Tim Scott Exposes The Racist Democrats

This will cause a radical shift in the party.

On Wednesday night, during his brilliant rebuttal to His Fraudulency Joe Biden’s congressional address, and through the simple act of stating a truth, Scott smoked these racist monsters out and proved once again that racism is still very much a part of the Democrat party’s DNA, a DNA that stretches back to their creation of the Jim Crow South and their willingness to go to war to stop a Republican president from taking away their slaves.

“Hear me clearly,” Scott said. “America is not a racist country.”

With those nine words, Scott undermined everything that motivates today’s organized left, and to prove Scott wrong, to prove America is indeed a racist country, Democrats hurled the worst kind of racism directly at Scott.

Instead of addressing the substance of his argument, Democrats took direct aim at his skin color. For hours, “Uncle Tim” — a play on the slur “Uncle Tom” — was allowed to trend on Twitter, and the only reason it trended at all was Democrats, including countless members of the Blue Checkmark Mafia, who ensured it trended.

Cable news anchors smeared him for throwing “white Republicans” a lifeline, which is just a dog whistle screaming “Uncle Tom.”

It was a grotesque display but an illuminating reminder of just how far Democrats and their allies in Big Tech and Big Media are willing to go to, as they see it, keep black people in line.

For centuries Democrats have used these tactics against any black American who, as Scott himself said, dares to “step down out of your lane according to the liberal elite left.”

Today’s terrorist weapon wielded by Democrats is no longer a burning cross (the KKK was founded by Democrats). Instead, Democrats and their billion-dollar media, tech, and entertainment corporations use smear tactics and racist bullying campaigns. Black apostates are attacked as “Uncle Toms” as “sellouts” and “house n****rs” engaging in ”minstrelsy” and as “not really black.”

Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas is such a threat to Democrats that for 30 years he’s been smeared by one of the most racist stereotypes of all: the scary black predator. Over his support for former president Trump, Kanye West was relentlessly demonized by billion-dollar media corporations as insane. The examples are endless: Herman Cain, Ben Carson, Condi Rice, etc…

The disease of racism has never left the Democrat party. It’s still there and as toxic as ever. Scott accurately describes it as “liberal oppression.” Think about this, because I’m sure Scott has: it is modern-day Democrats who:

  • encourage riots in predominantly black neighborhoods.
  • believe white people should be allowed to smoke the brand of cigarettes they enjoy while black people should not.
  • oppose school choice in favor of herding inner-city children into failing government-run schools.
  • allow something as blatantly racist as “Uncle Tim” to trend on Twitter.
  • “disappear” documentaries about esteemed black Americans because that particular black American dares hold beliefs Democrats will not allow blacks to hold.
  • encourage black youth to give up on their dreams with racialist propaganda about how it’s impossible for blacks to succeed in America.
  • call for the kind of boycotts that rob a predominantly black city like Atlanta of $100 million in business revenue.
  • whose idea of criminal justice reform is to release violent criminals who prey disproportionately on black Americans.
  • are desperate to flood the country with the illegal labor that takes starter jobs away from the inner-city kids who need them most and undermine the wages of the black working class.

And most damning of all…

“I get called ‘Uncle Tom’ and the N-word, by progressives, by liberals!” Scott said in his Wednesday night speech, and within minutes Democrats were attacking him as “Uncle Tim,” Twitter was promoting it, and today no one has paid any kind of social or professional price for these overt acts of racism.

Well, hear me clearly: The only “systemic racism” that remains in this country comes directly from the Democrat party.

Sources: Breitbart: Nolte: Sen. Tim Scott Exposes the Democrat Party’s War on Black America

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Written by Joshua Jackson


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  1. Personaly I favor Tim Scott and his political agendas he is a good man for our country. To have him in a political position of power representing the folks of SC is a really good thang fer the rest of the country because he speaks to the heart and soul of all Americans.he is not a bull snot slinger.he is not a DEMOCRAP. He tells THE TRUTH. HE IS AN AMERICAN.

  2. If the government wants the terrorist to rule Portland and law enforcement has givin up the control of Portland and the military won’t step in to bring order back to Portland. Then it’s the people and all the Patriots that’ll have to bring peace and solitude back to Portland. Stop the terrorist for the good of the people in Portland. Have an emergency vote to have a new governor and police and Mayor then go and stomp the territory out of town fer good .this will send a message to the rest of the nation that it is the people who control not the terrorist.

  3. I am so proud of Senator Scott for standing for the truth and telling it like it really is……….He is a God fearing, courageous man………..God Bless him…………as for biden, I don’t know how anyone could stand to listen to all the lies that came out of his mouth……….surely he is not dumb enough to think that anyone believes a thing he says……………..and for him to say ‘We the people is us, the government is totally sick & disgusting…………somebody needs to explain to him that the We the People are the people, not government…………………

  4. No President in the history of the United States, has ever taken office with an agenda on place planning to spend Trillions of Dollars in his first year let alone his first 100 days. Biden will destroy everything that we hold dear, steal every thing that America can offer our Children and Grand Children. Heand Harris need to leave and the sooner the better.

  5. Biden and the whole liberal Democratic Party should be wiped out. They have nothing to give to this country, they only want to take and destroy this great country. Biden is a pathetic sorry excuse of a human being, along with his VP and all the rest of his flunkies. He and his whole family is corrupt money hungry slobs. Hope he gets what he deserves…. NOTHING!!!

  6. Tim Scott is a representative of the people a man with Character willing to stand up for the American People. It is a shame that some of the Black community don’t recognize Character Dedication and Intelligence.

  7. DAMOCRAPS HAVE always been racist that why every election thows are always the first words out of their lying pie hole. They always lie cheat steal . that is a Democrat . do not ever believe a word from their mouths. They are a worthless group of idiots. And again this is the truth so I doubt this site will post it because I tell it like it is . so what I am not politicaly correct but it is the gods honest truth
    Like it or not.

  8. I read this newsletter and as a Republican for over 30 years, I find your lack of objectivity and civility on the issues on which you are commenting very unproductive. The Republican party has traded in it’s principles and political platform for ignorant ranting with no credible evidence. You may be preaching to the new choir but count me out as a member. Besides you are singing out of key for my ears as you tear down the ability to debate the issues of our time in a manner that moves the United States forward trying to address the challenges we face. We should be able to have and effectively express differences of opinion without verbally demonizing people voicing a different perspective. Democracy is fragile and exists only on a basis of mutual respect and trust. This newsletter does little more than increase unfounded fear. Fear leads to hate and hate leads to violence and there goes the United States of America down the drain. Please think about that.

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