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Top Country Star Shares His Honest Thoughts On Biden

“I will never apologize for my beliefs” – Go, Jason!

“I will never apologize for my beliefs or my love for my family and country. This is the greatest country in the world and I want to keep it that way. #unapologetic #phoenixwasfire,” the “Dirt Road Anthem” singer said in a post to his 3.4 million Instagram followers.

Last month, his wife Brittany shared photos of their children wearing anti-Biden shirts to social media. Their 3-year-old son and 2-year-old daughter wore anti-Biden shirts reading, “Hidin’ From Biden.” In another photo, Brittany is posing next to her husband wearing a shirt reading, “Anti-Biden Social Club.” She tagged the company “Daddy T-45″ — an obvious reference to former President Donald Trump.

The couple has remained unabashedly outspoken about their conservative political views. In June, Brittany slammed former Vice President Kamala Harris over what many described as a tone deaf Memorial Day tweet:

And last month, she participated in a Q&A on Instagram, where she defended her position further.

“I think it’s important now more than ever to stand for what you believe, even if it ‘goes against the grain,’” the “Big Green Tractor” singer’s wife said. “Do your research, and form your own opinion — speak out if you wish. But most importantly, don’t bully people who feel differently than you.”

“I personally don’t give a damn if people don’t agree with me,” she added.

Sources: Breitbart: Jason Aldean Defends Wife After Biden-Bashing Photos Went Viral: ‘I will Never Apologize for My Beliefs’

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Written by Joshua Jackson


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  1. If the RIGHT does not stand up and clamor to the winds their deep belief, nothing will change!
    NO BULLYING, no strong-arming, no cussing! Gently but with a loud voice, CLAIM YOUR STAKE! And PRAY that people hear, ask questions, and are willing to allow you to speak, with candor, LOVE, and respect!

  2. Say Mr. Jason Aldean, Sir, I Love Your Sound And Words Of Those Disks You Sing And Perform On! Besides, I Sincerely Do Agree With Your Patriotic Pro-American Stance! You, Sir, And Your Wonderful Wife, Mrs. Britanny Aldean Produced A Pair Of Wonderful Children Too! I Am Very Sure That You 2 Will Guide Those Wonderful Children Of Yours In The Correct Direction, So They Can Exceed Your And My Expectation In Becoming Truly Smarter And Peacefully Religious, The Christian Way, Into The Future!

  3. It’s good to know that America still has red-blooded Patriots like yourself, especially when we have a morally bankrupt and shell of a human being for the leader of our country.

  4. When the democrats party did what the NACCP WANTED IN 2008! You should knew that was AGAINST THE CONSTITUTION LAWS! That then mean the democrats were putting in place a TYRANNY GOVERNMENT! Breaking the CONSTITUTION LAWS! These dumb black leader just threw the whole black race back into SLAVERY IN 2008! But LYING ABOUT THE CONSTITUTION LAWS! NOWHERE DOES IT SAY “WHITE MAN LAWS”! But it does say WE THE PEOPLE! By the way you dumb fool HERMAN CAIN WAS A BLACK MAN RUNNING FOR PRESIDENT AS A REPUBLICANS! Only problem is black people DON’T WANT TO BE FREE! SO THEY CONTINUE VOTING FOR DEMOCRAT TO KEEP THEM ON THE PLANTATION OF SLAVERY! What a disgrace to them by these MILLIONAIRE IN THE NAACP AND SOUTHERN POVERTY! GOD CREATED ALL RACE!

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