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Tucker Carlson Comments Too Little Too Late

Tucker Carlson made strong comments on his most controversial segment ever. Was it too little too late?

In what appeared to be an effort to stop the hemorrhaging of viewers after his attacks against Sidney Powell, Tucker Carlson reverted back to being the commentator on Fox News’s highest-rated program on Monday.

Or did he?

After re-watching the clip of Monday’s “Tucker Carlson Tonight” twice, it appears to this humble writer that Carlson’s interview with Dr. Robert Epstein was an attempt to change the topic from fraudulent voting machines to Big Tech, specifically Google, as the difference of shifting six million votes to Joe Biden.


You bet, according to Carlson who after telling voters that six million was the margin of victory, pronounced: “This is the story, right here!”

Sorry, but I strongly disagree. While Google and Big Tech may have played a significant role in the rigged election of 2020, it is not the story.

The story is why five states suddenly stopped counting votes, something that has never happened in the history of presidential elections in this country.

The story is President Trump having huge leads in Pennsylvania, Wisconsin, Michigan, North Carolina and Georgia when we went to bed and waking up to a Biden surge giving him the lead in those states.

The story is Republican observers restricted from monitoring vote counts in these battleground states and the sworn affidavits of workers witnessing votes dropped off in the dead of night after the counting was stopped.

The story is the Pennsylvania Supreme Court doing an end-run around the legislature, breaking federal election laws, to rig the voting for Democrats.

The story is Pennsylvania ignoring an order from Supreme Court Associate Justice Samuel Alito, allotted to the Third Circuit, to segregate mail-in ballots received after Election Day.

The story is why no one in the mainstream media is investigating the Trump legal team’s allegations of massive computerized vote fraud via Dominion Systems.

The story is why Dominion backed out of a hearing with the Pennsylvania State Legislature, and why Dominion officials suddenly closed social media accounts and lawyered up?

All I heard from Carlson regarding these glaring stories have been attacks questioning the validity of Sidney Powell’s evidence.

Again, Carlson’s commentary regarding Big Tech’s influence on the 2020 presidential election is partly true. But his revelations of Democrats weaponizing the Wuhan Virus for political advantage are old news to patriotic Americans who had been waiting for a chance to exercise their wrath at the ballot box. The only new revelation reported by Carlson was the NRA’s reduced role in this election due to Democrat influenced court rulings. Yet, despite these machinations by the left, over 73 million people turned out to vote for President Trump.

Oh and by the way, if Carlson’s guest, Dr. Robert Epstein, documented all these instances of Google skulduggery, why is he sounding the alarm now and not before Nov. 3? Epstein reminds me of authors who release bombshell tell-all’s about failed presidential campaigns after the election is over, rather than during the campaign which would help voters make better informed decisions.

Conservatives have for too long played the battered spouse to the Republican Party. We get abused and back-stabbed year in and year out, but swoon when we hear powerful rhetoric from some voice on our side. Big stentorian speeches get us fired up and thinking, “Finally, someone is standing up and speaking the truth,” but always nothing gets done.

We’re not falling for it anymore. Anyone who is paying attention, knows that some congressional investigation of Big Tech would take weeks, if not months, having no effect on the final result of the 2020 election. And under a Biden administration any hope of such investigations would be swept under the rug.

Sorry, Tucker, you still have lost credibility in my eyes and those of millions of other conservatives. We are people who saw an election stolen before our eyes and had our hopes dashed that the champion you portrayed yourself as would be leading the charge for redress.

Sources: American Thinker Point: Sorry, Tucker, your outrage is too little, too late

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Written by Joshua Jackson


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  1. ————Democrat’s Need to be HELD-ACCOUNTABLE, EVERY LAST ONE!!!———————— ———(As Well As The Few Republicans, etc…..) ———Lock Them up For LIFE, or HANG’EM HIGH!!!——————(Plenty of ROPE—💀!!!💀!!!💀!!!———) –

    ———DAWN of A New BEGINNING!!!——— -—-GOD BLESS THE PRESIDENT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!———. ———GOD BLESS AMERICA…………………………….
    -———The Best Is Yet To Come!!!……………………..

  2. Tucker I hate to tell you but the US of A IS NOT a democracy – it is a Constitutional Republic! No wonder your viewership is declining – you don’t even know how to title our country!

  3. Another news outlet, FOX , bites the dust. We, the people, have become weary of the lying, cheating media and the corrupt, rogue politicians of the swamp. President Donald Trump is out Champion, and the only one who will fight and represent the American people. God bless President Trump, and God bless America!

  4. I stopped watching tucker after the Sidney Powell interview. I have had enough of fake news, and Fox News has joined the sewer swamp. I hope they go broke.

