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Top Dem Makes Absolutely Sick Comment

How are they still in power?

The trial of Kyle Rittenhouse should be nearing its end, and today was another banner day of embarrassment for the prosecution. The judge had to lambast the prosecutor multiple times for breaking protocol while the questioning of Rittenhouse turned into an absolute circus, complete with blaming video games and misunderstandings about how bullets work.

Any fair-minded individual should have walked away from what transpired recognizing the fact that Rittenhouse was almost certainly acting in self-defense. At the very least, there is no reason for anyone to still be confidently asserting he’s guilty because as evidence goes, it’s been about as one-sided as things get in the defense’s favor. But the left is not filled with fair-minded individuals. Instead, Democrats are frothing at the mouth to throw a teenager in prison for not allowing himself to be beaten to death with a skateboard.

Enter Hakeem Jeffries, Chair of the House Democrat Caucus, with one of the most disgusting takes I’ve ever seen from a politician.

It takes someone who is truly sick in the head to say something like that after days of proceedings that clearly point to self-defense. What this tells me is that Jeffries does not care whether Rittenhouse is actually innocent or guilty. Rather, he cares that Rittenhouse represents something that runs counter to his political ideology. Whether that’s the Second Amendment issue that is at play, that fact that Rittenhouse was opposing the Black Lives Matter rioters that night, or something else, Jeffries would see someone’s entire life ended to validate his own worldview, even if no law was broken.

That’s not only sick, it’s tyrannical and scary. It’s the kind of thing you’d expect to see from a Soviet-era politician. And to be sure, Jeffries is showing everyone that he’d gladly throw anyone who disagrees with him in a gulag if he had the power to do so. That he doesn’t have that power currently is just an inconvenience for someone like him.

You’ll also be less than shocked to learn that Jeffries is a massive hypocrite. While he’s called for an end to “mass incarceration” and the prison system in the past, he’s suddenly all about locking Rittenhouse up forever for the grave sin of not letting a man bash his skull in.

I typically try to abscond from sounding too dramatic, but Republicans need to take this stuff seriously and recognize the stakes of the national political environment. These Democrats are dangerous in their rhetoric and have no mercy for people who run afoul of their views. The Constitution is nothing to these people. Further, they are not even bothering to hide their blatant contempt anymore for the rule of law.

The more power they are handed, the more likely the country is to continue down a dark path. This is another reason why putting Democrats in their place in 2022 is so important, not just for Republicans, but for the country at large. Jeffries should be ashamed of himself, though I’m sure he lacks the ability to feel such.

Sources: RedState: House Democrat Leader Makes Absolutely Sick Comment About Kyle Rittenhouse

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Written by Joshua Jackson


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  1. Why is this man given air time by any media? He belongs to the same crowd of Black politicians who believe Jews control the weather and the CIA pumped crack into Black neighborhoods. His father advanced the notion that Blacks are “sun people” and Whites are “ice people”. He is an obvious mental defective .

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