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The Unknown Battleground of America

This is where America will be won and lost. Conservatives need to be ready.

The key to conservatives reclaiming and rescuing any sense of America as we have known it for the last several decades is education.  Not just raising our children to know right from wrong and good from evil, though that’s a good start.  Regardless of your religious affiliation, it usually doesn’t hurt to throw a little God in for good measure.  It’s not necessary that they be devout followers but learning that there’s something bigger than them… than all of us… will be helpful.

The way to start taking back this country is by getting conservatives and conservative ideas back into the classroom.  It would be helpful in K-12, but I mean specifically the university system.  That is our frontline battleground now and in the future.

We’ve all heard the amusing adage something to the effect of how young people are liberal until they start getting a paycheck and paying taxes, i.e. they enter into the “real world.”  We trust that as people mature and start dealing with the harsh realities of life, they also reconcile the fact that modern liberalism and its core tenets are a proven disaster. Not one liberal ideal makes any practical sense in the real world.

It used to be true that a good number of these young liberals outgrew their silly ideology once they learned about mortgages, FICA taxes, property taxes and the reality of crime and violence.  (Getting mugged or carjacked by some gangbanger or junkie that is likely on the receiving end of the taxes you just paid will change your mind just a smidge.).  Unfortunately, these young ideologues are no longer outgrowing their naive ways en masse.

At one time, these naive ways came from a place of good faith.  Even twenty-five or so years ago things weren’t anywhere near as bad as they are now. Mind you, this was when the internet was still in its infancy and its narcissism pills had not yet been ingested.  Many of the liberals back then were liberal in the classic sense — they were open-minded, tolerant, and wanted to positively affect the world by doing good things.  Yes, there was a time when liberals were actually tolerant, but as the dodo is extinct, so is that rare species.

Today’s liberal has been too finely crafted, not unlike the tailored look — waxed mustache, 20s-era hat and handmade leather boots — of the hipster “ironically” sipping Pabst Blue Ribbon in the local gastro pub, to be fooled into believing what their bespectacled eyes are seeing in the real world.  No, these are true believers who will not be swayed by anything as bourgeois and banal as facts.

Young liberals today have been so heavily indoctrinated by hordes of leftist professors that there is almost no hope of them ever “maturing” into people capable of critical thought.  The cold splash of reality that is life after college not only isn’t enough to shock them out of liberalism, but in fact not much of real life ever actually reaches them.  They go from being coddled by mom and dad to being coddled and brainwashed by their college to then cloistering among enclaves of like-minded individuals such that their insane set of beliefs is almost never challenged.  Not only that, but they have an amazing, knee-jerk response to any challenge of their worldview: “Racism!”

The challenge to conservatives is to not simply moan about how liberal our colleges are, but to start running the liberal playbook against them.  Are there no conservatives who go into teaching!?  It’s time for them to start.  Start building the ranks and especially focus on the colleges and universities.  Teach history.  Teach economics. Teach almost anything besides Gender Studies or Critical Race Theory and you’re going to be on the right track.  Teach facts not feelings.  You may have to lay low until you get tenure status, but after that, start pushing harder.  The only way to change the hearts and minds of any of these young people is to get down in the trenches and start fighting it out.

When it comes to the battlefield of ideas, liberals simply can’t compete.  We all know that.  The problem is that these young minds are like radios set to only one station; they never hear any ideas opposing liberal viewpoints. Thus, they think Communism and Socialism have failed because, gosh darnit, they just didn’t do it right.  Thus, they think that higher taxes somehow lead to economic prosperity.  Thus, they think that all of our founding fathers were raging racists and that the Evil Straight White Man is to blame for all the ills of society.  We need to tune them in to a better station filled with facts and truth.

We need to educate, not indoctrinate… and we will start winning.

Sources: American Thinker: The True Battleground Is Education

What do you think?

Written by Joshua Jackson


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  2. It is sad that this is what public education has led to, communism and socialism is okay. Though we know it is a sure way to end freedom the dim wits have been busy undermining the message of the founders of this nation. And today thay have tried to end and disenfranchise the voters.

    Time to stand with Trump and beat down the traitors. Too bad we can’t ship them to the nations who have helped them perpetrate this teasonous move in this country. And it is past time for Betsy to get off the easy road and turn the education around in this country. First step is end the hold of tenure on the bad teachers and those unions run by dim wit cheats, liars, thieves.

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