Twitter Goes On Rampage Against You!

Why? For calling out a reporter’s story inaccuracy.

A spokeswoman for Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis allegedly harassed a reporter via Twitter — so the social media platform temporarily shuttered her account due to “abusive behavior.”

Christina Pushaw apparently disagreed with a Tuesday story from Associated Press reporter Brendan Farrington, about a multimillion dollar DeSantis donor who also invested in a company producing Regeneron, a drug used to treat COVID patients.

DeSantis has pushed for the drug as a COVID-19 treatment in his state.

Pushaw shared Farrington’s report on her Twitter account and asked her followers to “drag them” before deleting the post.

The spokeswoman also threatened to put Farrington “on blast” if the story wasn’t changed, and retweeted a message about the AP, adding the words “Light. Them. Up.”

Farrington received a number of threats after Pushaw’s tweets, according to the Associated Press.

When she learned Farrington had been threatened, the spokeswoman deleted the “drag them” tweet, telling her followers “nobody should be threatening anyone.”

“I’ll be fine, I hope. Freedom. Just please don’t kill me,” Farrington later tweeted about the threats.

Sources: FoxNews: Twitter suspends DeSantis press secretary who urged followers to ‘light up’ reporter

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Written by Joshua Jackson


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  1. There Twitter snowflakes and censors have effectively shut down moments that offend them not the community and in their crimped way shut down free speech and conservative speech especially. so what recourse does one have face book, twitter are major platforms and it is obvious that they influence debate to their narrow views. what to do what to do??? as long as this occurs election and public access to information is shut down and only what some twins thinks prevails.

  2. Who is Twitter? What is Twitter? Who cares. They are nothing more than a rag magazine of the lowest quality. Same for Facebook. We won’t have to wait much longer. The heads of both are about t be arrested. Thank God!

  3. I got a lifetime ban from the blue bird for telling the truth! WWE’s Mark Henry has never been the worlds strongest anything, he lost against me in a 1 on 1 weightlifting competition in 1991! the competition was ordered by General Mccolaczek, Mark Henry’s maximum was 550 lbs one time on the bench press I laughed at him and benched 1,200 lbs 10 times and was ordered to stop! Then Mark Henry placed 10th in the 1992 Olympics! Mark Henry was fired by General Mccolaczek because he refused to stop calling himself the worlds strongest man his civilian Official ARMY Weightlifter job went bye bye because his claim of Worlds strongest man was Stolen Valor and against federal law H.R. 258 the Stolen Valor Act!

  4. I am 78 years old and I would love to get in the ring with Jack Dorsey so I could kick his miserable ass!!

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