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The Dam Just Broke For Gov. Cuomo And It’s Very Bad

The dominos have fallen and the Democrats and running away.

During a Monday interview on Fox News Channel’s “The Faulkner Focus,” Rep. Elise Stefanik (R-NY) slammed “bully” Gov. Andrew Cuomo (D-NY) for his mishandling of the coronavirus pandemic in his state. New York Attorney General Letitia James recently released a report that found Cuomo’s administration “undercounted” the number of coronavirus-related deaths in nursing homes in the state by as much as 50 percent.

Although Cuomo was largely applauded by Democratic leadership early in the pandemic, Stefanik railed against Cuomo, describing him as “the worst governor in America” for how he handled the pandemic. She called for an independent investigation into Cuomo’s “obstruction of justice.”

“Just look at Governor Cuomo’s failed record,” Stefanik said. “He is the worst governor in America in terms of how he has handled the COVID crisis, and last week was an absolute bombshell. You had both Democrats and Republicans calling for an independent investigation. I want to see subpoenas both at the state level, the state senate. And state assembly should issue subpoenas immediately, and I want the Department of Justice to launch an independent investigation. We know from the partial transcript that was released by the secretary to the governor that there was obstruction of justice. And this is not about politics. This is about people’s lives. And what was so shameful about the transcript that was released was the secretary to the governor didn’t apologize for the number of deaths, didn’t apologize for the policy, but apologized for the political fallout that faced Democrats. So, it’s a disgrace.”

She continued, “And President Biden needs to keep to his promise — the Department of Justice will be independent from political pressure from Governor Cuomo, who is a Democrat, but the Department of Justice and law enforcement — this prosecution needs to go forward immediately.”

Stefanik added that with both Republicans and Democrats calling for an investigation into Cuomo, “the dam is breaking.”

“Everyone knows Governor Cuomo is a bully; that they bully people within their own party. But this is more important. We are talking about lives that were lost here, so these Democratic state senators and frankly the Democratic congressional delegation needs to grow a spine and grow some political courage and stand up for what’s right — the people of this state who deserve justice. So we will see, but those subpoenas and that investigation should be launched immediately. There is no excuse after last week’s bombshell.”

Sources: Breitbart: Stefanik: ‘The Dam Is Breaking’ Against ‘Bully’ Gov. Cuomo

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Written by Joshua Jackson


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  1. Both the CUOMO’s need a DAY OF AWAKENING, the one on CNN who did not MASK when he SNUCK OUT OF HIS HOUSE and went MASKLESS and got caught and the one in NY. And lets not FORGET the VIEW and the REST OF HOLLYWOOD who PRAISED this EVIL DEMWITT GOVERNOR and those other SPINLESS supporters of this BULLY!

  2. Well, of course to we INDEPENDENTS about the Governor of NY withhis overall handling of the Pandemic in the State and in the NYC are with allowing his COMRADE DeBlasio to ruin the five boriughs.
    CRIME is rampant. I do not see in the article, which DEMOCRATS are calling for this action on Cuomo!Are they on the State level, National levl? Yor readers want to know!!!

  3. It is amazing how this dummy expected to get away with what he did. Let’s see if the DOJ will do what they are supposed to do. When is the attorney general of NYS going to bring charges against this DUMB bully? He should be impeached ASAP.

  4. Biden can’t dictate even though he thinks he can. Can’t kick Republicans out of Congress either. We have a republic a construction and a democracy.

  5. Was coumo tied in on the subprime mortgage fiasco and freind sheldon silver and other cronies in jail other coumo associate involved with scandal over orange county ny power plant many skeletons in closet but people have short memories

  6. She should run for mayor. She has more backbone than Cuomo and his idiot brother combined. He should and better be investigated because you know if he was a Republican he would already be burnt toast by now. What a slime call loser.

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