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The Corrupt Reason For Biden’s Success Uncovered in Study

The study uncovers the clear reason Biden avoided jail and could instead become President.

Democratic candidate Joe Biden likely won the presidency not based on any particular policies but because the media refused to cover several key stories and issues, according to a new analysis.

A survey of 1,750 Biden voters in Arizona, Michigan, Georgia, Nevada, Wisconsin, North Carolina, and Pennsylvania — all but one, North Carolina, called for the former vice president — conducted on behalf of the Media Research Center asked respondents what they knew about eight issues or stories MRC believes were not sufficiently covered by the press.

Of those surveyed, 17 percent said they would not have cast their ballot for Biden if they had known about at least one of the underrepresented stories.

The eight issues selected by the MRC were:

— Sexual assault allegations against Biden dating back to the early 1990s by then-Senate aide Tara Reade;

— Allegations of corruption involving son Hunter Biden, that included possible kickbacks to the former vice president;

— Sen. Kamala Harris’ extreme left-wing views on several issues;

— How the economy snapped back quickly from the recession caused by widespread mandatory business closures due to the COVID-19 pandemic;

— Historic peace deals the Trump administration forged between Israel and a number of Arab neighbors;

— U.S. energy independence under President Trump, which resulted in the country becoming a net oil exporter for the first time;

— The success of “Operation Warp Speed” to quickly get a coronavirus vaccine to market.

According to the survey, 82 percent of Biden’s voters were not aware of at least one of those issues.

Regarding Reade’s allegations of sexual assault, 35.4 percent of respondents said they were not aware of them. Meanwhile, 8.9 percent said had they been they would have either voted for President Donald Trump, a third-party candidate, no presidential candidate or would not have voted at all. MRC-aligned NewsBusters said this issue alone had the potential to flip Arizona, Georgia, Michigan, Nevada, Pennsylvania, and Wisconsin to President Trump.

As for the Hunter Biden scandal, a larger percentage of respondents — 45.1 percent — said they knew nothing about it, but if they had, 9.4 percent would have changed their vote to Trump.

Here is the remaining breakdown of issues:

— Kamala Harris’ preference for left-wing policies: 25.3 percent were unaware; 4.1 percent would have changed their vote (potentially flipping a number of states).

— Pre-election jobs growth (spanning June 5 – Oct. 2): 39.4 percent were not aware; 5.4 percent would have changed their vote.

— Massive economic growth: 49 percent were not aware; 5.6 percent would have switched their votes.

— History-making peace deals: 43.5 percent were not aware of any of them; 5 percent would have changed votes.

— That America became energy-independent under Trump: 50.5 percent were unaware; 5.8 percent said they’d have changed their vote.

— Operation Warp Speed’s success: 36.1 percent were unaware; 5.3 percent would not have voted for Biden.

“It’s important to note that not all of these voters would have switched to President Trump, of course (although about 6% of Biden’s voters say that’s exactly what they would have done),” NewsBusters concluded.

“Just by choosing to abandon Biden, these voters would have handed all six of these states, and a second term, to the President — if the news media had properly informed them about the two candidates.”

Sources: BPR: Media’s suppression of key stories likely gave Biden election win, study finds

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Written by Joshua Jackson


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    • Americans became lazy and allowed their government to become bloated with career politicians who spent generations swimming in the feted waters of the swamp. Now The Democratic part, especially Nancy’s cabinet looks like the lunch line up at a senior center. Nancy is 80, Finstein is 83 , Schumer and the rest of them are close behind. Biden the new leader of the democrat socialist party is 79 and his VP is the most liberal member in Congress. What could go wrong. Even communist Sanders is in his late seventies. What America desperately needs is a return to term limits. Less lawyers in the government and a new, honest voting system. They vote for raises and perks for themselves and the lawyers in congress pass laws to make the perks permanent.

  1. BUCK FIDEN and Heels up Harris … may they both scum to Covis 19 ! And spread it to ALL the Democrats and Minions in DC !

  2. The media should be destroyed, they are all liars. Except for One America News Network. Check OANN out for yourself ( no bias )

  3. Joe and Hunter Biden both of them should be

  4. I am amazed so many are grossly uninformed. We like to guard against watching CNN and MSNBC, but the real culprit is not just them. The AP is as much to blame as any. We need to recognize news vs commentary. Even the National Enquirer has a better track record than many news outlets. So many liberal voices like to talk about the number of times Trump lies, but who keeps track of the flagrant lies of the news media?

  5. Those eight items were only a small part of the Biden crime family enterprises. The Bidens “pay for play” and “quid pro quo” schemes with China, Russia, Ukraine, Iran, Venezuela, and other countries were mostly ignored and not even mentioned by the media. Our worst enemy, besides the crooks in government, is the MEDIA.

  6. I am reminded of the Obama tenure, both in Illinois politics and in the presidency. The media routinely chose a biased and even false narrative–so as not to be labelled RACIST. As the Lifetime Career Politicians have become enriched while in office, we have suffered in so many ways they can’t be counted. Job loss, insurance loss, healthcare loss, exorbitant small business taxation–all in the name of the greater good. Wake up AMERICA and stop allowing the media and the billionaires to dictate policy that benefits them and destroys the masses. Only Smaller Government and lower taxes will restore our country. Stop giving my hard earned tax dollars to those who denunce our sovereignty and even chant “death to America”.

