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They Want Illegal Immigration To Double

But America can not handle that.

“They will keep coming; there is no other solution,” he wrote in an April 2 column for the New York Times.

“All the other options — walls, detention facilities, family separation policies, forcing asylum seekers to wait in Mexico, expedited repatriations and mass deportations — have failed,” he claimed, without admitting that his favored president, Joe Biden, has been demolishing President Trump’s successful curbs of border immigration since January 20.

Trump’s curbs were so successful, so complete, that U.S. employers were forced to compete for workers by offering higher wages to recruit blue-collar Americans from other companies, retirement, or high-unemployment areas. “Men at the middle and bottom of the wage distribution saw their wages rise in 2019: a 2.6% increase at the 50th percentile and a striking 5.7% increase at the 10th percentile, along with a 4.2% increase at the 20th percentile,” according to the 2019 yearly report of the left-wing Economic Policy Institute.

Without economic data to support his elitist criticism of Trump, Ramos — and the editors at the New York Times — resorted to insults and declarations of historical inevitability.

Trump’s wage-raising policies are “inhuman and repressive,” said the Mexican-born immigrant, who would gain wealth and status from an inflow of Spanish-speaking TV-watchers.

“The struggle is real, but we know how it has to end, with more legal immigration. As they say in Mexico, “No hay de otra” — There is no other way,” he said.

The “United States should start accepting between one and a half and two million authorized immigrants every year,” he said, without noting that his plan would add one immigrant for every two Americans born each year.

However, Ramos seems to be unfamiliar with Americans’ labor-saving technology — such as robot-fruit pickers. For example, he insists that migrants are needed because Americans cannot make babies or run their own country, which he also argues is actually a country for migrants, not Americans:

The United States is a nation of immigrants, and … it’s going to need a lot more migrants to support the nation’s beleaguered economy, replace its growing population of retired workers and make up for the country’s low birthrate. Our immigration system desperately needs to be updated to face these challenges.

Ramos also seems unaware of international trade, which — if done right — allows the United States to help people in developing countries to gain wealth by selling to people in richer countries, while the people in wealthier countries — such as America — concentrate on rebuilding their middle-classes by focusing on higher-tech, higher-wage work.

Ramos also appears to be unaware of life beyond Mexico and Central America — such as India and Africa — where billions of people live in poverty. He offers no reason why people from Mexico or Central America should be able to claim more of a right to take up residence in Ramos’ American zip-code than would-be migrants from Yemen, Egypt, Vietnam, or Bhutan.

Ramos is also oblivious to the damage migration has done to Central Americans countries. In reality, corrupt governments can stay in power because Biden and U.S. business groups are quietly importing the young men and women who would take to the streets in Central America to demand low-corruption democracy.

America’s exploitative policy of “extraction migration” ended in 2019 when Trump forced Mexico’s government to adopt popular low-migration changes. But Trump’s wealth-sharing policy of wage preservation and trade is now being ditched by Biden — amid cheerleading from Wall Street, Ramos, and other advocates of immigration.

This cruel and destructive policy of human extraction was sketched in an April 1 report from Guatemala in the Washington Post:

In the northwestern town of Cuilco last year, an unprecedented snowstorm wiped out acres of cornfields, devastating both the area’s labor market and its source of food in a single blow. Celso, 16, had a conversation with his father as the family of five struggled to piece together three meals a day. As the oldest son, he was seen as bearing responsibility for the family.
“We both decided that I should go to help,” he said.
Celso arrived in South Florida in January. He owed his smuggler $8,000, so he began cutting plywood at a construction site for $10.50 per hour, rather than attending high school. He’s studying English at night.

But Ramos used his op-ed to align himself the ruling elite of the country he was born in:

President Andrés Manuel López Obrador of Mexico has said that, according to his calculations, “The U.S. economy is going to need between 600,000 and 800,000 workers per year,” and that it would be good to reach an immigration agreement with the United States so that those essential people can enter the country legally instead of risking their lives trying to cross the border. He’s right.

Ramos’ push for increased migration is also an appeal to economic and political U.S. elites to override the legitimate preferences of Americans — including many of the Latino migrants.

Those elites gain from an inflow of cheap and compliant labor that suppresses the wages of political power of their fellow Americans — although the elite do compete to pay inflated real-estate prices and education costs to protect their own children far from the diversity they proudly impose on Americans.

For many years, a wide variety of pollsters have shown deep and broad American opposition to legal migration, labor migration, and the inflow of temporary contract workers into jobs sought by young U.S. graduates.

The multiracial, cross-sex, non-racist, class-based, intra-Democrat, and solidarity-themed opposition to labor migration coexists with generally favorable personal feelings toward legal immigrants and toward immigration in theory — despite the media magnification of many skewed polls and articles still pushing the 1950s corporate “Nation of Immigrants” claim.

The deep public opposition is built on the widespread recognition that migration moves money from employees to employers, from families to investors, from young to old, from children to their parents, from homebuyers to real estate investors, and from the central states to the coastal states.

