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Top Dem Plots Second Trump Impeachment

The Dem administration shows their true colors.

Senator Bernie Sanders (I-VT) reacted Monday on MSNBC’s “Andrea Mitchell Reports” to audio from a one-hour phone call in which President Donald Trump asked Georgia Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger (R) to “find 11,780 votes.”

Sanders said, “It is unprecedented. It is the most consequential attack on American democracy in the history of our country.”

He continued, “This is what mafia does. What Trump was essentially saying to Raffensperger, the secretary of state in Georgia, is, ‘Hey, get me 12,000 votes so I can win. And if not, by the way, you know, there may be criminal action against you and your attorney.’ This is beyond outrageous. This is not only impeachable. It is certainly a criminal offense. When you run for office, you can’t threaten public officials about manipulating the vote for you to win. That is not what democracy is about.”

Sources: Breitbart: Bernie Sanders: Trump’s Raffensperger Call Is an ‘Impeachable’ Criminal Offense

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Written by Joshua Jackson


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  1. This BOY is the One that should be on his KNEES and begging for MERCY. This FRAUD and PHONY Pastor should bow and Drop out of the Race for Senator. His a Gold Digger and who how much Money he has take from the Tithing Plate and put it his Pocket.

  2. A second impeachment! Which is more stupid the first or the second effort. Lets get the hatred out of politics, how, send the Demo’s across the beach to China. That should improve the balance of both countries.

  3. 50 years from now history will have Harris/Biden administration will be known as ending the United states. Never thought I would live to see the end of the country I love.

  4. You actually have to have an impeachable offense to do that. I guess it never stopped them before but this phone call was not an impeachable offense. How can you illegally spy on a candidate. Gin up a phony collusion scenario that saw multiple agencies breaking the law, cost the tax payers over 30 million, impeach a sitting a president for a perfectly fine phone call while a former VP extorts a foreign Government on TV while his son is making millions in that very country and others. Then win an election by media suppressing all the info (which is election interference) not really campaigning nad have a terrible set of policies and committing fraud in the process of doing it and get away with it? Did miss anything? We have a serious problem here.


  6. Considering the machines I Georgia are totally corrupted and are known as all dominion are for the democratic communists the results were a foregone conclusion. It is a fact there were more than 200,000 votes cast in Pa. than registered voters. It was similar in Michigan with the voting machines in one county showing a160% voting rate. Biden and the prostitute are fraudulent usurpers.the courts were threatened with destruction if they took the cases.

  7. The Trump people are out of control attacking the Capitol, they are sick cultists following the effing criminal Trump.

  8. What the difference between STEALING a ELECTION than what Trump said? DEMOCRAT know Biden didn’t win! But who knows what they did? Was it CORRUPTION BY THE DEMOCRAT PARTY?

  9. Lets see, a terrorist who married her brother along with voter fraud, then you have a communist and a bartender who is still mad because Hooter’s wouldn’t hire her. That should be the start of a really bad joke, not members of congress.

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