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The Media’s Meltdown Is Hilarious

We can’t make this stuff up.

They couldn’t handle it. They simply couldn’t do it. It’s to be expected these are liberals…and they’re all nuts. Second, this is what happens when you think you’re entitled to win every election. That’s not the case, liberal America. You’re often going to find yourselves on the losing side unless you cheat—and we all know you do that as well. But MSNBC was especially heinous in their election coverage. CNN was terrible too—but MSNBC will always have a special place since it is a network that is designed to support the liberal moral superiority complex. It’s also a network that no one watches, but we do to check in on the enemy. From hoping Virginia Gov-elect Glenn Youngkin’s tenure ends in scandal to smearing people who don’t vote for who the hosts think are acceptable as national security threats—it’s all here. Our friends at Newsbusters had them all:

Critical Race Theory Is the New ‘Southern Strategy,’ Proof America’s Still Racist
“[C]ritical race theory is the most recent more eloquent iteration of — of — of the southern strategy. Right? Whether it be crosstown bussing, whether it be the welfare queen, whether it be defund the police, this original sin of America keeps evolving and critical race theory is — is — is the most — most latest and most eloquent, quite frankly, iteration of the southern strategy and a way, quite frankly, to tribalize an election and tribalize an electorate in way to drive up — drive up the white vote.”
— MSNBC political analyst and Democratic pollster Cornell Belcher, 8:48 p.m. Eastern.
Hoping That Youngkin Governship Ends in Scandal
“After Barack Obama won the presidency in 2008, Bob McDonnell won in 2009 and what did the Republicans do? They instantly elevated him to presidential status…And then Bob McDonnell was a terrible governor in Virginia who ran on crazy policies that made no sense and that made Virginia a scandal and got them boycotted nationwide. Remember the mandatory vaginal ultrasound stuff? I mean and then he gets run out of office on a bizarre corruption scandal. I mean, how you comport yourself once in office is going to make the difference here.”
— The Rachel Maddow Show host Rachel Maddow, 8:53 p.m. Eastern.
Upset Youngkin Convinced Voters He Wasn’t a “Fire-Breathing, Horns-Out-of-His-Skull Racist’
“[T]he only reason that we’re talking about critical race theory is because Glenn Youngkin had 18 months to convince people that he was not a fire-breathing horns out of his skull racist. This only — you can only talk about critical race theory if you present yourself as the kind of neutral white guy who’s like, “I don’t dislike brown people, I just think this is going a little too far.” So it only works if you’ve been able to present yourself as neutral or non-hostile on race issues. That’s not something that a lot of Republicans are very good at[.]”
— MSNBC contributor Jason Johnson, 8:50 p.m. Eastern.

Youngkin Won, But He Didn’t ‘Have the Facts’ on His Side About CRT
“You may have the same view I have of — of critical race theory which is it was a phony issue. It certainly is in Virginia, where it isn’t taught. But people believe what they want to believe. You know, we’re still in the Trump-era, right? You don’t have to have the facts backing you up. If people want to believe what you say, they will believe it.”
— University of Virginia Center for Politics professor Larry Sabato, 9:12 p.m. Eastern.
Too Many Obama Voters ‘Don’t Want to Deal With’ Racism, Want to Lionize Jefferson
“But part of the problem with the Obama coalition, unfortunately, you know, are — there are a lot of Americans who don’t want to deal with the history. They don’t want to deal with it and they might have voted for Obama but they’re in that coalition too. But when confronted with the opportunity to say, who really was Thomas Jefferson, they don’t want to. And so, they’ll leave the coalition in a heartbeat. The people who stay with you are your base and they don’t think you’re lifting a finger for them.”
— Reid, 9:24 p.m. Eastern.

It’s fun to watch. It also shows how out of step they are with American voters. No one thinks like this—at all. No one. Those who do are typically rich college-educated whites, the most tabid of liberals who barely break 20 percent in political identification surveys. They’re not the majority, but this is what most Democrats think about when drafting messaging strategies. How can you not manufacture a narrative that doesn’t come off as condescending and aggressive if you react this way to losing a race and some said months ago could go the GOP’s way? In May, Cook Political Report’s Dave Wasserman said it was possible. On Election Day eve, he said Youngkin had an excellent chance given how Democrat Terry McAuliffe utterly screwed up in the final weeks of the election.

No one thinks the GOP is a threat to national security. And parents know about CRT; their kids are asking if being white makes them evil. They’re not happy. And enough about the ‘real history’ crap. We know the Founding Fathers owned slaves. Yes, it was bad. It was, however, commonplace at the time. Get over it.

Sources: TownHall: MSNBC’s Meltdown Over 2021 Races Was One for the Ages

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Written by Joshua Jackson


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  1. Va. Election, N. Jersey upset give hope to the return of common sense. Do away with fed dept of education & let states run schools all with same curricula-Back to basic reading, writing, math& science ONLY! Allow students to learn to read,reason,& THINK for themselves. No more high school grads who can’t read,write enough to get decent jobs. No political brainwashing allowed!

  2. It’s a disgrace to see the fake bias media lie to the country for a pay check .they all need sent to Afghanistan and run their mouth of lies there and see how racism really is.

  3. These stupid Leftist Liberals keep saying CRT is not real. Yet children come home from school and tell their parents what extremely RACIST things they’re being taught (whites are bad, people of color are oppressed). Are these idiots saying all these children are lying?! How stupid and naive do they think we are?! Dumb fools!! They are lying, cheating, corrupt, unethical, immoral, hypocrites!

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