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Top Democrat Leaving His Own Party

This changes everything!

That said, Manchin might be better off if he left the Democratic Party and ran as an independent. It will just be really hard for Manchin to win otherwise. Only Wyoming voted more Republican than West Virginia in the 2020 presidential election. And despite a blue wave in the 2018 midterm elections, Manchin won reelection by his slimmest margin yet — about 3 points. Moreover, running as a Republican isn’t really an option for Manchin. It’s true that he scores well among Republican voters in West Virginia — a Morning Consult poll recently found 44 percent approved of him — but he would undoubtedly have a challenging time winning a GOP primary, having voted to impeach former President Donald Trump in February.

So there’s clearly some appeal for Manchin to run as an independent, as he would avoid having to run in a GOP primary while also shedding the national Democratic Party label that’s become toxic to many West Virginians. But this formula is no guarantee of success, as it could easily be upset if a more liberal Democrat ran as the Democratic standard-bearer and garnered a decent chunk of the Democratic vote, likely ensuring a GOP victory.

Yet while one can make a fairly convincing electoral case for why Manchin should consider switching parties, it’s most likely he’ll stay where he is considering the enormous amount of leverage he has. He essentially can veto any proposal he disagrees with while also working within his party to adjust legislation to better reflect what he wants. And because Democrats have full control of government, he’s more likely to get laws passed that are agreeable to him.

Sources: HotAir: Could Manchin actually leave the Democratic Party?

What do you think?

Written by Joshua Jackson


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  1. He voted by party line! Not by truth! Which he know the democrats already committed TYRANNY IN 2008! There is no need to join the Republicans party. There some Rinorepublican who need kicking to the curve! Mitch McConnell is one of them! He didn’t raise cain when DEMOCRAT POLITICIANS LEAD BY PELOSI BLOCK OBAMA RECORD THEN SEAL THEM OFF! THAT TYRANNY!

  2. Say Mr. Manchin, Sir, you have turned that curve or is it that corner more than any other Progressive or Liberal Dem. ever had, so has Ms. or Mrs. Senator Senema, both of you are more like a True Cons. Rep., who takes and deliver’s = Compromising, (NOT Partisan Like Missy Pelosi And Her Questonable Sister Missy Maxine “The Habitual And Constant Inciter Of VIolence” Waters), with excellent Smarts and Feelings, who are Constitutionalist’s, like US Supreme Court Justice Mr. Gorsuch And Ms. or Mrs. Amy ? = The Newest Member Of The US Supreme Court! At least I forgive you 2 Senator’s, that fell in line to Impeach #45, Who Was Never A Professional Politician like those old members of both Houses of The US Congress, for once, #45 showed his true US Constitutional Colors, Since In TRUTH That The USA Is A Constitutional Republic (NOT A Dictatorship) , But The Whole US Congress of Independent’s, Democrat’s and Conservative Republicans (Can NOT Listen To Those “Illegal Alien Voices”, because They ILLEGALLY Used The USA’s Southern Border, Like It Is A UNSECURED Old Fashioned Department Stores Revolving Front And Back Doors, Which Is ILLEGAL And Anti-US Constitutional)! ({[“The Democracy Part Of This Constitutional Republic, Means All of you House Of Representatives and Senators In The US Congress, According To The US Constitution Are ONLY Supposed To Listen To Is ‘We The Legal Citizens/People And Legal Immigrants Of The United States Of America, NOT TO LISTEN TO ANY OF THOSE ILLEGAL ALIENS, I Sincerely HOPE That You 2 Senator’s Get My Drift = Meaning'”]})!
    Thank You, for hearing Me Out Sir! Please Share This Information With You Smart Female Senator, Thank You, Sir, Again!!!

  3. Never make it in the American Republican Party. He flip flops more than an out of water carp.. But,we also have RINOs that are keeping their seats. McConnell is the major one. He screws the party every chance he gets.I cant help to think.He gets a bonus check. I dont feel to good about Pence,anylonger. I realize his hands were tied on some stuff.But he had no problem twisting that knife in Trumps back. Mitt Romney ,not even worth the comment. The problem is when they or people like them are the only republicans on the ballot. I guess lesser of 2 evils.

  4. Manchin switching parties? I will believe it when I see it. What he should do is hold his ground and block any Biteme biden, piglosi and sanders legislation from going any where. Then in 2024 he should run for the Presidency on his own platform. He could probably do pretty well, certainly better and Ms. Camelhump!

  5. Manchin belongs to the largest communist party USA membership. 70+ members are members of the Communist Party USA and he is telling his WVa people I like this ideology and will stay with the Democrats. Can’t have it both ways. He is either a patriot of the United States of which he took an oath or he part of the Communist Party USA. Independent, Democrat or Republican, he has to have a backbone and standup for his people in WVa and the United States for which he is a Senator of the United States not the Communist Party USA.

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