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The Left’s Whole COVID Scheme

They aren’t protecting anybody, no matter what they claim.

As Democrats continue the endless Wuhan coronavirus “emergency” in order to consolidate political power, they’ve also moved forward with flouting their own rules and standards. In doing so, they’re destroying the dignity and livelihoods of the very lower and middle-class people they claim to represent or care about.

During Monday night’s annual Met Gala in New York City, where individual tickets cost $30,000 and tables go for $270,000, socialist Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez showed up in a designer white gown with the words “Tax the Rich” in red lettering on the backside. When asked about the message she was trying to send she said, “What it means to be working-class women of color at the Met.” Immediately, she exposed herself as a fraud.

After her interview, AOC waltzed through the museum, laughing and posing along the way. Behind her, masked workers, many minorities, carried her luxurious train as she smiled for the cameras. Their faces remained hidden while she made herself even more famous among the rich she claims to despise.

AOC is not a “working-class” woman. Her short stint as a bar tender was more of a tourist trip than a qualification for working-class membership. She grew up in the well-off suburb of Westchester, where the average household income is $178,000. She went to Boston University, where tuition costs $56,000 per year, and now, she is a member of Congress earning $174,000 annually. She lives in one of the swankiest apartment buildings in Washington, D.C., ironically above Amazon-owned Whole Foods, and drives a $40,000 Tesla. And for context, the median household income in the U.S. sits at $67,000.

There isn’t a problem with AOC’s upper-class status, but there is a lot wrong with her lying about her so-called economic plight and personal history, especially as she continues to support oppressive Wuhan coronavirus mandates that crush those less fortunate than her.

But the behavior of the leftist elites since March 2020 hasn’t been confined to the walls of the Metropolitan Museum of Art.

During an outdoor fundraiser hosted by House Speaker Nancy in Napa Valley three weeks ago, big-dollar donors were given the luxury of sitting at tables, yucking it up with their fellow upper-class peers, maskless and dignified. Those they were served by, again outdoors, were forced to mask themselves, removing their identity and equalizing them all as the servant help.

Earlier this summer when Delta was surging, President Barack Obama moved forward with a massive birthday party at his $12 million Martha’s Vineyard estate. When questions arose about it becoming a super spreader event, New York Times reporter Annie Karni reassured CNN views that those invited to the party were a “sophisticated and vaccinated crowd,” and therefore, there was nothing to worry about.

Those in the media responsible for covering such events, and always willing to cover for their fellow ideologues, continually say, “It’s just a mask, what’s the big deal?”

Subjugating fellow Americans to a life of hidden identity and human connection behind a mask is a big deal. Limiting or erasing their identity as equal citizens by covering their expressions is a big deal. Not only is it a big deal, it’s wrong.

The repeated hypocrisy from powerful Democrat elites isn’t without consequence. After all, these are the same people controlling people’s lives through federal decrees and politicized “science.” It isn’t simply an issue of hypocrisy. It’s the consequences of the policies being implemented by the hypocrites. Much like the communist and Marxist leaders they look up to, elitist Democrats are creating an underclass of masked and unidentifiable servants. A perfect utopia of sameness that they don’t subject themselves to.

Throughout the pandemic, this is how it’s always been. Workers earning their living at restaurants and small business were forced into unemployment. Their lives were destroyed. The elites, politicians included, have never paid a price and were never beholden to the slogan “we’re all in it together.” They used private jets to vacation while everyone else was locked down. Without shame, they shared their freedom and luxury through their Instagram accounts. When Pelosi and California Governor Gavin Newsom were caught at hair salons and fancy dinner parties, they shrugged knowing there would be no consequence.

The bottom line is, everyone should be able to live freely as the elites do, regardless of their jobs or socioeconomic position. Through their heavy-handed government rules and mandates, Democrats have created an underclass in blue states and cities, which is antithetical to the promise of equality in America.

Sources: TownHall: The Left’s Masked Servants

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Written by Joshua Jackson


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