The American People Have Given Up On Biden/Harris

They have done nothing to improve America.

President Biden appointed Vice President Kamala Harris as his point person to handle the border crisis. And conservatives are fuming about that decision.

As Rep. Chip Roy (R-TX) explained in a recent appearance on “Fox and Friends,” Vice President Harris is the absolute wrong person to restore some order at the border. He reminded folks of her past unfortunate rhetoric. In 2018, during a hearing for President Trump’s nominee for ICE director, Ronald Vitiello.

“Are you aware of the perception of many about how the power and discretion at ICE is being used to enforce the laws, and do you see any parallels [with the KKK]?” she demanded of the nominee.

She went on to suggest that ICE agents were “causing fear and intimidation.”

Rep. Roy fears that Harris has not changed her tune and is going to make the situation worse.

“President Biden now appoints Kamala Harris to clean up something that is worse because she called ICE the equivalent of the KKK,” Roy said. “Tom Homan, my friend here, she’s making the brave officers of ICE and equating them to the KKK, said they should be abolished. She said she was for sanctuary cities. She is going to take what is already a bad situation and make it worse.”

“This is horrible for the immigrants that the Democrats are trying to help,” he added. “They’re being literally used as pawns to make money—tens of thousands of dollars per individual sometimes, three to seven thousand for some.”

A desperate President Biden is also reportedly seeking government volunteers to assist border officials and help slow the migration at the border. Holding facilities are currently overwhelmed with unaccompanied minors.

Rep. Roy offered a fix, urging the administration to follow President Trump’s lead. That includes standing strong on Title 42 and COVID “and stop this crisis before it hurts more Americans and more immigrants.”

Sources: TownHall: Chip Roy Rips VP Harris Over Border Appointment

What do you think?

Written by Joshua Jackson


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  2. The “biden/Harris” administration started out wrong on the day of inauguration when Biden un-did all of the Trump EOs and opened America for “immigrants” to come from anywhere in the world which has been proven by the reporting of the FEW conservative news reports.
    Now they are going on with undermining all of the good that President Trump help put out for Americans. When my Grandson got his first check after Trump lowering the taxes, he had not followed the news reports and he went to deposit his check and then called has boss and said you have over paid me. His boss told him it was his new pay due to the taxes being lowered by President Trump. Now the new administration is going to reverse all of that and it will eliminate not only the Raises, but any jobs that might have been available after COVID-19.

  3. The only way to get America back on track is a civil war and the democrats will start that just like they did in 1861.

  4. Given up They were DOA They know as well as the American people that President Trump is the real President not this putrid laying imbecile and Miss Giggles as his trusty assistant They are like their first trip to disneyland They have not a clue of what to do They are waiting for the higher ups to pull the strings for Bean Brain Biden It is really disgusting to see our country in such a state We need to bring in the real winner President Trump These less than morons are going to start selling Girl Scout cookies next He wants to raise taxes to do what It will be to fund these illegals flooding through I for one will not pay anymore tax i will send a note to get the money from Bean Brain Biden and Harris could double for Mr Ed they giggle about the same They are what they are that is losers and the world knows it This big cheat the Demwits did will cause some major problem before this is over We do not report to George Soros or Xi or Putin We will have to clean up the mess it is going to cause and Bean Brain is listening to Soros to disarm the citizens That is not going to happen Bean Brain can ware out pens signing executive orders No one cares what he says The sad part is that there will be good citizens with police records and maybe wounded or even death This our country and we are the people that you people in Washington work for and never forget that

  5. I’m not seeing the advantage of allowing illegal aliens in the country. are that many democrats in congress secure in their position they can go against the will of the voters and stay in power? Can they rig 585 individual elections? Maybe?

  6. I think the Biden-Harris team should go to the border and introduce themselves to all the illegal children and adults. Let them know in person who separated them from their families, threw them over the wall or in the water, raped and murdered your fellow partners, let you go hungary. What a welcome in to the USA just so you might vote for them because they couldn’t get the American people to vote for them.

  7. It’s only by the mercy and grace of God we have not been totally destroyed as a nation by the obvious incompetence of the present failures in leadership now!

  8. What is happening to this country? You have to be dumb and blind not to see that real darkness has come upon the United States. The Clintons, Obamas and now the idiots in the White House today are determined to take over this country along with all their billionaire backers. They aim to control all of us! The poor and the middle class will be wiped out. They are determined to control the youth to use as their servants, sexual pleasures, satanic rituals, abuse in sick ways we cannot even imagine. Then toss them away like garbage. We are living in dark times and it will be our children who will pay the price. Wake up and do your research. Take a good look at the Clintons, Pedosta, Pelosi family, sick, sick, sick Obama, greedy, self serving Bidens and the wicked witch Harris. They are all so very vile!!!

