The Liberal Media Just Made A Shocking Claim

The blunt truth from the media is leaving Republicans outraged.

Nanoseconds after Joe Biden was sworn in as America’s 46th president, Glenn Kessler, the Washington Post’s chief fact-checker, gleefully announced that during Donald Trump’s four years in office, he made 30,573 “false or misleading claims”. (Click on the link; the “special effects” provide an insight into Kessler’s pettiness.)

And in a purposeful twist of the knife, Kessler tweeted he “never would have believed this number was possible when [they] started four years ago.”

And just to show what an asshat a “class act” he is, Kessler retweeted this beauty:

“Stunning fact from Fact Checker: ‘The fact checks of Trump’s statements in the database amount to about 5 million words.’”

“Democracy Dies in Darkness” unavailable for comment.

In a snarky send-off of Trump’s presidency, Kessler on Saturday wrote in WaPo: “The longer Trump was president, the more frequently he made false or misleading claims.”

“The WaPo fact-checker started tracking Trump’s ‘false or misleading claims’ as a first-100-days project, but in response to reader requests continued to add to the database throughout his entire term.
“By the time Trump left office, he had accumulated 30,573 untruths during his presidency — averaging about 21 erroneous claims a day.
“Trump made about six false or misleading claims a day in his first year as president, 16 a day in his second year, 22 a day in his third year — and 39 a day in his final year.
“Put another way, it took Trump 27 months to reach 10,000 false or misleading claims and another 14 months to reach 20,000. He then exceeded the 30,000 mark less than five months later.”

Just one question: Who checks the fact-checkers, Glenn Kessler? Who checks you? Other left-wing “fact” checkers? Or do check your predisposed political bias before you fact-check Trump, or anyone else? We both know the answers.

So out with the old, in with the new, right WaPo?

Yeah, no.

As reported by the Daily Caller, WaPo said it does “not have plans to launch a Biden database at this time.” Shani George, WaPo’s director of communications, told the Caller:

“The database of Trump claims was started a month after Trump became president as a way to not overwhelm our fact-checking enterprise, where the core mission is to explain complex policy issues.
“While we do not have plans to launch a Biden database at this time, we will continue to dig into the accuracy of statements by political figures of all party affiliations.”

What a complete crock of politically-expedient crap. How and why did the “core mission” change? Or, is WaPo suggesting Biden is a consummate truth-teller?

In addition to Biden’s long history of plagiarism — most notably when he lifted an entire speech from British Labour Party member Neil Kinnock during his ill-fated 1988 presidential campaign — as noted the Caller, he was forced to drop out the race after unearthed C-SPAN footage showed him lying about where he ranked upon graduating law school.

Quoting from an October Washington Examiner op-ed titled Joe Biden is a pathological liar, “Biden claims he took part in the civil rights movement of the 1960s, and not a word is true.”

And this:

“For over 47 years of public life, Joe Biden has shown himself to have an irresistible propensity to lie. He has lied to his professors. He has lied to his constituents. He has lied about his academic work. He has lied about his speeches. He has lied about his support of civil rights. He has even lied about the death of his own wife and young daughter. And today, he continues to lie to us about his son, Burisma, the CCP and himself.”

Nonetheless, while Glenn Kessler and the Washington Post dutifully trudged on for four years, intrepidly reporting on Trump’s every “lie and misstatement,” they have no “plans to launch a Biden database at this time.”

Maybe Kessler should have four or 30,573 of his Pinocchios tattooed on his forehead.

Speaking of which, as the “good” old days drew to a close, there was Kessler and WaPo, in all their “Democracy Dies in Darkness,” fact-checking glory, fact-checking the crap out of Donald Trump’s farewell address to the nation.

Could the sheer hypocrisy of these people be more blatant? It’s rhetorical; don’t bother.

I thought I’d leave you with another example — just for grins — of quality “journalism” — this one compliment of CNN’s “distinguished” White House reporter, John Harwood.

Oh — I almost forgot. White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki on Sunday revealed Joe’s favorite flavor of ice cream. “SPOILER,” she said.

Sources: RedState: WaPo Fact Checkers Announce End to Trump ‘False Claims Project, ‘Shockingly’ Have ‘No Plans’ to Start One for Biden

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Written by Joshua Jackson


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  1. WaPO you did Trump Why not do Biden???? Is this a two way think no one knows what truth
    is- Media the worse. the one party on the Hill didn’t win four years there plan was on hold so
    party put this Great Nation thru HELL-So interest in take down Trump- These people didn’t a thing in four years but waste our money. Nancy said= No One Is Above the Law= on TV -I guess that dose not apply to that party or no one in Gov’t???
    Democrats said protestors destroying city was Peaceful?? An Harris ask for money to bail them out
    this is the kind of people we put in Office ?? I say use WaPo fact-checker on all that is on the Hill
    plus States. You have a Full Time JOB. Just remember we the people are not as Dumb as these party’s would like to think we are…Family’s gave these lives for this G.N freedom& people will not give it up. An when you think the gov’t is going in to out Money there will hell to pay we have worked
    all our lives for this. How about we go into everyone of your accounts take your money that we are paying remember we are paying all of you.. Not handed to us.-like gov’t gives out all these free programs; age 84 yrs have never taken any money from gov’t .paid for children school- children help pay also by taken jobs to go to collage-this what your children should be doing– like we are paying for your children ..everyone of of you
    should be paying health ins-.state tax- your own retirement like we are doing .I like to know why you think the people should be paying all of this??- Please WaPo fact checker check the Hill people & Gov’t see how many are telling the TRUETH????? God Bless This Great Nation I don’ care what party you are Tell The Truth to US.(I know it is HARD for All of YOU) If i have said anything out of the way So Be It..

  2. I have asked this of so many and cannot get an answer. Probably won’t here either. Please reveal to me ONE lie/untruth spoken by President Trump. Ever since he took office, people have been declaring that he has told 18,000 lies. You have now nearly doubled that. Please, just tell me ONE.

  3. Biden has lied for years in congress yet never called out. Double standers!
    The media won’t say anything he does wrong. Yet the Guy is in office for a week and can’t remember
    he is signing EO’s or where he is supposed to put his pen.


  4. I am astounded by the fact that in less than a week, Biden has taken America from the 21st Century back to the 19th Century. He has effectively destroyed our economy, jobs, and everything good that Trump accomplished for all Americans despite the constant attacks from the wicked witch of the West (Pelosi). 2020 was a train wreck if something is not done now (a possible recall?) 2021 is going to be a train wreck that was transporting toxic and deadly chemicals.

  5. What you consider lies were truths! You Democrats, nor the Judicial System would look at the evidence and believe it and so you called them lies. Now look at our Country, a little over one week and our Country is in a disaster!

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