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The Democrats Are Calling On Republicans To Step Down

They are following the Russia political playbook.

About two years ago, one of my wife’s best friends began to turn down invitations to get together. Then, out of the blue, she unfriended my wife on Facebook.

That’s kind of a rude way to brush off someone, so my wife finally asked her: What gives? Have I offended you? Her terse text response was full of self-righteousness: “John (her husband) and I are so appalled by the things that Steve writes that we don’t want to associate with you anymore.”

I wasn’t offended that they disagree with my positions or even that they felt our political disagreements are so wide that we probably shouldn’t hang out together anymore. After all, we are two Americas today.

What stuck in my craw was the word “appalled.” It was her way of saying: “We are better people than you. We have higher standards.” “Appalled” is the outrage you feel when someone gets drunk and starts hitting on your wife.

I recite the incident because it is an example of how liberals have anointed themselves as not just intellectually but morally superior to those on the right. Welcome to the “religious left.”

A case in point: the Boston Globe recently printed a front-page opinion piece by the paper’s liberal columnist Yvonne Abraham, who denounced the idea of any “unity” agenda with Republicans or conservatives. “Here’s the thing about unity,” she snuffed. “To achieve it, you have to believe in a common good. And most members of this Republican Party have demonstrated over and over that they simply don’t.” You can’t find common ground with a movement “defined by lies.”

Of course, the irony here is that it is President Joe Biden, not Republicans, who is pledging an agenda to unify the country. But so far, the new administration’s position seems to be: Why bother to find common ground when you control all of the levers of governmental power and you can steamroll over them instead?

What is to be gained by uniting with people who are “white supremacists” or “insurrectionists”?

Most everyone I know on the right agrees that violence is rarely, if ever, an acceptable form of political protest.

Do liberals? The new vice president of the United States called the liberal mobs who ransacked cities this summer “social justice warriors.” Apparently, it is excusable to burn down a building or assault a police officer if you are protesting racial injustice, climate change, abortion rights or cuts in social programs.

The Trump Haters say that the rioters who stormed the U.S. Capitol are guilty of a treasonable offense. OK, but several years ago, when many thousands of “social justice warriors” (i.e., union thugs) stormed past the police and occupied the domed Capital building in Madison for days, the media celebrated.

Abraham is right about unity. America is now a country divided into Hatfields and McCoys. In just his first four days in office, it’s clear there isn’t going to be any unifying of the country under Biden. That was a hollow campaign slogan that has swirled down the drain as the White House issued executive orders, such as killing the Keystone XL pipeline, that have infuriated conservatives. The absurd House snap-impeachment of former President Donald Trump a few days before he was to leave office was absurd enough, but not nearly as divisive as the apparent Senate plans to go ahead with a trial.

Biden said he “doesn’t see red states and blue states, only sees the United States.” Really? Then why is one of his first proposals a blue-state bailout to the tune of $350 billion — to be paid by the Republicans in red states. That is a financial insurrection against the half of the states that are not run by Democrats.

The left doesn’t want unity with the right. It wants submission. They don’t think we live up to their standards of proper behavior and righteousness.

If these are the people that are collectively “unfriending” us on Facebook and in the grocery stores, that’s fine by us. Frankly, the feeling is mutual.

Stephen Moore is a senior fellow at the Heritage Foundation and an economic consultant with FreedomWorks. He is the co-author of “Trumponomics: Inside the America First Plan to Revive the American Economy.”

Sources: Townhall: The Left Wants Unconditional Surrender, Not Unity

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Written by Joshua Jackson


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  1. The problem is when you have the entire MSM including Fox News leaning so far to the LEFT they are about to fall off the planet , you have you children indoctrinated in public school with the social justice BS and not taught how to make a living and live off the federal government you are going to have nothing in common with people who lean so far to the left . The left is talking about reeducation camps for conservatives and patriots who believe our founding Fathers had it right all along . US Constitutional Law must be enforced if We The People are to remain a free and Constitutional Republic . And that starts with Article ll Section 1 Clause 5 of the US Constitution being enforced . We The People had a FRAUD and ILLEGAL ALIEN ( BERRY SOETORO AKA BARACK Hussein Obama sitting in the White House and in charge of the US Military for eight long Years ! Now We The People have another FRAUD , CRIMINAL Joe Biden illegally sitting in the Oval Office pushing Obama 2. When will the US Congress honor their oath to the US Constitution ?

  2. All I can say is “We The People” that love God and country need to come together in prayer, asking God to change these so called leaders hearts, or to remove them from our Government.. Remove is the better idea.. Never under estimate the power of the God I serve.. Jesus Christ… Why have people turned away from God so badly in America? He is the one that has kept her all these years. “Let us pray for His blessings and ask for the return of our rightful president”.. Fraud was used to remove him from office.. Prayer can return him there.. The God I serve is bigger than Washington and her demons.. That place is a demonic swamp of evil..

  3. That is the reason for every hateful lying neverTRUMP supporters no need to be/remain a honorable US citizen

    ❤💥👍CHRISTrump and all his US TRUMPlican Lawmakers successfully US 2020/2021/2024 Reelected Landslide
    Amen & Amen👍💥❤

  4. Help will not arrive. The Republican Party is so bogged down with Never Trumpers, The Lincoln Brigade and embarrassments like Romney and Sass that they have rendered themselves useless. Not until they divest the party of these blisters will they be able to function with wisdom and efficiency. The Democrats do not put up with useless baggage as the Republicans do. That’s why they move on a dime .

  5. Interesting? For every one Republican that Democrats believe needs to be removed? I bet I could find ten, possibly more, to that one!

  6. I have been banned from both Twitter and Facebook for saying negative things about Biden and the Democrats. But I feel like I’m in the greatest company on earth….
    I’m a Trumper Fan to the death!

  7. Gotta say it….they slam Trump for no reason and attempt to crucify the best President America ever had.
    And yet, they supported, even encouraged the BLM and ANTIFA riots that caused death and destruction like this country has ever seen.
    And they attempt to crucify Trump even today, after they went into office, KNOWING they broke voting laws all across the board. Well, they crucified Jesus and His followers too, didn’t they?

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