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The Climate Change Agenda Is Simply A Socialism Distraction

Climate policies help Chinese manufacturing and hurt American jobs.

On Friday’s broadcast of “Fox News Primetime,” Rep. Dan Crenshaw (R-TX) said that President Joe Biden’s orders on the Keystone XL pipeline and Paris Climate Accords are going to increase manufacturing in China, who “can keep polluting while our economy gets hurt.”

Crenshaw said, “So, listen, here’s what it comes down to, if you’re going to claim that you’re the party of the American working class, you actually have to support working.”

He added, “Also, it’s bad for the environment. Listen, the radical left doesn’t really care about the environment. This is really about the culture war to them. And for them, fossil fuels are just evil. They don’t know why. They don’t have to tell you why. You’re stupid if you ask why. But they just want to tell you they’re evil. Now, the truth is, when you build pipelines to transport oil and gas, you’re doing it in a much cleaner and safer way than say, transporting it by truck or by train. You’re also helping North American energy independence, which is what our Canadian friends are alluding to.

Because if we’re not producing it and if we’re not exporting cleaner produced oil and cleaner produced natural gas to the rest of the world, you know who is? Russia, Venezuela, Iran, Saudi Arabia, and they all do it dirtier than we do. So, because of Joe Biden’s policies, you’re actually going to see an increase in global emissions. You’re going to see an increase in manufacturing over in China. The Chinese love this stuff. Because they love selling us their solar panels and their wind turbines back here so that we clear our land, build a bunch of transmission lines, and screw up our energy independence. This is what they love seeing. They love seeing the Paris Climate Accords going forward. Because they can keep polluting while our economy gets hurt.”

Sources: BreitBart: Crenshaw: Biden’s Keystone, Paris Climate Policies Help Chinese Manufacturing, ‘They Can Keep Polluting While Our Economy Gets Hurt’

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Written by Joshua Jackson


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  1. Fellow patriots, we knew Biden wasn’t going to do anything positive for America, unless it was a by product of his Chinese agenda. The left isn’t worried about climate change, they are worried about power…theirs. Biden is a sock puppet for the CCP, and so are the people in Congress who are filling their pockets with money from China. They are all on the payroll just like Hunter and Joe. If Biden is so concerned about climate change, why isn’t he addressing Chemtrails and the fouling of our air by spraying tons of aluminum, strontium and barium into the skies daily, along with microscopic plastic particles? All of these microscopic particles rain down daily poisoning our earth and water supply. They are being absorbed into our food and the water supply, as well as our bodies. Until our government acknowledges and explains the reason for poisoning the earth and it’s creatures, don’t speak about climate change. Those in government who are involved in these practices should be charged with crimes against humanity.

  2. Those who voted for Biden , DESERVE EVRY TAX raise. THEY deserve EVERY law that ERODES THEIR freedoms. Hate filled , race baiting synophants that deal in lies and dis-information. Politicizing the pandemic. Cuomo of , what else, NY, ALLOWED the drugs under his care to GO BAD, so no one could get vaccinated ON HIS WATCH!! This is CRIMINAL and irresponsible . Cuomo CRIED that TRUMP WAS DOING NOTHING! Yet a hospital ship was in a New York harbor , and NO ONE CAME. So , dems, you better get WOKED! YOU are ignorant because of your hate and marxist newsy people.This how stupid people like AOC, Pelosi ,Waters Buttilieg ,Warren ,Newsum ,and so many other left wing nuts get elected.

  3. Climate Change is more than a social extraction. Corrupt Quid Pro Joe and Commie Kerry are using Climate Change as an excuse to put millions of hard working Americans on the unemployment line. Corrupt Quid Pro Joe wants a complete takeover of the American economy, just like Communist China controls theirs, and is willing to sacrifice millions of Americans to see this agenda through.

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