Sources: Breitbart: Jorge Ramos: U.S. Must Double Immigration

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Written by Joshua Jackson


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  1. Kick all the Illegals out of here since the 1970’s! This is our country, not theirs!And before they leave make their governments pay back all the freebies such as free housing, free food, free education, free health care, free transportation, imprisonment,etc;etc;etc;And don’t ever come back!Before 2000, other Presidents did it with the exception of the DEMOCOMMS!

  2. How much longer will we suffer this liberal crap”This is starting to feel more like 1859 every day

  3. Yes, the Illegals are all driven by Corporate America’s lust for Cheap Labor and total refusal to pay a living wage to Americans. Instead, they play hundreds of millions to the dirty, filthy, corrupt politicians who make sure millions of Illegals can just invade the USA, and are paid for by US Taxpayers who have no choice in the matter. Taxpayers have been robbed of $4 ++++Trillion dollars in the past 12 years just to give all these Illegals the free housing, free food, free education, free dental, free medical, free transportation, free, free, free they need to be able to be the Cheap Labor sought by dirty Corporate executives who are, in fact, Haters of America and Americans. Most Americans don’t even realize that most American companies are actually owned by foreign corporations/entities. Americans are just comatose morons and zombies.

  4. There is another way. It’s called defending the border and treating Foreign Invaders as what they are.

  5. I live in California and illegal aliens Terrorize us Americans daily while our gov give them free rent or much lower rents then us Americans citizens, so we basically are being over charged and while our own gov also turns off our water and electricity so that we loose our minds and end up homeless.

  6. Jorge Ramos & his opinion on anything is about as worthless as tits on a boar! This little foreigner has no clue about anything American, except how to scam the system, which he’s been doing & getting away with as long as he’s been in this country! He ought to be the first one sent back across the Rio Grande, kicking & sniveling all the way! Moron!

  7. Oh but wait, the Democrat’s said this was a problem they inherited!!! We ALL knew they were lying, this is a catastrophe created by the man sitting in the Whitehouse.

  8. We haven’t even scratched the surface as to the means available to us with regard to solving this problem. And it’s a simple problem….outside factors are irrelevant. We are in virtually complete control of this. First, do what we can to finish Trump’s wall. Second, set up a static defense of soldiers who are always in place at the same spots(a relative handful will do). Then-and most important-set up a mobile patrol of soldiers who do the lion’s share of the actual work. They can ride around in jeeps, or whatever is most practical, and deal with whoever they discover in a place they have no business. They can do most of the work….and they’ll flush out those who try to run, and serve to drive them to the static forces. But NO MORE….deportations….arrests…trials….NOT ONE…anyone who is found, must be shot…on the spot, and with no consideration of age or gender…See, this problem is actually amongst our simplest….IF we had the national collective will to proceed in a decisive fashion. Alas, we do not….so very soon, the greatest nation in history….will be reduced to a coast-to-coast barrio. Thanks, liberal swine…But if you were to place me in charge for a week…I promise you, those ragged little intruders would be BEGGING to have Trump back!

  9. About ten years ago, I saw a Facebook page reporting that some homes in Queensland, Australia, which were imtended for Australian military families were instead being given to illegal aliens. I fear that this evil practice has already started in this country.

  10. Yeah that makes great sense we are running out of water and room jobs viruses thieves rapes murder You are subjecting our citizens to something that is unlawful The people pay taxes to be secure in their homes With all of these who knows who is coming in If I know someone who even gets hurt I will tell them to file a lawsuit against Biden He has no authority to allow a flood of illegals It is horseshit at best We need to stick Biden and his whole gaggle of morons and lock them in the cages Nw you are going to try to take people’s guns away I know Joe you moron are being told to do this to us You are being the cause of making lawful citizens into outlaws It rests on your shoulders dip shit Does he r4eally think this is going to happen nice and easy and no one will be hurt and you will just end up with a nice pile of guns I hope you are still laughing I don’t own one I would like to have one I was expert in the Marines with my M16a1 This is a communist plot You can bet that little peckerwood George Soros is try to get under the authority of the UN they would be guarding us and taking away our weapons What a dream that they are having They just don’t understand that 80% of the people are in our corner

    • Semper Fi, Bro. We’re in complete agreement except that I wouldn’t put soldiers out there just .50 cal machine guns with crossing fields of fire and smaller guns in between all pointed south aimed between 25 and 100 feet from the fence. All triggered by electronics and overseen by periodic chopper flights. It’s an invasion and should be treated as such,

  11. To Rhina and every other Californian: most people outside of California have little or absolutely no sympathy for a state that has consistently for decades been electing so-called “liberals, leftists, progressives, socialists” and suchlike who should be more correctly labeled as “communists”. In what barely remains a “free” country, you could legally move to any other state. Unless you are willing, after having crapped in your own nest, to re-evaluate your toxic ideas and attitudes, you will not be welcomed here or in any other state where we still believe in and uphold the Constitution.

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