These Dems Exploit Their Kids To Raise Funds

Adam Schiff is back at it!

Congressman Adam Schiff has shown himself to be a rather unscrupulous individual, which is the polite way of saying he’s a giant fraud of a person willing to do or say anything to get ahead. In an honest profession, he’d be run out of it; in a just society, he might be in prison for leading classified material. But politics isn’t an honest profession, and we do not live in a just society, we live in a world where leftists are insulated from the consequences of their corrupt actions by a media that pretends to be honest and unbiased. Where gross people like Adam Schiff will exploit their own children in order to raise a buck.

I’m sure it’s happened, but I’ve never seen a politician use their kid the way Schiff’s campaign used his 22-year-old daughter Lexi in a recent fundraising email. It made me feel bad for her.

It starts, “Hey everyone — it’s Lexi Schiff, my dad’s favorite, most interesting, beautiful & successful, first-born child. (Don’t tell Eli, but — let’s be real — he already knows.)” Pretty gross, I know.

Keep in mind, Adam Schiff represents a safe liberal district. He routinely won reelection with more than 70 percent of the vote. When California changed how they ran elections in 2020, making them more of a free-for-all, Schiff pulled 59 percent in a field of 8, with second place bringing in only 12 percent. He’s as safe as any corrupt politician can be. So why in the hell would he drag his daughter into his fundraising efforts when he doesn’t need to?

“Anyways, as is my nature, I have obviously planned the most generous, amazing, unique and artistic surprise for my dad’s birthday (which is tomorrow for all of you who haven’t committed his birthday to memory yet),” the email continues. “I was digging around some old photos and found one that I just had to do something with. Imagine… 90s wannabe Adam Sandler meets Jewish Pierce Brosnan meets Katy Perry, probably. Unlike my dad, who is still wearing Abercrombie & Fitch t-shirts well into his early seventies (actually he’s only turning 61 but who can remember such things), I have an eye for fashion and trends. So, I wanted to make something for my dad that would give him a laugh… His very own limited edition retro shirt: *chef’s kiss*”

For the “low price” of $30, you are invited to buy a God-awful t-shirt with an old picture of Schiff on it because who wouldn’t want that?

Lexi then ends the email, obviously written by campaign staff, with an attempted joke, “P.S. Dad if you see this email — hi, happy almost birthday. Sorry I didn’t get your permission. But not that sorry. I’ll call you tomorrow!”

Who does this appeal to? I get that you have to try to humanize a candidate, especially one lacking normal human decency or any other characteristic that makes them appealing to the average person, but to use your kids in that pursuit is a special type of cringe.

Then again, we’re dealing with Adam Schiff, so there is no bottom to hit. The next day came an email from his wife. “This is Eve, Adam’s wife (yes, it’s true, Adam and Eve, and trust me, we’ve heard all the jokes, literally all of them),” it starts. “Since this is a special occasion, I wanted to reach out and see if you can help me with a little something.”

It was yet another attempt to pick supporter’s pockets. “The last few years have been a whirlwind. Whew. And I want to make sure to do something special for his birthday,” Eve Schiff’s email claimed. “I’d love to give him a birthday card with as many signatures from supporters like you as possible. Think you can help me out?”

Of course, “signing” the card goes to a donation page because that’s what leftists do. The only member of his family Schiff doesn’t seem to have exploited, at least not yet, is his 18-year-old son. Again, he’s going to win reelection easily, so why do this?

It’s about the power that comes with that money. Even though his campaign doesn’t need the cash, he can spread whatever money he raises around to other Democrats and gain favor with them. What politician wouldn’t want to ingratiate themselves to others and have it not cost a dime out of pocket? Buying loyalty with someone else’s checkbook is a long-time pastime in politics, and the latest step in the scam that will forever be remembered as the Schiff Show.

Sources: TownHall: The Schiff Show Rolls On

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Written by Joshua Jackson


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  1. The Left has been exploiting kids for years, especially if there was a tragedy that involved children. Their bodies weren’t even cold before the Left started the exploitation of their remains. It comes as no surprise that they would use their own children in the political realm.

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