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Texas Supreme Court Won’t Support Mask Mandates

They are right to do so!

The Texas Supreme Court granted Gov. Greg Abbott his emergency motion for temporary relief on Sunday when it comes to mask mandates in Dallas and Bexar counties. In reporting for The Texas Tribune, Allyson Waller called it “a pivotal moment.”

On Friday, the 4th Court of Appeals in San Antonio had upheld a Bexar County mask mandate for public schools. The 5th Court of Appeals in Dallas also on Friday had upheld a mask mandate imposed for the county by Judge Clay Jenkins. Legal battles have not merely existed in those counties, however.

According to Waller:

Recently, the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention released guidance recommending universal masking for students and school staff. With children 12 and younger not yet cleared to receive the vaccine, some teachers and parents in Texas have expressed worry that not instituting mask requirements could contribute to spread of the virus as the school year gets under way.
That led some of the largest school districts in the state — Austin ISD, Dallas ISD and Houston ISD — to require masks, despite Abbott’s order.
On Friday, a judge granted temporary permission to Harris County and several other Texas school districts to implement masks requirements. A judge in Tarrant County, meanwhile, granted a temporary order preventing Fort Worth ISD from requiring masks after four parents pursued a restraining order against the district, according to the Fort-Worth Star Telegram.

Attorney General Paxton has pointed to The Texas Disaster Act of 1975, arguing it “definitively makes the Governor the ‘commander in chief’ of the State’s response to a disaster… and empowers him to issue executive ordersthat have the ‘force and effect of law…'”

He also argued “Dallas County Judge Clay Jenkins has unilaterally taken it on himself to not only exercise powers proper belonging to the Governor, but to do so on a statewide basis through a temporary restraining order that blocks the Governor from implementing various provisions of GA-38 anywhere in the State,” referring to an executive order Abbott signed fining local governments if they mandated masks or required proof of vaccination.

Sources: TownHall: Texas Supreme Court Temporarily Blocks Local Mask Mandates

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Written by Joshua Jackson


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  1. Well, SANITY is alive and well in Texas, where the Judges even work on Sundays!
    And, those Judges are SANE, ABLE, CAPABLE, and DEMONSTRATING their intelligence, belief of the facts, Science, and their love of their People in the State!
    Hurray for TEXAS and FLORIDA!
    Hopefully, many more states will follow!
    Oh, by the way, make Hydroxychloroquine available with prescriptions all over the USA! PLEASE!
    Boot Pharma in the butt!

  2. VERY GOOD! Masking and LOCKDOWNS don’t WORK. One Enlightened Patriot. Team Trump And His Allies 2020 – MAGA (WE’RE NOT going away!).

  3. I gotta agree with Abbott on this one ! If YOU wish to wear a mask so be It , your choice,…. I wear one in public places, Like Going to The University to pick up my Wife, going to Walrus World Shopping, and the like,…. I also got the Covid D From the university,…. since the front desk counter person chose NOT to get vaccinated, even though he has face time with every student through the door,…. My advice,…. while recovering,…. would be wear one,…. I was vaccinated, …. and have heard the LIE “it’s just like the flu”,…. well yes it is sort of like the flu the MOST PAINFUL DEBILITATING FLU I HAVE EVER HAD AND I HAVE BEEN AROUND SINCE, Eisenhower,…. Have run the tractor and ridden my horse even with broken bones,…. This Flu has STOPPED all of that,…. the chinese communist bio-warfare agent is tough,…. Real tough,….my advice would be wear the mask,…. but do NOT TRY TO FORCE ANYONE ELSE, This IS America, Life Liberty and the pursuit of happiness,…. they will be really happy if they get it ( sarc),…. but even still,…. You Cannot force them that would be a soviet style tactic,…. But that is Redundant DemonRATs are soviets of Course….

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