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Trump Is Back

Here’s his gameplan.

Donald Trump was banned on social media. Facebook and Twitter purged him while he was still in office. It drew condemnation from world leaders. In truth, this move was probably already in the works. These folks were not really secretive about it. They were just waiting for Trump to leave office. The Capitol Hill riot on January 6 changed all of that and gave these tech companies a reason to purge scores of conservatives from their platforms.

It was probably going to be a slow bleed. Now, they had casus belli to wage war as they pleased and in full view of the public under the guise of doing a public service or something. It was censorship. There’s no way around it and conservative media is and remains in the crosshairs. So, after weeks of press releases from the Office of the Former President, Trump intends to communicate with his base through a new blog.

Reportedly, you cannot comment or interact with Trump, but at least he’ll be on a platform where we can get daily posts from the leader of the Republican Party.

It’s not ideal. He should have his accounts fully restored—totally—but it’s better than nothing—for now.

Prepare for anti-Trump Republicans to react absurdly. That goes double for Liz Cheney.

Sources: TownHall: Trump Is Back

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Written by Joshua Jackson


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