This Leaked Video Of Biden Could End Everything

He’s worse than you could have imaged!

President Joe Biden is currently overseeing multiple domestic and global crises after just months in office. Americans are subject to high inflation on everyday necessities, the southern border is overrun by migrants as a result of bad policy, and Americans are stranded in Afghanistan after the president recklessly withdrew forces and left the Taliban in charge.

Biden is now under fire for acting as “Jimmy Carter 2.0,” as the Republican Governors Association (RGA) highlighted.

Looking to elect GOP governors in the 2022 midterm elections, the organization also said that Democratic governors are “failing to take a stand” against the Biden administration’s detrimental policies.

“Just as Jimmy Carter went down in history as a failed president, so too will Joe Biden. Biden’s administration has been nothing but broken promises, total incompetence, unlawful overreach, and one disastrous and deadly mistake after the other,” said RGA Communications Director Jesse Hunt. “Democrat governors are failing to take a stand as Americans continue to face the uncertainty of rising prices for basic goods and services, mismanaged economic policies, and the most reckless and self-inflicted international crisis since the Carter era. Party loyalty has them all going down with a sinking ship.”

While the crises pile up, the president has shown minimal concern for the devastating effects his administration is causing for Americans.

Sources: TownHall: ‘Jimmy Carter 2.0’: Devastating Video Highlights Biden’s Failures

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Written by Joshua Jackson


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  1. Our democrat governors are not doing anything to help our country and its people. They are destroying America. .. That s the Democrats way.. ..A bunch of losers all of them.

    • The great experiment of a Republican form of Government. It has failed and soon we will be crushed under our own debt like the Soviets. Nice try but corruption and greed has done us in. Stalin was right. We will destroy ourselves from within. Thanks to the Democrats it’s simply too late.


  3. Term limits are needed for all elected officials. Career politicians are and have been destroying our lives for their own aggrandizement, and that must be stopped.

  4. Defend our constitution or be fired…you took an oath of office to defend our constitution and failure to do so is treason….I took an oath when I was in the military to defend our constitution and I still will today…resign now you have brought disgrace and shame to the great country of America..this puppet show needs to end now!!!!

  5. America America…Freedom freedom…our way of life has been trashed by our government for power and money…our constitution is violated daily by our president..the Democratic party has finally ended our way of life as a free country…a place to seek life , liberty and the prosute of happiness no more…I say we hang them all from the highest tree in Washington d c and let them rot…the are pure evil…the have taken our countries future away from our children and made us all slaves of our government.

  6. If there are that many people dissatisfied with what Biden is doing, why is he still in office, considering the reckless way he’s ruining America? In 8 months, he had done more damage than any other president since Carter, and he isn’t finished yet, he lies to the American public about how great he’s doing, and look what happened in Afghanistan. He really did a bang up job there; and how many more lives will still be lost.

  7. I’ve been saying the whole administration needs to go Biden and everyone else that includes Pelosi,Schumer, the 4 communist women and anyone else who is spouting communism.

  8. Eff all democraps they think this is a contest to see who can gain the most power in their states. they’er not concerned with the progress of the people just the progress of their control over the people.

  9. I agree with all the comments above but what can we do? We have generations of young people from age of 16 on up that can now vote. They are very impressionable, they don’t understand how our economy and government works and the long term consequences of making bad decisions. These kids live in the moment and can’t see further than their noses. The democrats have a stranglehold on these young adults and, sadly, I think they are the majority of voters who think socialism/communism is sexy and appealing. They don’t understand our constitution, the Bill of Rights, free trade and Capitalism. Schools don’t teach that anymore.

  10. My fellow Americans none of this should surprise any of us but the Democrat party you can go back to say let’s start it just Obama Bill Clinton would be a little more fun than Obama is the one that still whining and dining the thought of a one world order hanging out with scum like George Soros and then of course we have the Clintons oh Mercy nowadays We have people like Nancy Pelosi a criminal queen American hating witch from the Wizard of Oz I’ll get you my pretty and then we have Chuck Schumer has a baby with a teenager pays off to be babies parents for hush money baby mama commit suicideThen we have bathroom booker the groper of Stanford who goes in front of Congress but a week ago and talks to the girls that were molested by Nassar and of course we cannot forget about Stillwell the Chinese spies lover and of course we have the four favorites of the apocalypse Ocasio-Cortez have you ever seen such ignorance and a person in government Omar Who hates America commits crimes yet you’re still employed Rashida Talib another insulting thing that thinks she’s a woman I think she’s like Obamas husband what’s his name Michael Brown and you wonder why America is in such a mess I could go on but I won’t it said enough that’s what I had just mentioned These are people who we trusted with our constitution our way of life our freedoms and we surely can’t forget about the one in wanna be in the big chair at the moment criminal child molester what a shame and yet these people think that because they’re in the Democrat party Is in power at the moment after cheating in the election in 2020 they think they can take America away from freedom loving people in this country we can see they’re trying by The open borders concept but there still forgetting about the freedom loving Americans God bless America land of the free home of the brave you all know that we are the ones it will take care of this one Illegal at a time

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