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The “Trump Party” Is Growing In Popularity

The Democrats are trying to stop Trump once again.

The survey, taken February 15-19 among 1,000 Trump voters, found the former president continues to enjoy strong support among the GOP base following the conclusion of the Democrats’ second, failed impeachment trial.

Forty-six percent of those surveyed indicated that they would “abandon the GOP and join the Trump party if the former president decided to create one.” Twenty-seven percent said no, and the remainder indicated that they remain unsure.

According to USA Today, “half of those polled” said the GOP should “become ‘more loyal to Trump,’ even at the cost of losing support among establishment Republicans.”

“We feel like Republicans don’t fight enough for us, and we all see Donald Trump fighting for us as hard as he can, every single day,” Brandon Keidl, one of the respondents, said, taking issue with establishment Republicans who “don’t ever push back.”

The survey’s margin of error is +/- 3.1 percent. It coincides with the findings of other recent polls, which show Trump continuing to enjoy strong support among Republican voters even as establishment Republicans seek to resume “business as usual.”

A Rasmussen Reports survey released last week showed 72 percent of GOP voters saying the Republican Party should be “more like former President Trump,” compared to 20 percent who said it should be “more like the average GOP member of Congress.”

Similarly, an Echelon Insights survey released last week showed Trump continuing to dominate the field in a potential 2024 primary scenario:

Sources: Breitbart: Poll: 46% Trump Voters Would Ditch Republican Party to Join the ‘Trump Party’

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Written by Joshua Jackson


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  1. The TRUMP party movement has been there and will always be there as long as there is God and a country worth fighting for the USA.

  2. PRESIDENT TRUMP has shown the country what could be done under a REAL BUSINESS management. NOT ONE of the previous administrations fulfilled their promises. ALL workers, left and right, benefited from the intelligent, concise decisions PRESIDENT TRUMP enacted. The left workers found themselves becoming more able to find jobs, put food on the table, drive their car! ONE WEEK after the “fool” took office, gasoline climbed 50 cents! One month: one Dollar up!
    More than 3 million people will have lost or will lose their jobs within the first year of that “fool”‘ administration. ( well, obama’s 3rd term!).
    Be careful when voting: the dominion machines will be hacked! The ballots will be already printed! the state auditors will close the doors to the right observers, and nothing will be as it was, before PRESIDENT TRUMP.

  3. When will the American people wake up and see the demonic powers that have taken over Washington. Evil runs rampant among so many political people. People be in prayer for guidance before voting for any leaders. . Pray for our country.. We need Jesus now more then ever..
    Satan is having a hay day as America is being destroyed, but God can change that if we come together and pray. End times are coming upon us.. Jesus will call His people home soon.. Let’s be ready..

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