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The GOP Is Planning Big Things With Trump

Here’s what we know so far.

“At Republican Study Committee, we’ve been very busy as we develop the consensus conservative agenda for the future of the Republican Party, and that agenda is the Trump agenda,” Banks told the New York Post.

“We’re looking forward to going up to visit with him to discuss what we’ve been up to and what we plan to do for not just the rest of this term in the minority, but when we get the majority back, but talk to him about what we, what we hope to accomplish,” he continued, referencing talks that will take place away from Mar-a-Lago, Trump’s base of operations in Florida, and move to his resort and golf course in Bedminster for the summer.

Banks said the RSC’s “policy proposals are largely modeled after the Trump administration’s, and has repeatedly stressed he feels the party needs to lean into Trumpism if it is going to retain and attract voters that have shifted toward the GOP since 2016,” the Post reported.

Banks further explained the policy proposals he would like to speak about with Trump:

At RSC, what we’ve been focused on is really developing an agenda, the traditional conservative issues that RSC has always been involved with: balanced budgets and fiscal responsibility, we released our budget last week, strong national defense, and pro-life, social conservative issues. But really, President Trump, where he’s led our party, is to be more focused on the China threat and RSC has been very active on that front.
And China trade issues, big tech issues are very important to RSC, we’re very active in that space, confronting the big tech’s free speech and censorship of conservatives. We have our election integrity bill that I introduced, the Save Democracy Act. RSC is doing more on the immigration front than it has ever done before, and we look forward to talking to him about that.

Banks told Breitbart News’ Matt Boyle in February what he is attempting to do with the RSC is to “build a new conservative agenda.”

“What do I mean by that? A consensus conservative agenda that Republicans can rally around to refocus us again on the issues,” he explained. “At the same [time], we have to recognize we are at a new moment in American politics where the traditional conservative platform of the Republican Party is shifting. It’s changing.”

“So it’s a recognition of the moment that the traditional Reagan-era platform of the Republican Party has to adapt to what we’ve learned in the Trump era,” he added.

Sources: Breitbart: GOP Leaders Will Confer with Donald Trump on America First Agenda

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Written by Joshua Jackson


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