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This Leaked Video Proves How Wrong Biden Is

The White House “Whip” claim against border patrol agents is all made up.

To say that it’s been a wild news day regarding the whole “border patrol agents use whips on Haitian migrants” nontroversy would be an understatement.

First off, there was the interview El Paso-based news outlet KTSM did with the photographer behind the now-infamous photos, Paul Ratje, who said the images had been “misconstrued,” further undercutting the central claim being made by the White House, other Democrats and many media outlets about the CBP.

“I’ve never seen them whip anyone,” Ratje told KTSM. “He was swinging it, but it can be misconstrued when you’re looking at the picture.”

While that story was being widely shared on social media, President Joe Biden – in a rare moment where he actually took questions from the press – doubled down on his administration’s response to the original (false) story, telling reporters earlier today that the agents seen in the photos and videos would be punished.

“To see people treated like they did? Horses running them over? People being strapped? It’s outrageous,” he proclaimed. “I promise you, those people will pay.”

For those who missed it, watch:

Right. These people “will pay” for not doing the heinous thing were accused of doing. Totally makes sense.

Fast forward a couple of hours out from Biden’s vow to make CBP agents “pay” for something that didn’t happen, and we have fresh video from Associated Press photographer Sarah Blake Morgan from the time the photos were taken. At the beginning, we see one agent doing the “twirling” thing with his horse reins in close proximity to a migrant and just a few seconds later the same agent grabs a migrant’s shirt to try to get him to move. What do you not see in this clip? Whips, or anyone being whipped.


When all the dust has cleared from this, in my opinion, the CBP agents in question should file a lawsuit against the Biden administration for the outrageous things they’ve said and done in response to the outrage mobs who turned a nothingburger story into being one about “modern-day slavery,” in some cases outright accusing the border patrol agents of being modern-day equivalents of brutal plantation overseers.

Irreparable harm has been done to them and their profession, all because this White House is more beholden to wokesters who see racism around every corner than they are the inconvenient facts. It’s a crying shame, especially when you consider that not one person in this administration has been held accountable and punished for something awful that did actually happen: the deadly U.S. drone strike in Afghanistan last month that killed seven innocent children and three adults.

Sources: RedState: Watch: Just-Released Video Further Demolishes White House ‘Whip’ Claim Against Border Patrol Agents

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Written by Joshua Jackson


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  1. Im not shocked at the lies.Biden administration are making. This is their only go to for all the screw ups they have created. They say unity while creating more hate. This isnt even about racism.Its about being here illegally. Knowbody is being whipped. They are attempting to stop them.If your breaking the law and run into the side of a horse.Thats your problem. If your believing all this racist crap.Your a problem. If you believe only whites can be racist. You still have problems and dont understand the english language. These folks are protecting our country. Not beating anyone.I wouldnt agree with ANYONEbeing beat. Cut the bs. Take your head out of your rectum.

  2. Lets see if I have this right,… These people come her illegally which means they have no American rights, Now we are expected to feed, shelter, clothe, give them healthcare, they are not mandated by any stretch of the imagination with covid or any other disease restrictions rather than stay and help their own country get back on it’s feet? Did you see anyone that needed help? Who paid for them to get this far? Haiti is a long swim! Are they willing to contribute to society or mooch off America? Way too many questions need to be answered!

  3. There are areas of the Texas Border where you cannot travel by truck or ATV. The only way is by foot or on horseback. When I was at FLETC years ago the were Cattle Inspectors working for the USDA that worked the Rio Grande/Texas area on horseback there taking firearms training due to the criminals along the river. These men were all serious horsemen and said it was the only way to get where they had to go to do their jobs. The Biden Tyranny is just trying to hinder the Border Agents in any way they can from doing their jobs.

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