  9. When did we use perception as an argument to attack our officials if that was the case the Biden administration needs fixed the whole bunch and news is not a representative of the people nor are you Harris!

  10. “The American People Have Given Up On Biden/Harris”

    Nope, nope, nope. It’s not the “American People” who have given up. It’s the Leftist trash that voted for these DemoRat creeps.
    We Trump supporters/those of us on the Right- never wanted these DemoRat dirt bags to be elected in the first place. We warned you Lefties but you wouldn’t listen.
    We wouldn’t be in the mess we’re in now, if you Trump-hating morons hadn’t stolen the election from Trump. Then you mocked us. Now you’re reaping what you have sown. The sad part is, you screwed everyone else while stomping around in your Jihad of hatred.

  11. These two Biden and Harris are nothing but dip-sh, between the 2 of them their brains are full of crap. We have dip-sht and sht-head running our country


    Legislative Branch: The Legislative Branch is composed of the Senate and the House of Representatives and is tasked to produce legislation that will benefit this nation.

    Executive Branch: The Executive Branch must follow the Constitution and the laws passed by the Legislative Branch. The president has the authority to issue Executive Orders to facilitate adhering to the Constitution and the laws passed by the Legislative Branch. Executive Orders cannot be used to end, change, or make law which is the purview of the Legislative Branch. All actions of the Executive Branch must be beneficial to this nation and its citizens.

    Judicial Branch: The Supreme Court of the United States is the highest court in the federal judiciary of the United States of America, consisting of nine justices, and is tasked with adjudicating disputes between the Legislative and Executive Branches and can accept other cases to adjudicate which have been appealed from lower courts.

    We must replace the concepts of liberal and conservative courts with the concept of objective courts.

    CAVEAT: All actions by our government, at any level, must be beneficial to the nation and its citizens.

    E.g., In the city of Portland, Oregon, in 2020, there were protests that developed into riots and the mayor directed law enforcement to stand down which further incited violence against the businesses and citizens of Portland. That directive was in violation of the mayor’s Oath of Office. Law enforcement should have resisted the mayor’s illegal directive and should have enforced law by arresting and detaining the rioters.

    It appears that President Biden’s EO, damaging to this nation’s energy independence and causing the loss of thousands of jobs, violated the concept of being beneficial to this nation and its citizens.

    President Biden’s halting the building of the border wall appears treasonous.

    This nation is a Constitutional Republic.

    Without the rule of law, a country would fall into anarchy and chaos.

    Are we on a path to losing the concept or law and order?


    Thank you,

    michael zitterman
    [email protected]
    February 6, 2021

  13. The ultimate test of a legitimate Executive Order is whether it facilitates law in an incrementally beneficial mode.

  14. Given Up on Biden and Commi? Come on, the American people NEVER had confidence in them in the 1st place. We did NOT vote for them. They out right stole it & should be in prison with all the other deep, deep, fat state. DOWN with them.

  15. Biteme biden and Camelhump should be ridden out of town on a rail carrying a notice from the Supreme Court overturning the 2020 election and awarding it to the rightful winner DJT!!!
    Both of these people are miserable lying asswipes!!

  16. What would make a rational person think that the American people support an administration that favors globalism over America? You don’t need to change election laws if you already have the people’s support.

  17. Just signed THE PETITION to have JOE IMPEACHED with thousands of others, WE CANNOT continue with NO SOUTHERN BORDER, hidden AGENDAS with the HUGE FAKE SPENDING BILLS THAT ARE NOTHING BUT GREEN NEW ENERGY ATTEMPTS, RISING HEATING and GAS PRICES, as well as JOB KILLING INFLATION! WE will LOOSE the country his FIRST YEAR if we don’t stop them NOW!

  18. What this country needs is Jesus first and foremost.. We have been made a fool of by fraudulent voting by machines and idiots changing our votes to a mentally retarded Biden. We need another election and the American people need to demand it by not paying taxes and refusing anything Biden put forth. Better yet, we need a walk in to the Oval Office and lift that ole due out of Trumps chair and throw his A__ off the balcony along with Jill and his dogs……….. Wait! if Hunter is close by we should add him to the pile.. Can you imagine the hell would flying on the internet and out of the white house if this had been one of Trumps children? Hump!! America is in danger of being lost to this bunch of Progressive Socialist demented idiots……………. Help God!!!!!!!

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