UPDATE: Democrat Leadership Exposed For Playing Political Theatre

Using the American people as political pawns will not be tolerated anymore.

“It’s obvious that the Democrats are just trying to play political theatre with our nation’s soldiers,” Cawthorn told host Matthew Boyle. “They’re trying to have the optic that our nation is in turmoil and in a very difficult place.”

“They have been doing an incredible job,” Cawthorn said of the troops. “These liberal lawmakers came down, took selfies with these troops, acted like they loved them. But, as soon as all the cameras went away, cause it was just the Democrats in Washington, they very quickly cast them to the side. They were upset that many of them weren’t wearing masks.”

Cawthorn also drew reference to a situation involving Rep. Bill Keating (D-MA) and a National Guard member over a mask dispute.

Breitbart News reported on the incident between Keating and a National Guard member at a Dunkin’ Donuts cafe in a Capitol grounds building on Thursday morning, where Keating saw a maskless member of the National Guard and commented out loud that masks were required to be worn at all times in a federal building.

Keating has confirmed that interaction, however he denied his comment on masks being worn led to the relocation of National Guard members to a parking garage.

Cawthorn said he was made aware of the situation involving the troops as he scrolled through social media and began to “see a bunch of troops lined up against concrete walls and sleeping on the cold concrete floor.”

“As quickly as we can, we called every single Papa John’s we could,” Cawthorn said, commending Papa John’s for its effort to “put everything aside” and give priority to those serving in our nation’s capital, adding that when the pizzas were delivered it “boosted morale.”

Asked about new Biden policies which have resulted in the loss of American jobs, Cawthorn stated he wants to work with across the aisle with members of Congress, however he said it has “become increasingly clear” that Democrats will only work with Republicans if they “bend the knee.”

“Their version of unity is the Soviet version of unity where there’s no voice of dissent,” Cawthorn said. “They’re literally trying to kick me out of Congress for my last three floor debates. People like myself, Matt Gaetz, Jim Jordan, Andy Biggs, all great people. They’re trying to kick us out of Congress because we’re willing to stand up to them and call this out.”

“As soon as he got that pen in his hand he started signing the most radical and ridiculous bills you could ever imagine, executive orders,” Cawthorn said, saying that Biden is “forcing young girls to have to compete against biological men who have extremely large levels of testosterone…”

Cawthorn also spoke on his personal story, detailing his journey to the House of Representatives, where he serves as the youngest member. For Cawthorn’s full remarks with Breitbart News, click here.

Sources: Breitbart: Exclusive – Rep. Madison Cawthorn: Democrats ‘Trying to Play Political Theatre with Our Nation’s Soldiers’

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Written by Joshua Jackson


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  1. God Bless Cawthorn and others that dare to stand up to these progressive Communist people.. How did such as they ever get into our government? I am shocked that anyone in their right mind would vote for such. This is America.. God loves this land and hopefully will show His hand in saving her from these radical commies.. Pray all of you that love America.. Pray often and with a loving heart for our country.. .

  2. Pray for America if you want to save her. God Bless America, land that I love.. Stand beside her and guide her please Dear Lord.. We are a Christian nation and these progressives can not take that away.. We as Christians out number them and we must come together in prayer and fasting before God to save her..

  3. The Democrats are liars, frauds and cheats. I left the party years ago and never regretted it. What I regretted was not realizing how stupid I was in the first place by believing their crap.

  4. I can’t understand why the democrats party want to ruin this country for are children, not only is it going to teach are children to disrespect our country and leaders, they’re giving it away to China. How do they live with themselves? This has got to stop. They want to mentally break us. But after they succeed , they’re not gonna like what they get.

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