joshua Jackson


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  1. I saw Ted Cruz at the border and was stunned at how quickly the numbers blew up! We need far more like him in both parties frankly. Actions speak louder than words and never have l seen it more spot on than now. Clearly dems & rinos do not care one bit what citizens want as it is plain as day the majority of Americans do not want any of these policies. They listen to the elite at their cocktail events, the privileged ones at fundraisers but apparently don’t give a rats butt what we think. Hint.. there are far more of us “flyover Americans” than superficial Americans! Thank you Senator Cruz for fighting for what’s right!

    JESUS threw the DEMONS in the pigs.
    Well, THE PIGS ARE THE DEMON RATS already!
    So, what do we need to do?
    I KNOW! Are you willing? I have lived a life many people would have loved to see a quarter of what I saw! I am ready to give my life for GOD and COUNTRY!

  3. I’m sooo thankful that there are some sane, thinking people in our elected officials. Too bad the truth doesn’t seem to make a difference today. Thank you Mr. Cruz.

  4. Not sure if these DEMOCRAT POLITICIAN care about the country or the American people! You can only wonder what these leftist fool going to think next! When it could be them ( leftist) these illegal immigrants killed! But they deserve it! Because they to stupid to see the truth!

  5. JB isn’t giving orders, just reading or being told the commie globalist agenda. His orders come from the appointed dept. heads & theirs originate in the same place as the propaganda outlets. Together with Silicon Valley/hollyweird/ most major sports, they get their marching orders from the ccp..

  6. The Leftists are going to regret allowing all these illegals into the country. It is not going to work out well for them as they hope.

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