    • deb nc: “Success” ($$$$$) preceded Carlson’s ego-driven arrogance (“let them eat cake”). I too agree, Fox hiring media promoters, while profitable, has had an inevitable result: loss of trust to favor popularity. Capitalism, Do your thing!

  5. Mr. Tucker in a matter of minutes the other night
    you became a media hack for years you seemed to
    fight against, and falling in lock step with the same
    narrative ‘SHOW ME THE EVIDENCE’ is the proof
    any open minded viewer needs to have heard.
    Sorry Mr. Tucker evidence isn’t or shouldn’t have to
    be provided to the MEDIA, but filed in a court of law
    and hopefully a judge who has a clue to look at the
    evidence and listen to witnesses under OATH.
    Fox News has become for the most part almost no
    better than MSNBC, CNN, ABC, NBC, CBS and the print
    Media, I won’t even start with the internet!
    Mr. Cavuto, Mr. Wallace and Mr. Kurtz could also
    be added.

    • Yes, I too; was a faithful watcher of FOX News Channel Tucker Carlson. But after his talk about proof of fraud from Sisney Powel, totally disappointed me. Looking at at another FOX Journalist “bites the dust”! Hannity and Laura Ingalls are other tv FOX Journalist that I now am Lowry of watching just cause I don’t know when they will also come up with a left wing liberal comment or news briefing against any hard wok investigation to help our President Trump. Stop the mayhem, go Newsmax and OAN! Lowry is meant to read “Leary”

  6. It started when FOX News Chris Wallace did the 2nd Presidential Debate and turned it into an interrogation of President Trump and tossed softball questions to Joe Biden, while protecting Joe Biden when President Trump called him out on his lies. Then “Outnumbered” talking heads Melissa Francis and Democrat operative (John Kerry’s Chief of Staff) Marie Harf told renowned Speaker of the House Newt Gingrich to shut his trap about George Soros being behind the riots, looting & burning caused by ANTIFA & BLM which he financed is when I decided FOX News was no longer worth watching.

    On Election night, Nov. 3, I was going back and forth between FOX News and Newsmax when FOX did the unthinkable and called Arizona for Biden before that state’s count was even done and the EAST COAST wasn’t done counting!!!

    The clincher was when Dana Perino, who I had respect for and liked her commentary, decided to claim that Sydney Powell & Rudy Giuliani be sued by Dominion/Smartmatic for defamation after Rudy’s & Sydney’s press conference about Dominion’s computer manipulations of voter & election fraud, where they had the proof. I lost all respect for Perino which was the straw that broke the camel’s back. I have not watched or turned on FOX News since. I hope they go down the tubes financially, and while in the process they fire Wallace, Juan Williams, Perino, and Marie Harf for being leftist traitors.

    • You have it right, no more marxists in dc. I would carry it one step further, no more marxists in the USA..You do not have a constitutionally protected right to redistribute wealth.

  7. I was really fooled by Tucker Carlson for all of these years.. I really thought he was an honest, passionate man for truth and justice…. did he get marching orders in order to keep his job? I’m so dismayed and disappointed by his 360 degree turn.

  8. They need to jail the people who have been in this and caused this mess. The Dems should have done it legal, bet they could not have won that way. I pray they get caught and have to pay the price for all they have done. The squad in congress needs to be investigated also, they flaunt what they do, pathetic.

  9. TRUST. When someone you trusted takes a decided turn away from the normal it shocks the sensibilities of the receiver of the wound. In a world where conservative are constantly denigrated and abused it was a light in the tunnel to hear a comforting opinion broadcast loud and clear. Tucker lost that trust along with Fox. Nice,nice isn’t going to cut it, the problem is too acute. Tucker is attempting to mend the fences. It will take some time because there are other places to go for the truth, AON, Newsmax. So we may never return. Fox has gone off the deep end and joined the herd, forever to be just another sheep, they all look and sound alike. The competition among them will leave some of them behind. They have lost the unique difference they had attained through years of “The Fair & Balanced”. Now it “Defenders of The Truth”.? Who’s truth? Liberal truth?

  10. There is so much evidence of all kinds of fraud in the presidential election like dumping of votes in tens of thousands Biden’s name only, observers removed from close proximity to the counting personnel and the machines so they rendered ineffective as observers, Trump leading by hundreds of thousands of votes on election night for the lead to disappear overnight, voters being instructed how to vote for Biden but no such provision for Trump, and numerous other irregularities. There is still time for action. We don’t need any favors: only fairness.

  11. Fox News has gone so far left I don’t watch it much now. Hannity, Levin, Maria, and others need to close up shop on Fox and start their own network. I look at Newsmax a lot now.

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