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Truth About Dem’s Gun Control Leaked

It is just a ploy to get more power.

The fundamental truth is that the Second Amendment guarantees the right of law-abiding citizens to keep and bear arms to protect themselves and their loved ones. But the Biden administration and congressional Democrats are once again taking aim at these rights within their first 100 days of taking power.

It’s important to remember why this right is so important. I come at this issue as a father, a husband, and as a federally-licensed gun store owner. First and foremost, I want my wife and kids to be able to defend themselves in a dangerous world. I find it outrageous that the same liberal Democrats who claim to stand up for women want to make it harder for women to defend themselves against stronger, more aggressive men who could do them harm. Firearms are, after all, the great equalizer. They help ensure that the strong do not prey upon the weak.

America’s founders spoke on this issue extensively. Benjamin Franklin warned that, “those who would give up essential liberty, to purchase a little temporary safety, deserve neither liberty nor safety.” He was right. The American tradition of self-reliance, self-determination, and self defense has been fierce. It’s been what makes this country so exceptional and so great.

This week, the House passed two bills that would undermine this right. The first was H.R. 8. It was sold as “universal background checks.” It would impose harsh penalties like six-figure fines and jail time for the simple act of handing a firearm to another person, even for temporary use. The exemptions under H.R. 8 are woefully inadequate to protect the rights of law-abiding gun owners. For example, if you loan your firearm to a victim of domestic violence because their abuser is being released from jail; or if a suicidal friend asks you to take possession of their firearm; or if you loan your cousin your gun after a series of burglaries in the neighborhood. These new transfer penalties would turn law-abiding Americans into criminals.

House Democrats also passed H.R. 1446. This bill claims to close the so-called “Charleston Loophole,” by making retail gun stores wait 10 business days before completing a transfer instead of the current three day standard. The bill would also change existing law to mandate a may-issue transfer system for firearms. That would empower the FBI to indefinitely delay a purchase—even after the increased 10 day window has expired without a failed background check.

This delay adds additional levels of bureaucracy on citizens before they exercise their constitutional right to own firearms. Under current law, the government has the burden of proof to stop you from buying a firearm. Increasing the waiting period to 10 days—while giving the FBI veto power without due process—would reverse this standard. Imagine asking for federal permission before you exercised your right of free speech, free expression, or religious activity. That would be unacceptable and un-American.

What’s worse, both of these bills would not have prevented recent mass shooting tragedies across the nation. In those awful events, the criminals either passed a background check or stole their weapons.

Our founding fathers knew better, which is why they explicitly stated in the Bill of Rights that our freedom to keep and bear arms, “shall not be infringed,” and the Supreme Court affirmed this individual right in 2008. The Second Amendment is an indispensable constitutional safeguard in defense of every American’s individual liberty.

We must not sacrifice our rights by passing laws that criminals will ignore and will make our families less safe. We cannot punish good, honest Americans who have every right to protect themselves and their loved ones. With Democrat majorities in the House and Senate and Joe Biden in the White House, we must remain vigilant to protect and preserve our Constitutionally-guaranteed Second Amendment rights.

Sources: TownHall: The Truth About Democrats’ New Gun Control Push

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Written by Joshua Jackson


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  1. Developer123d11, very Calmly, eloquently and truthfully stated. The Current administration has ATTACKED, the wrong crowd, The Law abiding Citizen

    • Well Boone,
      I ordered a 1000 round case, and have Tracking info on it, No more .357 to be had, so its Going to be 147 grain 9mm, Hope I don’t need it for anything but targets and Varmint’s and glad the .357 shoots nines also

  2. Civil War is truly on the Horizon. If the Freedom the Constitution guarantees is willy nilly stripped away, we are doomed. Half of those it protects us from, are the domestic enemies we now face and must be rid of, and they are not Street thugs; they are our elected representatives, and they must be dealt with severely.

  3. Frankly we do not need those immigrants. They came not to work but collect money, free houses and other perks. They are non-educated, infested with many diseases, not capable learn anything (genetic, genetic!!!) and completely ballast for any normal country. Keep in mind they very aggressive and angry (source of crimes) Send them back to their countries.

  4. The ONLY reason they want the Americans to NOT BE ARMED is to pass all the laws that will dismantle the Constitution!
    It does not matter that darn Constitution!
    Even Roberts in the SCOTUS said once that a “living Constitution” is better than an antiquated one!
    A Conservative using a communist/socialist argument?
    Absolute power corrupts absolutely! and a chief SCOTUS justice has been absolutely corrupted by the promises of the absolutely corrupted DEMONS that populate the left. Hence the DEMONRATS. Who want to abolish voting, abolish revolution, and stop the people’s ownership of anything of value= land, homes, cars, plane travel, etc. Because all these possessions are a proof of a negatively DECADENT civilization, where ALL BELONGS TO THE STATE.

  5. It is a power move so we would be like the communist countries where you are not allowed to own a firearm because you just might fight back at their tyranny These morons are no different but I do believe they are going to have their hands full enforcing their commie doctrine on our citizens We were born on revolution so we are facing a tyrant now It is that you put people in a corner they come out I don’t want to see that here It is entirely up to the morons in so called in charge and we say dear God please help us We are like a airliner that is on it’s way down

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