  7. It’s easy to figure out why the News Media Giants are not exposing Biden Syndicate..Just start checking who owns what.. Follow the Dirty Money

  8. biden…scum of the earth. Leached off of our tax money for years and years. What to show for it…corruption with his son, Hunter ($82000 pay per month) and on and on. Research his family.
    Now Hillary will get away Scott free as did Obama being President and he never produced a birth certificate therefore should never have been given the presidency job.
    As great as this country scum have figured out how to steal…..but the presidency of the USA? DONT give up. We can resolve the voting system by making standard rules for every state. Trump has done fantastic job now the mob will try to tear it all down. First line of defense..term limits!!

  9. The media are the worst! I stopped watching! They are so biased, so their words mean nothing! If I could rate them on a scale of 1- 10, it would be 0. Pathetic reporting. Most of my friends and relatives feel the same. No trust, no love, nothing!

  10. I would like to know how these people could say they didn’t know about biden and his son and their crooked ways i mean it was all over the internet and the news and tv everyday. do they live in a cave or what. even when i tried not to watch it was stuffed down our throats every day.


  12. No one of the Demo party will EVER be convicted because everyone is afraid of loosing their sweet money deals. Ghost, you are right…FOLLOW THE MONEY.

  13. I put the blame on the corrupt news medias not giving impartial & truthful facts on both sides, Hollywood jerks & stupid talk show hosts all giving their opinion Trump is bad yet not one of them has any real evidence of what Trump did that made him bad, and of course the Democrats who attacked Trump not for the great job he was doing but because they wanted to impeach him for Russian collusion which was actually Obama & Hillary’s bag of tricks & they should be prosecuted for. Well guess what if Biden gets to be President (GOD forbid), all you who voted for him can blame yourselves for the next four years of hell we will all go through for being to stupid to fact check things for yourself. I am disgusted with people like you who let others decide what you should think. Plus I want the Democratic party to pay back all the money they waisted for the foolish impeachment and the fact they did nothing else for a year except stupid ranting about Trump. They need to give back their salaries plus money waisted on impeachment! Last but not least stop watching the corrupt news on major stations like CNN-NBC-CBS-ABC etc. we need to shut them down for this corruption!

  14. A lot of ignorant people that can not put 2+2 together and come up with 4. Then again I know these people will not see this because they are greedy.

  15. I have long been a proponent of freedom of the press, but to have freedom of the press, you must also have responsibility of the press. I would like to see a class action suit against the media mob and Big Tech for violating the civil rights of Americans by denying them the basic information they needed to make an informed decision at election time. It is the media’s job to inform the citizens and they have failed miserably at it, and they have failed intentionally. We now have the likelihood of electing a President who should be in jail for corruption, who does not have the mental or physical stamina to do the job, who lied almost every time he opened his mouth and was never called out by the media. I hope someday mainstream media will look at themselves in the mirror and ask “what did we do to our country”?

  16. American people want the election redone. Otherwise Democrat states who committed election fraud should be eliminated and not counted.

  17. We are witnessing the complete fall of the American Democratic Republic. What’s next? Instead of saying President Biden. We could be asked to call him “Chairman Joe!”

  18. At least the “fake news” is being exposed to many who did not even know it was fake. I agree that some of this is the voters’ fault but it cost us losing a wonderful President–though I still hope he can be saved by the many lawsuits as they work up to the Supreme Court.

  19. If only people had done a little listening and watching what Pres. Trump was doing these past 4 years, they would have known of all the good things he’s done for this country. Also they would have read about all that Biden hasn’t done and the bad things he has done. People have to start taking some responsibility for their freedoms and stay informed of what is going on. It all is for the good of this country. You have to keep tabs on all this going on in our nation and care about it – it’s for our own good. Now you are witnessing the circumstances and injustice being layed upon America – this could have been avoided if people would care enough about their country and their futures and for future generations. Lessons learned and now we must fight for the good cause to re-establish freedom and a democracy and get rid of all the socialist, etc. corrupt ideas before they take a foothold. Round them all up and herd them out of our nation for good. Fight Fight Fight for Justice and the American Way since 1776.

  20. Slo Joe Biden has been a RADICAL RACIST and a TRAITOR since 1979 ! And even a bigger TRAITOR since O’Butthead become a ILLEGAL PRESIDENT from KENYA EAST AFRICA !

  21. The United States citizens must hold every news media as the enemy of state. The corrupt media is a propaganda tool to brainwash and control America. The USA has turned from God and MORAL principals – anyone surprised at the filth we see on TV anymore? Judgement is rapidly approaching. 1 Thessalonians 4:16-18 is about to take place. We all know how Sodom & Gomorrah ended. It’s about to happen again. History does repeat.

  22. So now more and more Americans are coming out and saying, “But, but I didn’t know this about Biden, I didn’t know this about KA-nala, I didn’t know Trump had accomplished this or did that, I didn’t know how much Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and ALL of the other sicial(ist) platforms censored Trump like they do.”
    Americans aren’t nearly as smart as they think they are!!!!!

  23. Quid Pro Joe and his Hoe will never be my leaders. Nothing more than scum out for themselves, ask Hunter how it works.
    It is time that a Radical Right comes alive instead of sitting back and waiting for the next Democrat to stick it to you.

  24. Joe Biden is NOT president elect . . . VOTER FRAUD does NOT constitute an electoral WIN! INVESTIGATE this fraud . . . NOW. One Thoroughly Enlightened Patriot. Team Trump and HiS Allies 2020.

  25. Sheep being lead by the Main Stream Media, I am amazed by so many American’s being that Indoctrininated by the lies of the supposed Journalist’s. But again if you watch interview’s of American’s they don’t even know American History, then and now. Sad, no wonder we are losing our Republic.

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