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Trump Attacks Failing Biden Administration

Here’s what he had to say.

I admit that I sort of just rolled my eyes and didn’t care when Richard Torres-Estrada was tapped to be the Pentagon’s first diversity and inclusion chief. He’s a ‘woke’ czar—and he didn’t last long. I mean you cannot make this up. Days after his appointment, Torres-Estrada’s social media history was revealed, and it was what you usually see from unhinged coastal liberals concerning Trump derangement syndrome. Yes, you bet Hitler comparisons were made. The inclusion director pretty much said our former president was a Nazi. Even though he’s no longer president, Trump is still finding a way to take out his enemies in the Biden administration. but the irony is thick here regarding the job title and Torres-Estrada’s eventual fate (via Fox News):

The Pentagon’s new diversity chief has been “reassigned” amid an investigation of past social media posts including comparing former President Trump to Adolf Hitler, a U.S. defense official confirmed to Fox News on Tuesday.
The U.S. Special Operations Command (SOCOM) has been investigating the social media activity of Richard Torres-Estrada, days after he was announced as their new head of diversity and inclusion. Torres-Estrada’s Facebook account is currently blocked from public view, but it was still viewable in time for Fox News’ Tucker Carlson to include images of some of his posts during his show on Friday.
A spokesman said Torres-Estrada has not been fired but rather “assigned to other duties pending the results of the investigation.”
“The Commander has directed an investigation to look into the facts surrounding Mr. Torres-Estrada’s selection,” said Ken McGraw, a spokesman for the US Special Operations Command. “It would be inappropriate to comment on specifics until the evaluation is complete.”
Pentagon press secretary John Kirby confirmed the existence of the investigation during a Monday press briefing in response to a question about Torres-Estrada’s past posts. One social media posting juxtaposed a picture of Trump holding a Bible next to an image of Hitler.
Oh, these people—I’m telling you. We may despise them and everything they stand for—the feeling is mutual—but they are exceptionally entertaining, especially when they get a face full of their own woke buckshot.

Comparing a former president to Hitler in such a position might end up with you getting reassigned for sure. Yet, let’s not shy away from the larger issues — the ‘woke’ trainings our military is being subjected to, along with the political correctness nonsense —  both of which are extremely disturbing. Is our military more concerned about intersectionality or protecting us from foreign threats?

Sources: TownHall: Oh, So That’s Why the Pentagon’s Woke Czar Was Reassigned

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Written by Joshua Jackson


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  1. God help America.. She is in deep trouble.. We have to pray America through this fraudulent mess she is in. God loves this country and we are a Christian nation.. Let’s pray America through this nightmare, or hopefully out of the situation she is in at the moment.. May God never remove His Hand from America.. Oh how we need Trump at the helm of out country! God bless America..

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