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Uneducated Dem Can’t Shut Their Mouth

They are leading Americans astray.

New York Democrat Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez went after Colorado Republican Rep. Lauren Boebart on Twitter Saturday, using the congresswoman’s comments to condemn “good ol conservative values.”

Speaking from the Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC), Boebert spoke to a cheering crowd about her role in Congress.

“We’re here to tell government we don’t want your benefits. We don’t want your welfare. Don’t come knocking on my door… you leave us the hell alone,” she said to cheers.

But the Republican’s comments struck a chord with another polarizing figure on the other side of the aisle.

“Tell ‘em loud and proud girl! GOP will strip your unemployment protections and dismantle any semblance of a public safety net we have left,” Ocasio-Cortez said in a tweet Saturday night. “Then make working people pay way more for everything on low wages while Wall St gets a meal ticket!

“Good ol conservative values baby,” she added.

Boebert and Ocasio-Cortez are no strangers to harsh rhetoric.

Even before entering office, Boebert, a freshman congresswoman, set her sights on the New York Democrat.

From the campaign trail, the Colorado Republican made it a core part of her candidacy that she was “running against” Ocasio-Cortez’s values.

“I am ready to be the one that steps up for conservative values and takes on AOC,” she said.

Just as Ocasio-Cortez has criticized Boebert’s politics, the Colorado native has also repeatedly called the New Yorker a “communist.”

The tension between the two only intensified after the Capitol attack in January, when Boebert was criticized for tweeting the location of lawmakers as they huddled in the House chambers.

Ocasio-Cortez later told followers on her Instagram, “I thought I was going to die.”

The two female lawmakers have repeatedly gone after each other on and off the House floor.

Sources: FoxNews: AOC goes to bat against Rep. Boebert on ‘good ol conservative values’

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Written by Joshua Jackson


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  1. Say Ms. or Mrs. Boebert, Maam, you are telling The HONEST TRUTH, when you called Missy AOC a Communist, who also allies herself with those Radicalized Islamic Terrorists = Hamass, who constantly use those Mis-Placed Jordanians = Those FAKE Palestinians, Who Did Steal That Historically Non-Existant Name Palestine/Palestinian, before “‘The State Of Israel’s’ Independence (The United Union’s Mandate) On May 14, 1948 AD, right after WW2 ended, and the ink was NOT even dry on that US Mandate, were used as Human Shields, and now Human Time Bombs, Start all of those Tunnels under those Human Shield’s own Homes/Business Buildings/School Buildings even Houses of Worship Too, And Many More Etc., Etc., Etc., ………………..!!!

  2. All of those So-called Progressive Liberal Democrats = Donkeys, need to be DEPORTED Along With All Of Those Illegal Immigrant-Aliens And Those Un-Claimed Illegal Immigrant-Alien Children, All Of Their ILLEGALLY = Ill-Gotten Gains Confiscated, CENSURED AND CANCEL CULTURED, For NOT Following The US Constitution To The Letter, Word And All Of The Time, The Left Side Of The US Political Equation Has To STOP ALWAYS BLAMING Their US Political Equation For What They Have Already Committed Before/During And After #45 Was Legally Elected The US President In 2016 AD, And They CHEATED Before And During And After The 2020 AD US Presidential Election (when The USA Legal Population was around 141,000,000, and at Midnight Nov. 3, 2020 AD #45 Received Around 75,000,000 Legal Aged And Legal Citizens Of The USA Who Voted, Which Would ONLY Leave Ex-Veeep Biden With 68,500,000 Legal Aged And Legal Citizens Of The USA Who Voted!!!

  3. A1C: “Then make working people pay way more for everything.”
    Don’t be silly.
    Working people don’t pay more.
    Everybody pays the same price.
    If prices are rising, look no further than Inflation Joe for who is to blame.

  4. She has expensive tastes, the only way she goes 2 Cuba is if she is put in charge. Just a blood-lust hate filled warped brained marxist. All she wants is 2 tear down & destroy. Perhaps a little adulation from her serfs. ( AOC All Out Crap)

  5. Boebert has aoc in her panties, crumpled in a little tight wad!
    GO< GIRL!
    Keep up the fight! That little stupid imbecile cannot stand and fight with a real woman who has demonstrated her intelligence, her strength, her femininity, her power with words that Boston U cannot understand!
    Boebert, never stop, and carry that weapon at your side, ALWAYS!

  6. I still cannot understand why Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, a communist and rabble rouser, is still holding committee assignments in the House of Representatives while a true patriot like Marjorie Taylor Greene is stripped of committee assignments.

    I realize my statement is rhetorical because it is obvious Rep. Greene is a thorn in the side of Pelosi and her band of idiots. It is also obvious that Pelosi and the Democrats haven’t stripped Cortez of her committee assignments because, with a paper-thin majority, they need every vote they can get. Pelosi puts up with off-the-wall, trash mouth Cortez so it appears she is actually doing something important.

    When the Republicans retake Congress in 2022 I hope Pelosi is relegated to some closet where she is neither seen nor heard and Cortez is assigned to head a committee charged with counting paper clips.

  7. aoc is pure Communist through and through and Lauren makes everyone aware of it. Now is the time for America and help those fighting for freedom from an oppressive dictatorship. The Secretary of State telling the ones fleeing the dictatorship are not welcome in the US is pathetic and shows everyone the Communists we have in office. The demoRATS in Congress and the WH along with the administration are exercising their dictatorship here in America.

  8. Shut her UNeducated big mouth and go back where she came from….how did aoc ever get in congress…I guess we all know don’t we….

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