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The Socialist Left Plans To Remove All Republicans From Congress

Russia and China are taking over our democracy.

Meghan McCain told her co-hosts on Tuesday’s broadcast of ABC’s “The View” that the media after former President Donald Trump’s term is essentially acting like “the only way to become a good Republican is to become a Democrat.”

Co-host Sunny Hostin said, “This is the Republican party today. It’s the MAGA party. It’s the QAnon party. It’s the Confederate flag, statue-loving party. It’s the Trump party. That’s the party of today. Those who refuse to be that type of party get censured, get nasty letters from their families, get ostracized. That’s what our country is looking at today, the party of white supremacy, the party that carries swastikas into the Capitol.”

McCain said, “It’s easy to say that the Republican Party is only the party of QAnon and all these things. If that’s the truth, the Democratic Party is the party of socialism and cancel culture and no responsibility and ramifications for any of your actions. You can burn down cities like Kenosha, and it’s fine. These are broad-stroke platitudes.”

She added, “As much as the Left wants to act like Republicans are only QAnon supporters, part of the problem is when I hear that, I automatically get very tribal and say I don’t want the left. To me, I’m the most intensively pro-life person that I know of, particularly on mainstream TV. I believe that abortion is murder. I know that the opposite party says there are some people that don’t agree with me, think that abortion should happen up to late-term. I think the idea that the Republican Party is just one swath it’s just not nuanced. The problem I have is the only way to become a good Republican is to become a Democrat, according to the media. I don’t know what to do anymore.”

Sources: Breitbart: Meghan McCain: According to the Media, the Only Way to Be a Good Republican Is to Become a Democrat

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Written by Joshua Jackson


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  1. McCain you stand as your father did.. He was a true American hero. As long as we believe in God and trust in Him we will come out on top. You are sitting with a bunch of Progressive Democrats that actually don’t know what they believe in. We believe that God created this earth and those that trust in Him will be led into truth.
    I never dreamed I’d live to see such a time as today. Makes me sad to see people with such ignorance as to turn the other cheek and allow such as have taken over our government to destroy all our American value’s.. God created Heaven and Earth and He’s coming back to claim what is His.. I believe it will be soon. Then and only then will these Progressive Socialist minded people see what they are doing to a country that has been so blessed, but for them it will be to late.

  2. It’s simple. The Republicans are the American Party and the democrats are the communist party. And Pedophile Biden is their Dear Leader an Head Comrade.

  3. Democrat: Unity means do it our way and shut up, or go to the reeducation gulag.
    Republican: Lose, but lose with dignity.
    The people: WTF, what choices do we have??

  4. I agree – the dems will destroy America if Americans allow them to do so. There is so much evil that it is pathetic and very scary.

  5. Sunny Hostin sounds like a COMMUNIST Democrat . . . Through and Through, a True Left Winger. She would FIT IN with a Josef Stalin Regime. One Enlightened Patriot. Team Trump And His Allies 2020 – MAGA (WE’RE NOT going away!).

  6. That’s funny because we will have removed and destroyed all communist in America. GOD IS GREATER THAN THE FORCES OF SATAN!!

  7. It will be a COLD day in H… before a REPUBLICAN will Ever become a Democratic Socialist of the Democratic Socialist Party. Republicans have more respect for their Fellowman.
    Most Republicans can be Trusted other than the Disgraceful and Disrespectful RHINOS in the GOP.

  8. Joe China is Only a Puppet in the Democratic Socialist Party. He is nothing but a Dementia ridden Paedophile in the Democratic Party. No Brain’s No Pain !

  9. regarding rep an dems -lets not do the elephants an donkey cartoons anymore-one nation under GOD almighty an we have to obey the CONSTITUTION-spiritual discernment-therefore everyones accountable!!!!!!!!!!!! i dont want soc or commies either-does that help????

  10. Well, pardon my language, but all I have to say is; Fuck every last ignorant Demonrat!! They think that they can just change anything and everything in this Country and they are all full of shit!

  11. Frankly, I am surprised at the number of people that still listen to the View–all those on there have nothing better to do but bad mouth anyone who doesn’t agree with their stupidity. Whoopie and JOy have to be tied as to the stupidest two broads in America. Then you have Sunny H that should be on a farm to go with her name–and let’s not leave out McCain–shouldn’t you be at home raising your child? Or are you going to let her grow up with hatred for the country that she was born in? WHAT WOULD YOUR FATHER SAY–BUT THEN HE LIED TOO.

  12. Well, I guess these demoncrat bass turds want a civil war. They are going to need more protection if they think we will sit back and take their BS. NOT ANYMORE!!! AND YOU CAN BLAME THE DFEMONCRAT IF IT DOES HAPPEN.

  13. The right wing people on this site haven’t learned from the evil Trump, except conspiracy theories and hatred. Just read their responses, and the headline of this article is B.S. The only ruthless party are Republicans, conservatives and their white trash supporters who vote against their interests because of their ignorance.

  14. Watched the History Channel and a lot of the Democrat belief system is similar to the Nazi/ Jihad beliefs. We know there are Nazis and America Haters here. Biden heads the Dingbat traitors. Tries to blame President Trump Supporters as the bad guys. No way junior. Most of Biden’s agenda is based on lies as it does not follow the Constitution. It is being exposed everyday. When President Trump said fight. He said peacefully. But common sense, something Biden and his agenda do not get. President Trump said do not get run over by evil doers. Stand up for what is right. Every decision Biden has made supports the America Last Speech he made. Any leader that says and supports this, should be in jail. They are traitors. Send them to Fort Leavenworth where they can fill sandbags and other hard labor like they want others to do when they are the real terror supporters. Do it quick.


  16. Thank you Bobbie, you are right and so is Maggie McCain. I will fight for my Country andLLC do what ever I can to help America.

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