Twitter Suspended an Account that Simply Revealed the Left’s Hypocrisy

David Esser /

Twitter recently revealed its left-leaning bias when an account was suspended that spotlighted the hypocrisy of liberal politicians and activists. The account was named “Defiant Ls,” and it was temporarily suspended Tuesday night. Some experts declared that the social media account’s focus on liberal hypocrisy was the reason for the ban.

The next day, the owners of the account in question announced to their followers that they were not suspended by Twitter but banned by them for “prohibit escape.”

Eliza Bleu, a podcaster, and human trafficking survivor-advocate posted a message from the owner of Defiant Ls’ account. It read, “So [Tuesday] my account @DefiantLs was suspended. The word currently is ‘ban evasion’ though I’ve never had an account suspended so I’ve never had a ban to evade. Regardless, I’ve appealed the suspension and will keep everyone updated. Until then, I can be found on Instagram at and also on [Twitter alternative] GETTR at @defiantls. Thanks for all the support and kind words. I hope to chat with you all again soon.”

Defiant Ls was not just on Twitter, you could find it on Instagram and Gettr, which is a well-known alternative to Twitter among conservatives. Before it was suspended, the Defiant Ls account had more than 350,000 followers. With the suspension, they lost most of those followers. Now, their new account has 428,000 followers since they returned. And the number is rising.

One of the tweets that were posted on the account most recently criticized the conceal and carry law and those who supported it. Another post went after Quintez Brown who was suspected of an attempted assassination of Craig Greenberg, a candidate for mayor in Kentucky.

It was normal for Defiant Ls’ posts to have one post from a prominent politician that was in favor of an issue and, then, follow it with another prominent politician’s tweet that was opposed to it.

Many of those who have lashed out at the social media platform for the suspension have focused on the recent posts they believe triggered the move. There have been some posts focused on the Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, and others have focused on former presidential candidate Hillary Clinton.

The post that featured Clinton was a tweet from Clinton that said, “computer scientists have apparently uncovered a covert server linking the Trump organization to a Russian-based bank.” Then, another post followed it from the New York Post about the bombshell report from special counsel John Durham. He alleged that the Clinton campaign paid a technology company to “infiltrate” servers both in Trump Tower and the White House. They wanted to establish a “narrative” that linked the former president to Russia.

Republican Senator Marco Rubio from Florida tweeted the simple question asking if exposing liberal hypocrisy was a violation of Twitter rules.

Daily Wire Editor Ben Shapiro criticized Twitter saying that Defiant Ls made the mistake of screenshotting tweets p[eople on the left did not like and got suspended for it. He followed that message with a sarcastic “Sounds legit.”

Michael Knowles, the host of “The Michael Knowles Show,” wrote that the liberals were defiant about their Ls.

Darrell Issa, a Republican Congressman from California, said that Twitter suspending the account was the most “defiant L of all.”

And Glenn Greenwald simply showed that Defiant Ls only juxtaposed a person’s last tweet to their current one so that people could see their hypocrisy…that’s all.

Dave Rubin believes that more of this is to come. He said big tech is playing “wack-a-mole” for now and more mass banning will come.

The question is whether or not those on the right will ban together to express outrage against this kind of censorship.