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Tom Cotton Grills Defense Secretary

This is much needed.

Defense Secretary Loyd Austin testified before the Senate Armed Services committee on Thursday regarding 2022 military budget requests. Senator Tom Cotton (R-AR) brought the heat and grilled Austin on critical race theory and other “diversity and inclusion” initiatives.

“Mr. Secretary, do you believe that race and sex should be key factors when selecting combat leaders? Rather than, say, operational excellence, technical efficiency, leadership, agility and integrity,” Cotton pressed.

Austin said that he does not support such diversity boxes to be the primary factors of leadership selection, but maintained that race and sex should be “key factors” still.

Meanwhile, House Republican Rep. Michael Waltz (R-FL), an Army Green Beret, is leading the effort to ban critical race theory at West Point.

Sources: TownHall: Tom Cotton Grills Defense Secretary on Critical Race Theory

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Written by Joshua Jackson


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